Wedding Cake Topper Ideas

The wedding cake is such a core piece of your wedding celebration. Whether you go with the new fashionable fruit cake and keep it healthy and light, or the more traditional chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, or cheesecake, a wedding cake will always need a topper.

Cake toppers are a key piece when it comes to decorating a wedding cake and it is an opportunity for the bride and groom to show their personality. Cake toppers can be made of any material (sometimes even edible) and come in so many shapes and sizes. Look at these sweet ideas to spark your cake decor imagination!

Wedding Cake Topper Ideas



Infographic courtesy of Simply Bridal

Party Supplies Now

I don’t know about you, but when the temperature starts to heat up and the evenings become balmy, I immediately think of Summer parties. Elegant cocktail affairs, poolside soirees and backyard BBQ’s, are all my idea of a fabulous time. There is just something special about Summer which goes hand-in-hand with celebrating outdoors with family and friends. So, whether you enjoy an intimate party at home, or an all out big bash, we believe each and every party should be decorated in style. Makes sense, right? That’s why we love Party Supplies Now. They make it so easy to impress your guests with a fantastic array of party decor (all at wholesale prices), that you have no excuse but to make every get-together look fabulous!

Just check out these beauties …

These inflatable LED cube chairs are the perfect addition to your next indoor or outdoor event. Select a single colour or the soft flashing multi-coloured option, and you can immediately bring to life your backyard or party venue. How cool is that?

Looking to add some fun to your retro Summer party? Then this large 6 foot Palm Cooler should do it! This tropical inspired inflatable has plenty of personality and can store up to 50 cans for all those thirsty friends. We believe, it will not only wow your guests, but also work as a fantastic conversation starter to get your party rocking!

Last but not least, are these awesome LED beach balls.  These brightly glowing balls look amazing scatted around an outdoor area, floating on the water or used in a water feature. Just imagine the gorgeous atmosphere these stylish decorations will instantly create for your next pool party!

So with a little planning, you can throw a party which will not only be fun, but also look amazing – and you KNOW we love that here at LWB. All you have to do is choose a time and a place, then browse the decorations at Party Supplies Now to make your perfect party a reality. They have so many products for every type of celebration, I can’t even begin to list all the possibilites. But I can tell you that an event decked out with Party Supplies Now is sure to make for one unforgettable occasion and a bunch of oh-so-happy guests! Really, what more could you hope for?


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Manzanita Branches for Weddings

Manzanita branches are a beautiful and original way to add some ‘wow’ factor your wedding decor.  These natural arrangements have a multitude of twisted branches giving them a miniature tree silhouette like appearance which makes them not only dramatic in appearance but also extremely versatile for wide variety of decorative uses. Today, we take a look at the many gorgeous ways you can use manzanita trees throughout a wedding.

Manzanita Wedding Centerpieces

The wonderful thing about Manzanita branches is they are very affordable and easy to DIY. You can purchase them in either their natural form (reddish timber look) or in a sandblasted variety (neutral driftwood appearance). Or, for a complete contrast, easily paint them to compliment your colour scheme.

Another great variety of branches, especially for eco-conscious brides is the artificial manzanita branch. Artificial branches work especially well for for large weddings, where consistency in the appearance of your centrepieces is important. It also means they are strong yet still lightweight, can be re-used, and of course get a big tick for being environmentally friendly.

3 Interesting Facts about Manzanita Branches

1. Manzanita is the 7th hardest hardwood making it ideal for displaying objects and decorations. Sandblasted and/or finished Manzanita branches can be used for long periods, if properly taken care of.

2. A Manzanita tree is not very big. The common varieties used for furniture art and decor usually rang from 6 to 12 foot tall shrub like trees. Although the tree root and trunk is used for wood art and furniture, it is the small branches, twigs, and leaf bearing off-shoots at the end of the tree, which are commonly sourced for dry branch centerpieces and floral arrangements.

3. Manzanita trees only grow in select micro-climates along the South and West Coast and mountains of Mexico in the United States. In California many species are considered protected and some even highly endangered. Making the artificial style of manzanita an increasingly popular choice.
Manzanita Tree Decorations
Manzanita Tree Decorations
When you incorporate Manzanita branches into your decorations you add a beautiful natural and textural element to your wedding. Now, it goes without saying, that they look amazing as centerpieces on reception tables, but don’t overlook using them in other ways – decorating your aisle; as a gorgeous guest table feature; or featured as a pretty guest wishing tree. 
You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to decorating your manzanita branches. You can tie on fresh or artificial flowers, drape crystals, strings of lights or ribbons – you can even attache hanging votive candles for an amazing effect. Then again, depending upon your wedding style or theme, you may prefer to keep them bare and let their natural beauty speak for themselves. Whatever you go with you, you’re bound to wow your guests when they enter the room and see their spectacular branches reaching into the air!
Here are some beautiful ideas for using Manzanita Branches in your wedding decor: 
Manzanitas Branches in Ceremony Decor

