How To Choose A Wedding Gift For Someone You Don’t Know Well

When you have been invited to a wedding and you do not know the bride or groom very well, buying a gift can cause you to have a headache. You struggle to find a gift the couple will use for their new life together. How do you get a gift if you do not know your giftee? You do not want your gift to end up going back to the store. For the perfect wedding gift for any couple, follow these enchanting, yet simple ideas.

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From Tying the Knot to Setting Up the Nest

Traditionally, people gift a new couple with home items. This can be anything from new sheets to a new lamp. However, if you don’t know a couple, you may not know how long they have been living together and whether the bride has already taken this as the opportunity to head to her favourite home goods store to redecorate. The bulk of their furnishings may have been purchased.

Alternatively, what you can gift the happy couple with is something artsy. For instance, if it is a destination wedding then photographs of the site or paintings of the landscape will mean lots to them. If you are crafty then you can create this on your own. Bring your camera to their destination spot early and take some photos. With even the most simple of software you can add your own personal touch to create a picture that will remind the couple of their first day together.

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Celebrating the First Year

The happy couple may have been under a lot of stress planning the wedding this past year. Spa packages, a cooking class or a night of skiing are fun things the couple can do together. If you do not know them very well, you should head onto their Facebook page and see what they like. Are they always out at fine restaurants or are they hikers? Their photos should help give you a clue.

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Cooking Up Romance

Kitchen items are usually something a couple already has. Instead of something simple like a cookie sheet, go with the culinary trends and gift them with something fun. DIY is all the rage. Did you know that you can make cheese at home? Williams Sonoma has a cheese making kit. This is a fun culinary concoction that the couple can experiment with together.

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The Crafty Couple

Weddings are looked at as a time of new adventure. Couples are building their life together in a sense. Take this idea to heart and gift them with the tools they need to actually build things. A tool kit is a fun gift. Not all couples spend time in the kitchen, but blenders and mixing bowls are seen as traditional gifts. A hammer and set of screwdrivers will help the new couple, truly, build a life together.

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Not Your Grandmothers Gift

Try thinking outside the box when you are selecting wedding gifts. A great idea is to look to the couple’s wedding invitation for inspiration. Is it formal? Is it traditional? Is it new and funky? If the answer is yes to the last one then you can have fun with their wedding gift. A salad bowl set with two lovebirds as the servers and homemade champagne dressing is a little quirky. A knit scarf for him and her in their wedding colors is practical and fun. Whereas, giving then a picnic basket and bottle of bubbly, invites them to be silly.

Remember, weddings are occasions to be celebrated. Have fun with your gift. If you like it, chances are, so will they!


Katie writes for Packed Full of Love, an online gift shop in Australia specialising in gifts of love that come from the heart.

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