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Your wedding day is a beautiful and unique expression of you. So why shouldn’t your wedding gift registry look and feel the same way? Well, it can.

Welcome to Zola, an amazing wedding registry with a fresh perspective!

Zola acts as a beautiful ONE-STOP destination where you can register for gifts, experiences, cash funds, and any product your heart desires from ANY store – now that’s what we call unique!

All purchases are handled via a single checkout on their site, which means monitoring your gift list is totally streamlined, eliminating the risk of receiving duplicate presents – because who really needs four toasters right!?

Setting up your registry in Zola is as simple as 1, 2, 3  . . .

1. Sign up for your FREE account

2. Add any gift from any store or from a curated Starter Collection

3. Share your story with your loved ones

This is where you can get creative and personalize your registry page with photos, collections, and send heart-felt messages to your guests.

Then all you have to do is check in from time-to-time to see what lovely surprises have appeared in your registry.

Extra Cool Features

Perhaps one of the smartest features we love about Zola is the Scheduled Gift Arrival feature – perfect for busy couples on the move, or who have limited space to store their gifts. Just choose when and where you want to receive your gifts as they are purchased via Zola’s Gift Tracker. Plus, take advantage of the option to do virtual exchanges before any of your gifts are sent.

Take your Registry with you everywhere

Zola makes it incredibly easy to keep up-to-date with your registry on-the-go with its handy iPhone app.

Stumble upon a gift you adore? Just use the app’s barcode scanner, and voila, it’s uploaded to your registry. You can also have fun uploading images from your iPhone and selecting gifts from the interactive guide.

So really, what are you waiting for?

Pop on over to Zola right now, immerse yourself in all the fabulousness, and start curating your perfect registry.

You’ll be like a kid in a candy store when you do!

Zola is offering Love Wed Bliss readers a $25 Zola credit when they set up their registry on Zola. Get started here!


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How To Choose A Wedding Gift For Someone You Don’t Know Well

When you have been invited to a wedding and you do not know the bride or groom very well, buying a gift can cause you to have a headache. You struggle to find a gift the couple will use for their new life together. How do you get a gift if you do not know your giftee? You do not want your gift to end up going back to the store. For the perfect wedding gift for any couple, follow these enchanting, yet simple ideas.

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From Tying the Knot to Setting Up the Nest

Traditionally, people gift a new couple with home items. This can be anything from new sheets to a new lamp. However, if you don’t know a couple, you may not know how long they have been living together and whether the bride has already taken this as the opportunity to head to her favourite home goods store to redecorate. The bulk of their furnishings may have been purchased.

Alternatively, what you can gift the happy couple with is something artsy. For instance, if it is a destination wedding then photographs of the site or paintings of the landscape will mean lots to them. If you are crafty then you can create this on your own. Bring your camera to their destination spot early and take some photos. With even the most simple of software you can add your own personal touch to create a picture that will remind the couple of their first day together.

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Celebrating the First Year

The happy couple may have been under a lot of stress planning the wedding this past year. Spa packages, a cooking class or a night of skiing are fun things the couple can do together. If you do not know them very well, you should head onto their Facebook page and see what they like. Are they always out at fine restaurants or are they hikers? Their photos should help give you a clue.

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Cooking Up Romance

Kitchen items are usually something a couple already has. Instead of something simple like a cookie sheet, go with the culinary trends and gift them with something fun. DIY is all the rage. Did you know that you can make cheese at home? Williams Sonoma has a cheese making kit. This is a fun culinary concoction that the couple can experiment with together.

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The Crafty Couple

Weddings are looked at as a time of new adventure. Couples are building their life together in a sense. Take this idea to heart and gift them with the tools they need to actually build things. A tool kit is a fun gift. Not all couples spend time in the kitchen, but blenders and mixing bowls are seen as traditional gifts. A hammer and set of screwdrivers will help the new couple, truly, build a life together.