Manzanita Branches in Aisle DecorManzanita Branches Ceremony Decor

Manzanita Branch Centrepieces

Natural Manzanita CenterpiecesWhite Floral Manzanita Branch CenterpiecesManzanita CenterpiecesManzanita Tree Centrepieces

Manzanita Wishing Tree

Manzanita Wedding Wishing TreeManzanita Branches Guest Book

Manzanita Trees for Guest Tables

Manzanita Branch Wishing TreeManzanita Wishing TreeManzanita Tree Wedding Decor

Manzanita Branches with Candles

Manzanita Centerpieces & DecorationsManzanita Branches with Candles

Where to Buy Manzanita Branches

If you love the look of Manzanita branches as much as we do, and plan to create your own centerpieces or decorations, then we recommend checking out the many styles of manzanita branches at Koyal Wholesale – the best place for Manzanita centerpieces and decor.



Credits: Manzanita Branches for Weddings

Image via: one & two /three / four / five / six & seven / eight / nine & ten / eleven &  twelve / thirteen / fourteen / fifteen / sixteen / seventeen / eighteen & nineteen / twenty


{Guest Post} Chair Arrangement & Chuppah Decorations For The Beach – Part 2

In Part One of their fabulous beach wedding series, our friends over at OBX Brides discussed Beach Wedding Challenges and how to solve them. Today we’re delighted to have them back to share their wisdom about creative chair arrangements and ideas for your chuppah.

Ideas For Real Feet-On-The-Sand Beach Weddings

Wedding in The Round

For smaller beach weddings seating people around the bride and groom creates an intimate feel. Arrange the chairs in a circle, semi-circle or spiral seating arrangement. This can also be done using a square rather than a circular arrangement. If you want all eyes to be not only on you, but also on the ocean choose a semi-circle.

Traditional wood folding chairs may or may not set well on sand. Alternatives are benches or even pews. If you choose backless benches, you might want to offer some chairs to guests who might find backless seating uncomfortable. If the benches are very low keep in mind any pregnant guests, the elderly or those with health conditions who might find it very hard to sit down and stand up from a low seat. Renting a floor for your chairs to set on solves all sorts of problems.

Seating Savvy

Yes, sunset ceremonies are breathtaking but they call for some seating savvy. By angling the seating arrangement so the sun is not directly behind you, but rather, off to one side your guests won’t be blinded by the sun. And to keep you and your groom from being blinded by something other than love create a Chuppah with sheer fabric that reaches to about shoulder level on both sides. This will keep the sun out of your eyes and the guests will still be able to enjoy the ocean view—and you.

The Chuppah

The chuppah is fabric, or sometimes flowers or foliage, attached to the tops of two or more poles and usually draped from pole to pole. The word chuppah means “covering” or “protection” and is where the bride and groom stand while reciting their vows, it adds structure to the wedding and allows for some absolutely awesome decor opportunities. Decorations for the chuppah can be as unique as the couple standing under it. They can be very simple and casual with just some gauzy fabric or can combine many elements such as flowers, shells, starfish, tiny lights, grapevine, garlands and various greenery.

So now you have some ideas for seating arrangements and the chuppah. In our final article in this series, we’ll give you inspiration for gazebo decorations and unique touches to make your outer banks wedding truly special.




Having a destination wedding on the Outer Banks can be daunting. At, trusted vendors and “been-there” brides come together to offer the most extensive OBX wedding resources.

Photos credits: Island Photography /  Neil GT Photography /  Brooke Mayo Photography

How To Make Lace Mason Jars

It’s time to get crafty this weekend and what we have for you is a bunch of projects showing you how to make lace mason jars. Recently, I was contacted by one of our lovely LWB readers, who after being inspired by these Mason Jar Lighting Ideas, wanted to know how to cover a mason jar with a doily. Therefore, I knew it was time to put together a round up of easy DIY tutorials so everyone could benefit. So whether you’d like to include mason jars in your wedding decorations or just want to use them to pretty up your home, these pretty lace and doily covered numbers are bound to brighten up the atmosphere. There’s even a great little video showing how to glam up mason jars with gold paint! So get your craft box ready boys and girls, cos you’re bound to be crafting up these mason jar projects in no time!

