The Best Ways to Find a Great Wedding Band Today

vibetownIncreasingly people are hiring a wedding band rather than opting for a DJ. Live music is always special, and if you hire a good band, they can create a great atmosphere. Hire the right band and you are guaranteed a reception that people will enjoy and remember.

However, that will only be the case if the band you hire can play and perform well. You need a band that can play the kind of family you and your wedding guests like and are experienced enough to tailor their playlist to include your favourites.

There are several ways to find a good band. Here are the easiest ways to do it:

1. Ask Other People

If you are lucky friends and family can make a recommendation. Most people attend one or two weddings most years, so get to experience a lot of bands.

Sometimes, wedding bands perform live elsewhere. Because most weddings take place over the weekend, some bands perform live in clubs and other venues during the week. Keep an eye on the gig lists for your area or ask any band you think you might want to use when their next live performance is.

Better still if you are at a wedding and hear a band that you like make a note of their name. If the band takes a break, you can ask them for their contact details. There really is no better way of choosing a wedding band than seeing them perform live, and seeing them perform live at a wedding.

2. Go Online

These days most of the best wedding bands have their own websites. If you find a good one they will include several tracks that you can listen to on their website, and will also give you examples of their set lists. Some even allow you to check their availability making it easier to narrow down your options and not waste your time waiting for a reply from a band that turns out not to be available on your wedding date.

3. Go to a Wedding Fair

Many bands now find clients through an agent. Some agents attend wedding fairs.

If you are looking for a wedding band for hire in Leeds attending wedding fairs in the local area is a good way to find one. If there is no wedding fair in your immediate area try a wedding exhibition in nearby large towns and cities. For example, wedding fairs in places like Wakefield or Manchester.

Sometimes members of bands also attend wedding fairs. This is great because it means that you can discuss your needs in detail.

4. Don’t Leave Things to the Last Minute

A lot of couples leave booking their wedding band until the last minute, but this is not a wise approach. Most of the best wedding bands get booked up well in advance. Therefore, booking your band is not something you should leave too late. In fact it is one of the first things you should tick off your to do list.

7 Secrets of DIY Wedding Music Bliss

Wedding DJ Tips

Not unlike most brides, Julie was too overwhelmed finding a veil to match her stunning Pronovias gown; demanding her florist found Amaryllis Lilies in May; and arguing over image copyrights with her photographer, to even think about planning the “music.

Just a week before the Big Day, little did she know that overlooking such an important element in her wedding was to cost her dearly. . . but to 150 guests it was a cost they had to suffer all night long.

Frantically, Julie contacted some of the music and DJ providers advertised in the local bridal directories, but it was too late. Most had been booked months in advance.

So it all came down to a young music student Josh, to entertain guests at the ceremony, reception and dance party.

The result?

An utter disaster that resulted in most people sitting down staring at each other’s uninspired faces for hours. Not only was Josh’ s choice of music totally inappropriate for the event, the quality of the sound did not motivate any of the guests to enjoy the mediocre and very forgettable event Julie had spent months organising.

Don’t make that same mistake.

If your big day is approaching quicker than you care to realise, and your budget is decreasing faster than you can say “I do,” a little planning and some DIY spirit will save you much needed cash and make your wedding a memorable event for you and your guests.

If saving money, and being on top of the music played at your wedding are both high priorities for you, how about organising and playing your own program?

Here are 7 handy tips to help make your wedding music a complete success.

1. Danceability is King

Everyone wants to dance at a wedding. Dancing is synonymous with fun and a fun wedding is a memorable one. So before you start composing that wedding playlist, consider the danceability factor of each and every one of the songs you select.

If you want a red hot dance floor you need to strike from your list any song that does not translate well into dance moves.  A danceable playlist will get everyone’s feet tapping – the young and energetic and the young at heart.

 2. Variety is Queen

It is your very big day so of course you should select the music you and your groom enjoy the most.

However, don’t forget that a wedding guest list is generally composed of people of all demographics – grandparents, baby boomers, Gen Ys  and, of course, moody teenagers unhappy to be at a gathering with an older crowd. You’ll need to cover many musical bases to make sure you get everyone on the dance floor.

Hearing some of the choices played by professional DJ companies might give you an indication of the type of selection that works across the board. Impressions DJs is a fantastic example and a good supplier to learn from. They know the songs to play to make people get off their chairs, like the minute they hear Beyoncé asking “to put a ring on it”. And that’s precisely what you want – your grandmother dancing away with your cousin to the likes of Beyoncé, Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake.

3. Spontaneity Counts

One thing to remember is, even if you invested a lot of hard work and planning into creating the perfect playlist for your wedding, you might need to mix things up a little during the night. There’s bound to be song requests you can’t refuse or perhaps you might need a quick change of music plan if the party mood dips.

Have a well-orchestrated playlist but also have the ability to be spontaneous and flexible. Respond to your guests’ needs within reason and to any unexpected twists the night might throw your way.

 Wedding DJ Music

4. Work with Multiple Playlists

An average wedding spans over eight hours, others many more. During that lengthy and dynamic period of time the mood and pace of the event can and will change dramatically – starting with light and low-key cocktail music on arrival; romantic slow-dance tunes for the bridal ‘waltz’; then pumping dance music after the formal proceedings and of course, the final dance craze after the newlyweds have left.

To cover the many layers that make up the overall event and to account for each of these settings, you need to work with different wedding music playlists. Make sure you have enough songs and styles prepared in each of your lists to fill the required hours and various moods from day into night.

