Behind Every Fairytale Wedding is a Fairy Godmother

I thought I’d share this cool little wedding info-graphic with you today. If your sitting on the fence when it comes to deciding whether or not to hire a wedding co-ordinator, then it will pay to look at these interesting stats. I’m pleased to say that given these current 2012 figures we’re still a generation that loves throw a wedding!

This is a unique look at some of the challenges that brides and bridal parties face when organizing a wedding ceremony and reception on their own.  Their are many elements that are not easily foreseen or thought about until the day before or the day of the wedding which can cause disastrous results. While there is no question that wedding ceremonies can be beautifully done and a great event for friends and families to share in the expression of two people committing their lives to each other, the under side is that it can also be quite an undertaking for those without experience in this area to take on themselves.  Many times the bride will attempt to organize, orchestrate, coordinate, and all the other necessary parts of the ceremony herself.  Many miss out on the enjoyment that should come from their special day.  

Come explore some of the little discussed and little known snafus as well as popular trends in 2012 that come from American weddings.

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