Lace Covered Mason Jars

Lace Covered Mason Jars

A pretty DIY tutorial from Something Turquoise showing showing you how to sew (rather than glue) lace or ribbon to your mason jars.

Doily Covered Mason Jars

Doily Covered Mason Jars

Crafts by Amanda combines lace, doilies and burlap to create these pretty DIY mason jar luminaries.

Simple Lace Mason Jars

Simple Lace Mason Jars

A really simple 3 step DIY tutorial by One Wed marries chic mason jars with romantic lace and votive candles.

Paper Doily Mason Jars

Mason Jars with Paper Doilies

Another super easy DIY from Linen, Lace and Love this time covering mason jars with paper doilies.

DIY Lace Mason Jars

DIY Lace Mason Jars:  Vintage Style

ShopRuche show you how to create pretty vintage theme with these DIY lace mason jars

DIY Gold Mason Jars with Lace Pattern


For more mason jar ideas be sure to check out our Mason Jar Lanterns & Candle Holders for Magical Weddings post!

Need supplies? You can grab Mason Jars in bulk here or pop over here for plenty of awesome DIY Wedding Supplies.

Japanese Washi Tape

Cute Cake Toppers for Wedding Cakes

Looking for a cute cake topper for your wedding cake?  We did a scout around and found this line up of cuties for your inspiration.

Cute Cake ToppersCute Banner Cake TopperCute Wedding Names Cake TopperCute Love Cake TopperCute Whimsical Cake ToppersCute Bride and Groom Cake Topper

Aren’t they adorable!  I’m going to find an excuse to bake a cake and use one of these whimsical cuties for sure!

♥ ♥ ♥ 

Sources: Happy Ever After Topper via Pinterest / Bride & Groom Topper / Banner Topper / Cute Names Topper / Love Topper / Wedding Bells & Love Birds Toppers / Whimsical Bride & Groom Topper

Details We Love ~ Paper Cranes

Paper Crane Wedding IdeasWe love the whimsical look paper cranes add to a wedding’s decor. These pretty pieces of folded paper are a form of Japanese origami and have played a significant part in ancient Japanese history. Legend says whoever folds one thousand paper cranes will be granted one wish. So, it is believed when a bride folds 1000 cranes she will learn the gift of patience and be granted the reward of a long and happy marriage. Today, you still see these pretty paper decorations featured in Asian and multi-cultural weddings, but in recent years they have also become popular in western weddings. Not only do they incorporate ancient symbolism into your wedding, they also add a very pretty and whimsical touch. Here are some gorgeous ideas you can use to include paper cranes in your wedding decor.

Ceremony Decor 

Whimsical Paper Crane WeddingPaper Cranes Wedding

Table Decorations & Place Settings

Paper Crane Wedding TablePaper Crane Wedding Table

Wedding Cake Toppers

Paper Crane Wedding Cake

Wedding Invitations 

Paper Crane Wedding InvitationsPaper Crane Wedding Invitation

Reception Garlands

Paper Crane Wedding DecorationsPaper Crane Decoration Ideas

Dessert Buffet Backdrop

Paper Crane Wedding Decoration


Love the idea of decorating your wedding with pretty paper cranes?  Create an authentic look with these beautiful patterned origami patterned origami papers we spotted.

Decorative Origami Paper


Image credits: yellow & white garland / whimsical ceremony / pink garland / yellow table setting / place cards / cake / invitations/white garland / multi-coloured garland / chandelier via Pinterest / dessert buffet

Chic Wedding Ideas We Loved in 2011

There were so many fabulous wedding ideas and an abundance of creative inspiration for weddings in 2011. Here is are a few favourites we featured last year which we believe will add a personalised and stylish touch to your wedding, yet still stand the test of time no matter what the year or wedding season!

Beautiful Burlap Wedding Ideas

Burlap is still a popular wedding trend which allows you to add a charming rustic element to your decor without huge budget.  We put together a ton of burlap wedding ideas to show you how to use this versatile fabric elegantly and stylishly on your wedding day.