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Not Your Grandmothers Gift

Try thinking outside the box when you are selecting wedding gifts. A great idea is to look to the couple’s wedding invitation for inspiration. Is it formal? Is it traditional? Is it new and funky? If the answer is yes to the last one then you can have fun with their wedding gift. A salad bowl set with two lovebirds as the servers and homemade champagne dressing is a little quirky. A knit scarf for him and her in their wedding colors is practical and fun. Whereas, giving then a picnic basket and bottle of bubbly, invites them to be silly.

Remember, weddings are occasions to be celebrated. Have fun with your gift. If you like it, chances are, so will they!


Katie writes for Packed Full of Love, an online gift shop in Australia specialising in gifts of love that come from the heart.

7 Hot Wedding Gift Trends of 2013

As the official 2012 wedding season comes to an end, it’s never too early to start thinking about the batch of weddings you plan on attending next year. But for those 2013 weddings, you now have a challenge: Bring the ultimate gift to the reception. Not the wine rack from Crate and Barrel or the set of glasses from Pottery Barn. This wedding gift challenge forces you to think outside the box and off the registry. Because just as wedding trends come and go, so do types of wedding gifts. Here are the top wedding gift trends for next year’s wedding season.

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Food & Wine

I’m not talking about a fruit basket with a bottle of wine. Newlyweds want to enjoy experiences together, so buy them a private cooking class certificate and pair it with a lovely evening at a local winery for a tour and tasting. It’s the perfect follow up to a honeymoon.

Show Them the World From Up Above

Again, building off the idea of experiences and post-honeymoon activities, a hot air balloon tour of a picturesque town an hour or two outside of where they are living is a great gift. Throw in a gift certificate to dinner in the town they traveled to for that hot air balloon ride and there’s a good chance the newlywed couple will enjoy a mini, weekend vacation.

Frame the Memories

Wedding photographers deliver photos much differently than they did 20 years ago when you chose which size prints you wanted and received your physical photos a few weeks later. Today your photographer can mail you a thumb drive filled with hundreds of amazing wedding photos in less than a week.

The only downside to that is that more times than often, those photos live on that thumb drive and on your social networks and rarely get printed.

For 2013, change that notion. Buy a gift certificate to a local framing shop, which will force the newlywed couple to print their favorite photos and pick out the perfect frame to match their new home.

Hot Air Balloon Ride for CouplesImage Source

Music to Their Ears

This wedding gift trend could be a little tricky if you have a couple with contrasting music tastes, but tickets to their favorite band’s concert a few months down the road is a perfect gift. It gets the newlywed couple out of the house for the night and if you throw in a gift card for dinner, they will enjoy an amazing date night.

This could quite difficult to pull off, but if you can figure out what their “first dance” song is and that artist is on tour in the coming year, buying tickets can help rekindle the love of the wedding night.

Keep the Memories in the Mail

This gift requires some dedication, but is very touching. At the couple’s wedding, take 30 of the best candid photos of the couple that you can. You don’t have to be a professional photographer by any means, just make sure that you capture the chemistry between the newlyweds.

The next day, print off your photos and mail one each day of their first month of marriage. If you want, write a little message on the back of the photo to show them how much you care about them.

Make Their First Christmas Easier

Newlyweds have all sorts of first-year expenses, from furniture to appliances — maybe even initial house payments. One expense they’re not thinking about is Christmas decorations.

Buy a basic pack of ornaments, but also one personalized ornament with the couple’s name and marriage date painted on it. Throw in a tree skirt, a few packs of white Christmas lights (white is a safer choice over multi-colored) and a gift certificate to an online photo print shop that prints Christmas cards so the couple can pay for their first Christmas card as a married couple.

Couples Massage - Gift IdeaImage Source 

Enhance the Honeymoon

Of course, this requires having a little insider information on the honeymoon. But this can normally be obtained by phoning in some questions to the newlyweds’ parents.

