Seven Sublime Wedding Stories in Pictures by the Cordare Studio Team

Outstanding wedding photography begins with an instant, a split second, a moment nearly lost in time.  

Driven by the heart, by an innate sense of beauty, the photographer tries not to think about anything else, focusing on the present on the other side of the lens. 

As if in a meditation session, no thoughts are allowed to stray. There is no time to question techniques, lighting or distances. No opportunity to allow that speck of doubt to filter through that might cause a memorable shot to be lost forever. 

At Cordare Studios, we are aware of the microsecond available to create images words cannot describe. We know our clients want honest images about honest moments – images that can only be taken from the heart, not with the head. 

 Because that’s the only way to tell your wedding story. 

 A story of everlasting love

Groom Carrying Bride

Love speaks for itself but like in this stunning shot, it needs the guiding hand of an unobtrusive photographer who won’t derail an intimate moment.  With full trust in their photographer, this couple lost themselves in a tender moment that conjured a heroic rescue in a rugged natural environment just before a treacherous thunderstorm was to arrive. 

The result? More than a picture; almost a Hollywood movie.

A story of friendship

Bridesmaids Cheering

A good wedding photographer has an inbuilt instinct for the finer details of a wedding and will use this skill to highlight relationships and emotions. In this image, the team at Cordare has superbly played with the vibrant colours of the gowns, accessories and textures to make a strikingly beautiful composition about friendship and good times, in the shot’s foreground. 

A story of the crowd

Bride & Groom leaving

 In this shot, the photographer used a wide angle lens to capture a sense of candid belonging. The result is a story of joyous community responding as one as the bride and the groom walk stroll a central red carpet. From taking snap shots with mobile phones to blowing bubbles, playing with balloons and congratulating each other, so much life is beautifully captured in one single vibrant photograph. 

A story of overwhelming emotions

Emotional Bride

A skilled wedding photographer anticipates what is about to happen. They react fast to capture a single poignant detail in an elusive instant. That is precisely what Cordare has done to produce a memory of this emotional moment as the bride fights to contain overwhelm and her tears of joy.  

A story of real people on the best day of their lives

Wedding Humour

A smile is worth a thousand words, but laughter is one of the most precious commodities exchanged during any event. Capturing the casual humour of a passing moment, the photographer here has given the bride and the groom a memory guaranteed to bring a smile of reminiscence each time they look at this image.

A story about your future

Storm Wedding

Unthreatened by the imminent storm menacing their precious day, Cordare’s photographer embraced a uniquely dramatic situation to record this moment. The result is a symbolic image of commitment by the newlyweds to remain happy in times of difficulties and challenges.

This is how we tell Your Story

Bridal Table

Cordare Studio captures what no one else can see to put into images what cannot be put into words. We capture the unseen unique moments so you can slowly discover and rejoice over them during the years to come after your special wedding day. 


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Beautiful Texas Bridal Session at Tara Winery

A beautiful bride and a beautiful location go together like milk and honey, and this breathtaking bridal session at the Tara Winery in Henderson County, Texas combines the two perfectly. When you immerse yourself in these brilliant images by Photography by Gema Blanton, you’ll be right there with me, because this darling session is boasting a gorgeous winery backdrop, an amazing gown and one seriously stunning bride. Happy Tuesday y’all!

Bridal Shoot Texas Winery | Love Wed BlissTexas Bride | Love Wed BlissTexas Bridal Session | Love Wed BlissTexas Bridal Shoot | Love Wed BlissTara Winery Bridal Session | Love Wed BlissBridal Session Texas | Love Wed Bliss

From the bride Charlene: My wedding day was perfect because I surrounded myself with those closest to me. The actual day flew by, but the little moments I shared with my husband and mom and dad stand out, and I will have those beautiful memories forever. Our wedding took place at The Belgium House in Longview, Texas on October 14, 2012.


Photographer: Photography by Gema Blanton / Location: Tara Winery, Athens, TX / Wedding Dress: Casablanca / Hair piece: Weddings A to Z in Tyler TX / Florist: Two Dandelions / Hair & Makeup: Leslie from Salon Pink in Longview / Submitted via Two Bright Lights

{Guest Post} How to Take Perfect Wedding Photos

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. The photos you take on your wedding day often represent a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see family and friends gathered in one place, all dressed in their best. Taking perfect wedding photos an essential element of capturing the memories of that special day.

How To Take Perfect Wedding Photos
Photo by Amanda Wilcher
Take Important Photos First

If you want a group photo with your favorite great aunt, all your nieces and nephews, and those out-of-town guests who need to leave right after the reception, make sure you communicate that fact to your photographer. Provide the photographer with a list of four to five must-have photos before the wedding ceremony, so that he or she can gather essential players for these essential photographs before the children mess up their outfits and start getting fussy.

You may also consider taking posed shots of the bride and groom in their wedding clothes even before the ceremony. Although this defies tradition, doing so gives the photographer more time to pose the couple and get the best shot. If you’re absolutely stuck on the tradition, an engagement photo of the bride and groom is a good substitute.

Accommodate the Venue

Are you planning a candlelit wedding ceremony? Have you planned an outdoor reception among trees and abundant flowers? Communicate these circumstances to your photographer, so that he or she can bring along the proper equipment to get the best shots. Lighting is an especially important consideration for your wedding shots. Situate your shots so that no one is standing with glaring sun shining into his or her eyes.

Take advantage of architectural features of your wedding and reception venues in framing your wedding and reception shots. For instance, a stately staircase is an ideal stage for formal photos of your wedding party. A shot of the bride strolling through a flower-decked archway on the arm of her father is another shot not to be missed.

Photo by Jasmin Star
Take Black and White & Color Shots

It’s almost certain that the bulk of your wedding photos will be in living color. However, plan for at least a few black and white photos. Black and white photos lend a certain formality to the occasion that reflects the solemn commitment that a wedding represents. Possibilities for black and white shots include a shot of the happy couple or a posed shot of both families or of the entire wedding party.

Use a Second Camera – or a Second Photographer

No matter how good a photographer is, he or she cannot be in two places at once. Especially for large weddings, hiring a second photographer is well worth the extra expense.  One photographer can concentrate on formal photos while the other scouts out candid shots. 

If a second photographer is out of the question, at least ask your photographer to bring two camera bodies, each fitted with a different lens. This allows him or her, the flexibility to take close up shots or wide angle poses without needing to stop to change lenses. Another possibility to increase the number of candid shots is to purchase inexpensive single use cameras at each table of your reception venue and invite your guests to take their own shots, leaving the cameras behind.

Photo by Jose Villa
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