Wedding Day Checklist – Fact or Fiction?

Is your head is buzzing from all the decisions you need to make before your wedding? Then take a deep breath and take a look at these helpful tips which will help you separate fact from fiction!

Wedding Checklist

The smile on your face is even more sparkly then the ring that was just placed on your finger. You pinch yourself. Yup, this is really happening. You’re getting married! Go ahead, you can repeat it. You’re getting married! First off, congratulations! This is a very exciting time and your head is already spinning from all the ideas that you’ve got swirling around your brain. What are your wedding colors going to be? What about bridal shower invitations? What will your cake look like? The questions are endless. But, before you reach for your laptop to hop on to Pinterest, keep these ideas in mind as you start planning your special day.

Fiction: Everything will be perfect.

Don’t go into this living in a fairytale. It is inevitable that something will go wrong. In many cases the hiccup is something very minor that guests don’t even notice. Be a realist and know that something will go array. The important thing to remember is to keep calm and enjoy your wedding day.

Fiction: I don’t need a professional.

Yes, you do. Whether you’re thinking of having a cousin fill in for a photographer or a friend of a friend video your ceremony, please know that you need a professional. Great photographs and moments take more than just a click of a camera. They require a professional who knows what they’re doing to truly capture the memories. Don’t scrimp on because afterwards you’re sure to regret it.

 Hire a Professional Photographer

Fact: I can have a wedding on a budget.

No matter what your budget is you can make your special day. There are many great places to get beautiful and affordable wedding and bridal shower invitations. Also consider having a buffet or family style dinner rather than a traditional sit down dinner. Choose flowers that are in season and find stems that are more affordable than others. Another great tip for budget conscious brides is to keep your guest list to a minimum. You can save bundles by having a smaller, more intimate affair.

Fiction: I can lose 30 pounds by my wedding day.

Don’t drive yourself crazy by trying to loose major weight before your big day. Don’t order your dress in the size you would like to fit in by your wedding day in the hopes that you can stress yourself into fitting into it. Choose a dress you feel beautiful in, regardless of your size. Concentrate on being a healthy bride, not a skinny one.

With these ideas in mind go ahead and start your planning.

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