Book a ritzy dinner night, twilight boat tour or a lavish spa treatment. The happy new couple will absolute love it. 


Author Taylor Ritchie would like to challenge you to come up with interesting wedding gift ideas in 2013. Taylor works with NRMA Motoring & Services – for unique wedding gift ideas, check out myNRMA.com.au Wedding gift

{Guest Post} Ten Destination Wedding Favor Ideas

A destination wedding can easily be one of the single most exciting types of weddings you can have, but choosing favors may seem a bit tougher if you’re going to be away. You want something that will truly help your guests remember your special day, but you don’t want the added hassle of carrying anything too big too far. These ideas can help.

1. Leather Luggage Tags

You’re all traveling, right? Why not consider a traveling essential like a luggage tag? Given that your party is likely to be fairly small, there’s no reason you can personalize each with the guest’s name and address so they can use them right away, and include a special message. Something like “Thanks for traveling with us. We hope your journey is filled with love,” then include your names at the bottom. Allow these to serve as place cards at your reception if you like.

2. Tote Bags

Adding a tote bag to each person’s room is the perfect way to welcome them and thank them from coming. You can fill them with almost anything including local delicacies, supplies they may need while they’re away from home, treats to satisfy those late night cravings while they’re in the hotel room, souvenirs from local vendors, pampering products like sleep masks and foldable slippers, toys if you have little guests, or even maps and brochures to help your guests find their way while they’re in the city.

3. Travel Related Items

There are hundreds of things you can have personalized these days, and choosing travel items your guests can use again and again is a great way to help them remember this particular trip in the years to come. Go with a travel alarm clock that has both of your names and the date on it. A manicure kit is also a great idea. Mini sewing kits work well too. All of these are super useful to guests as they travel, and almost all of them can be found with personalization options.


For most, vacations mean a chance to sit down with a good book, and almost everyone could use a great bookmark if that’s the plan. Design the bookmark of your dreams for your guests online, then have them ready and waiting at the hotel when you arrive. Consider putting a picture of the destination on there as well as your names or even a picture of the two of you together.

5. Holiday Ornaments

If you’re getting married near the holidays, consider Christmas tree ornaments as your favor. Choose something that reflects the area where you got married, and have it customized with your names and the date. For example, if you were getting married in a tropical destination, go with a palm tree that has the city printed on it as well as your names.

6. Personalized Sunscreen

If you’re going tropical, this is an ideal choice. Many companies make sunscreen bottles hooked to a carabineer, and some will even personalize it for you. It’s practical for your guests, and they’ll always remember your special day as they slather on the lotion at their favorite beach.

7. Personalized Playing Cards

While this would work as well for any wedding as it would for a destination wedding, it will certainly give your guests something to do during their downtime. Choose just the cards themselves or cards in beautiful personalized travel tins with your names and the date engraved on them.

8. Coffee Favors

Premeasured coffee packs are a great way to thank your guests. Whether they take it home or use it in the hotel room’s coffee maker, this is an excellent way to help them wake up in the morning and remember your special day at the same time. Many favor companies will print your wedding details right there on the package, too!

9. Drink Mixes

From margaritas to martinis, drink mixes are a great destination wedding favor because they’re so easy to carry. With many different choices out there and simple instructions on the back of each drink mix, your guests are going to love the chance to unwind. Most companies will even print your wedding details on the package.

10. A Postcard Album

Get postcards from all of the local sites, then put them in a mini photo album for each of your guests. Have your names and the date on the front of the album, and guests will automatically get a souvenir of all of the area sites as well as a quick guide to the city.

There are lots of ways to find great destination wedding favors for your guests, even if you’ll be marrying far away. Just remember to stick with favor ideas that are as affordable as they are easy to carry.




Pinkchic18 is a guest writer who enjoys party planning, holidays and events. She is also a regular contributor to the Wedding Favors Unlimited Blog, where you can find great decor ideas and inspiration for your wedding.

Image by Wedding Favors Unlimited