Winter Cocktail Party Wedding by Joel Bedford Photography

You know we fall head-over-heels for a modern wedding (well, ANY wedding for that matter), but can you really blame us when they are as pretty as this one? A cool cocktail party wedding in the middle of a cozy winter scene with freshly fallen snow? It really doesn’t get any better. Joel Bedford Photography was on the scene to make sure every detail of this swish fête was perfectly captured, and how much do you just love the outdoor pics? I’m wishing for a fresh fall of white powder as we speak!

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From the photographer:

Debbie & Paul created an intimate evening cocktail party wedding in Ottowa in late December. After a beautiful church ceremony (officiated by Debbie’s parents, both pastors), Debbie and Paul rushed to the historic Byward Market in the capital’s downtown core. Under gently falling snow, we did their portraits and hurried into the warm loft style e18hteen restaurant. Surrounded by loved ones, they danced the night away.


Photographer: Joel Bedford Photography / Submitted via Two Bright Lights

{Guest Post} Rain or Shine: Chocolate Wedding Cakes for Every Season

You don’t have to twist my arm too hard, to get me to eat chocolate! In fact, I LOVE good quality chocolate in any shape or form – especially decadently beautiful cakes. That’s why when Zucchero Patisserie sent over this wedding cake feature, I knew I was in a heap of trouble. The “I-won’t-stop-for-anyone” chocolate-binge kind of trouble! Yep. Damn it!…there’s goes my diet again!

Calling all chocolate cake lovers! If your ultimate indulgence is cocoa-based, a chocolate wedding cake is the only choice for your big day. Your wedding is all about celebration and indulgence, making chocolate the ultimate matrimonial treat. 

With the demise of the traditional white marzipan-and-fruit cake concoction (which, let’s face it, isn’t the scrummiest or most exciting of options) a whole new era of wedding cake creativity has been ushered in. We now have more choice than ever and this can be fantastic, but also more than a little confusing!

Way back when, fruit cake was the only established option and you didn’t have to worry about whether your guests would enjoy it, what it said about you and your relationship, whether it was in keeping with your ‘theme’ or even whether your cake was right for the season.

Don’t panic! The expert purveyors of chocolate at the creative Zucchero Patisserie have come up with some delicious chocolate wedding cakes everyone will love, perfect for all styles and seasons.

Light and Lovely Chocolate Cakes for Spring Weddings

The spring is a favourite time for weddings. It’s warm, but not scorching, nature is just beginning to burst back into life. As a time for fresh beginnings and fertility, it’s perfect for your big day, but how do you choose the perfect chocolate cake for a spring wedding?

Floral flavours are particularly fashionable at the moment. Rose, lavender, violet – these delicate flowers have romantic associations which are ideal for your big day. You’ll need to select a delicate chocolate too, so as not to overpower the floral notes. Choose a high quality white or milk chocolate with a relatively low cocoa content and make sure your pâtissier knows how to blend the flavours perfectly – this is a tricky one to get right!

Zesty Chocolate Cakes for Summer Weddings

The key to a perfect chocolate summer wedding cake is to inject a little zest and to play with the chocolate options available to you. A really dark 70% cocoa chocolate alone will be much too heavy for a hot summer wedding, one option is to incorporate fruit into your recipe – citrus fruits in particular offer a zesty edge which can turn an over-heavy dark chocolate cake into a tangy, refreshing summer treat.

Raspberry works particularly well with dark chocolate and Seville orange is also especially scrumptious. Take care not to overcomplicate though – too many flavours can really overdo it, leaving your guests with a funny taste in their mouth. One strong flavour to balance out the chocolate is often more than enough to tantalise taste buds. A flavoured liquer can also be used to add an extra, sweet dimension to your concoction. For dark summer chocolate cakes consider Grand Marnier syrup or Cointreau.

Meanwhile, if you’re considering a less intense summer chocolate choice, white chocolate and strawberry  cake with a champagne syrup is particularly yummy. Perfect for a hot summer’s day.

Sweet, Autumnal Wedding Cakes

As the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, autumn is prime time for a lovely nutty chocolate cake, with all the delicious ingredients nature has to offer. Think hazelnut, almond, pistachio, cherries and warm, wholesome flavourings like cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg. A spiced chocolate orange cake is also a divine option. If you’d rather leave out the healthy stuff, a praline chocolate concoction is also divine and is guaranteed to be well received. A Ferrero Rocher wedding cake, who could resist?

Rich, Indulgent Winter Wedding Cakes

Winter is the perfect chocolate cake season. The richer your wedding cake, the better! With the nights drawing in and the weather giving everyone the chills, indulgence is the order of the day. Choose your very favourite chocolate and then double it, triple it! (If you’re a chocolate lover with a twist, try combining dark or milk chocolate with a chilli kick for an extra warming touch – be warned though, not all of your guest will be so adventurous!)

When it comes to pure chocolate wedding cakes, chocolate quality is essential, whether you’re a white chocolate fan or a dark chocolate diva, choose the very best chocolate available, with a good cocoa content, and your wedding’s centrepiece will leave everyone with a smile on their chocolate-covered faces!

♥ ♥ ♥

Zucchero Patisserie are the creative chocolate wedding cake specialists. To discover more tantalising flavour combinations and wedding cake inspiration, visit Zucchero today.


Snowy Engagement Session by Gypsy Tree Photography

Instead of the usual single love shoot feature this week, I’ve decided I’m going to ramp it up and share several gorgeous shoots with you. I have so many gorgeous e sessions waiting patiently to be featured on LWB – which proves just how many love birds recently got engaged. And, lucky for us, can’t wait to share their love stories online! I never need much of an excuse to feature more loving pics and beautiful images. So, if you’re a love-junkie like myself, join me whilst I jump head first into a week of romance!

First up, we’re rugging up for a snowy engagement session by the wonderful Gypsy Tree Photography. Cute couple Michelle and Dustin wanted their winter love shoot to be ‘out of the ordinary’ and went with an outdoor session at Michele’s farm in Pennsylvania. Looking relaxed and casual in their flannel shirts, denim jeans and boots, this gorgeous pair show us just how much they love winter, the countryside, and most importantly having fun in the snow together. 

Snowy Engagement Session

Submitted via Two Bright Lights