5. Keep the Music Flowing

A “home-made” playlist does not have to be an excuse for unprofessional entertainment and jarred interruptions or overly long pauses. It’s important that your music is uninterrupted, from one track to the next, and during ‘mood’ changes.

As well as keeping smooth control of song changes, try to build and dip the mood through different music styles by ordering them for a gently altering pace. Don’t switch musical styles suddenly. Instead, create an easy transition between songs and beats by cross-fading tracks. Most music players, such as iTunes, have a setting for professionally-sounding song transitions.

6. Select a Music Master You Can Trust

One of the bonuses of hiring a professional entertainment supplier like Impression DJs is that they will provide a seasoned MC to stop and start the music at key points during the event as well as to take care of your overall musical program.

However, since you have chosen to gone down the DIY route for your wedding’s music, you will need to appoint a reliable person to help you overlook these very important duties. It’s not a complex task but one best taken care of by someone you can trust to mind the music from start to finish.  

This friend of family member will need to ensure your playlist doesn’t mysteriously jump into shuffle-mode and interrupt play strategically to make way for the occasional announcement. Your music master needs to ensure your music flows effortlessly throughout the night’s different highlights while protecting it from outside interferences.

7. Trust Your Equipment  

These days, we are blessed with advanced, user-friendly technology to help us organise and conduct any event much more easily than ever before. However, you still must ensure you have the appropriate high quality hardware ready to play your music for several hours without the slightest malfunction.

To blast out great sound evenly through your venue, your best option is to hire top-quality PA speakers on stands, at a cost of about $300 for the night.

You also need to ensure the equipment playing your personal sound track – iPod, iPad, laptop – is ready to play and free of bugs. Your wedding night is not the time for a surprise software glitch, iPod malfunction, or laptop crash.

DIY Wedding Music

When it comes to equipment, it’s a good idea to invest a few hours before the event rehearsing and testing your set-up, to make sure any potential problems are detected and fixed.

 Just like Julie, you only get one single shot at holding a perfect wedding.  Going down the DIY music route will help you avoid one of the many costs of holding a memorable reception night.  

However, if you want top-notch entertainment and a carefree event, a professional wedding DJ like Impression DJs will make all the difference. The choice is yours.


Impression DJ’s are Sydney’s most professional DJ hire company offering a premium disc jockey service for your weddings, parties and more. Check out their  website for more information on planning your wedding music and be sure to like their Facebook page to stay up-to-date.



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Wedding Theme Inspiration: Marry Me by Train + Win An Amazing Celebrity Wedding Prize

I have been sitting on a new blog category idea and some special wedding theme inspiration boards a for a few months now. The reason I’ve held back sharing them, is because I wanted to wait for the right time to introduce them. As fate would have it, there is some very exciting news for all you future bride and grooms out there directly related to my new wedding inspiration idea and theme board, so it can’t wait any longer.

I’ll start by introducing our new category:

Wedding Themes Inspired By Song

Train Marry Me Wedding Theme Inspiration

{Image credit: Train “Marry Me”}

The idea is to take inspiration from a song you love and use the music, lyrics or video clip to help design your wedding theme. It’s a wonderful way to kick start ideas for your wedding design and draw inspiration from your love of a particular song.

One of the first song themes I planned to feature was ‘Marry Me’ by Train. And as you will see at the end of this post, it was timely I share the board with you right now. So relax and enjoy the clip, take inspiration from the matching wedding board and read on to discover why Train’s song ‘Marry Me’ could mean more to you than just another pretty love song!


And here is my board inspired by the video clip:

Retro Vintage Wedding Theme

Marry Me Train Wedding Song InspirationBoard Details: Taking inspiration directly from the Marry Me music clip – which takes place in an old 50s diner – I decided to go with a retro vintage wedding theme. I used the waitresses’ blue uniform and a wonderful ‘Waitress’ movie poster as my starting point and came up with a aqua blue and white colour scheme, accented with pretty pops of pink and yellow. Retro style elements include 1950s style dresses for the bride and bridesmaids, vintage inspired pink and white posy bouquets and a vintage getaway car. Decor details include pretty fabric flag banners, a bright tablescape with retro glasses with striped straws, aqua coloured linens with pink and white striped accents and a waitress style clip-board for menu settings. Sweet retro desserts include cupcakes, popcorn, ice-cream cones, homemade apple pie and a soda fountain.

STOP PRESS! – How You Can Have Train At Your Wedding

Would you believe, BRIDES magazine in conjunction with popular rock band Train, is giving one lucky couple a once-in-a-lifetime Bridal Dance experience for their wedding. Yes, you better believe it!  The winners will receive a personalized Train video greeting followed by the music video clip “Marry Me” to present to their wedding guests before their bridal dance. How about that for a showstopping way to start your reception.

Train Marry Me Wedding CompetitionTo be in the running for this unforgettable wedding gift you need to visit Bride’s Facebook Page where you can tell them your proposal story and upload you and your fiance’s photos. The competition finishes on 19th September, so you won’t want to delay getting in your entry in.

So there you have it!  Little did I know the Marry Me Train Theme Board I had up my sleeve would be so appropriate for this exciting news!  Let us know if you like our Wedding Theme Inspired by Song idea and be sure to keep an eye out for more stylish wedding themes coming your way soon!

Image credits: Vintage Bride via Ruffled Blog/ Soda Pop by Eat Drink Chic/Tablescape by via Style Me Pretty / Flag Banners & Clip Board Place Setting via Handmade WeddingsWaitress Poster / Bridesmaid Bouquets via Bouquet Bridal /1953 Vintage Dodge Car / Popcorn Cones & Cupcakes via Hostess with Mostess