What are the Different Types of Wedding Bouquets?

We are often asked by our readers ‘what are the different types of wedding bouquets?’ or ‘which bouquet would be best type to suit my wedding style or theme?‘ To help with their choice, and to assist many more brides, we decided this infographic guide listing the various bouquet styles would be a great place start your research.

When choosing a bouquet type, keep in mind the flowers you will use (ideally those in season), as well as your wedding style. For instance, if you’re a boho bride, a basket bouquet may be perfect for your style. A rustic bride would look lovely holding a cascade or shower style of bouquet. Finding it hard to decide? Then you can always go with the classic type of flower bouquet which never goes out of style. 

What Are The Different Types of Wedding Bouquets


Infographic by Simply Bridal


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