Burlap Wedding Table

Flower Girl Purse Bouquets

This stunning idea to replace the traditional flower girl posey will give a stylish wedding plenty of wow factor. We loved these sweet scented floral handbags designed by Karen Tran Florals. They’re the perfect accessory for your little princesses to strut down the aisle.Flower Girl Purses

Mason Jar Wedding Lighting

Another wedding idea trend which has dominated weddings but is showing no sign of exiting anytime soon is the humble mason jar. We put together a feature with different ideas for wedding lighting using a collection of mason jars. They’re a pretty and cost effective way to decorate wedding tables, aisle ways and outdoor receptions and give your whole event a magical glow.Mason Jar Wedding

Reception Tablescapes by BHLDN

How can you not love BHLDN? In fact, I challenge anyone to not find one little ounce of inspiration for their wedding from this amazing line up of reception tablescapes. This is one of the best displays of decor inspiration I saw in 2011 – and this creative team of visionaries are ‘the bomb’ as far as I’m concerned.Wedding Reception Tablescapes

Lace Doily Decor

If you’re planning a vintage wedding or visualising a gorgeous garden soiree embellished with vintage details, then this nostalgic wedding idea is perfect for you!  Check out this pretty line up of lace doilies by Cedarwood Weddings and beautifully all creatively used throughout a vintage wedding theme. There are banners, cushions, table settings and even a pretty dessert buffet to inspire your vintage heart.

Bridal Shower Tea Party Theme

My absolute favourite wedding idea for 2011 was the bridal shower tea party theme. Not only is it a fun and fresh idea for a wedding shower, but it also gives you a great excuse to go all out with girly colours and prettier than pretty decor. We walk you through some gorgeous themes and tips to put together a sensational bridal shower.Bridal Shower

What was your favourite wedding idea in 2011?  I’d love to hear your comments!

Wedding Decoration Ideas: Lace Doily Decor

Lace has always been a favorite for weddings and now the delicate lace doily is also taking center stage as a distinctive wedding decoration. Lace doilies give your wedding style a pretty vintage feel and when used creatively make a fantastic theme statement. This pretty shoot featured on Style Me Pretty last week by Cedarwood Weddings is a great example of how you can take one simple detail such as a crocheted doily and feature it as the theme throughout your wedding decor. With lovely decor ideas including outdoor banners and doily covered cushions, dessert buffet cupboards and pretty table settings, to sweet flower girl bouquet holders and pretty garter belts, there are plenty of ways you can doily up your day in style!

Wedding Lace Doily DecorationsDoilies DecorationsWedding Doily DecorLace Doily Decoration CenterpieceLace DoiliesLace Doily DecorWedding Doily Ideas DecorationsLace Doily Wedding GarterWedding Inspiration

 Images by Ace Photography via Style Me Pretty


Wedding Parasols from Luna Bazaar

Beautiful Burlap Wedding Ideas

Burlap is a wonderfully versatile fabric with a gorgeous texture and natural organic appeal. Not only do we love it because it is easy to DIY, but because it is so budget friendly too. Burlap, (also known as ‘hessian’) gives your wedding decor a charming rustic element and it’s natural colour provides plenty of versatility when co-ordinating a wedding palette. We’ve put together a selection of beautiful burlap wedding ideas to show you elegant and stylish ways to use this popular fabric.Burlap Wedding

Burlap Table Runners

A burlap table runner gives your wedding table a lovely textural element without compromising on style. Here, it looks great used on a modern minimalist table or edged with lace for a pretty soft vintage feel.

Burlap Table Runners

Burlap Wedding Table

When you include burlap details on your wedding table it makes for a great effect, but in order to keep the look stylish you don’t want to overdo the amount you use. This beautiful wedding tablescape, uses burlap not only for their tablecloth but also for their wedding favors. They successfully maintained a sense of style by balancing the raw texture and earthy tones of burlap with crisp white linens, soft pretty florals and fantastic pops of mint green.

Burlap Wedding Table
Burlap Aisle Decor

Burlap also makes a fabulous aisle runner for an outdoor or beach wedding. This pretty beach affair pretty seashells to anchor the runner and burlap bows decorated with starfish to dress up the ceremony chairs.

Burlap Aisle Decorations

Burlap Wedding Bouquet

Burlap wrapped wedding bouquets are a popular trend now for wedding flowers and a great idea if you’re wanting to diy your wedding bouquet. The rustic look of burlap against a bunch of delicate blooms makes a wonderful contrast and can depending upon the design can give your wedding style a modern edge or vintage charm. Florists love to finish off burlap wraps with a pretty satin ribbon or encrusted jewels to balance the  raw fabric with sophisticated detailing.

Burlap Wedding Bouquet

Burlap Wedding Banners

Wedding banners give your wedding a lovely whimsical touch and always look great as props in your wedding photos. You can source sweet burlap wedding banners like these on Etsy or make them truly personal and do-it-yourself.

Wedding Decorations Burlap

Burlap Wedding Decorations

There are so many ways to integrate burlap into your wedding decorations. Using simple burlap tablecloths will go great with a casual or rustic wedding theme. Also, pretty burlap bows on furniture, or burlap ribbon used for detailing on centerpieces looks particularly charming. If  you prefer a softer vintage feel, try combining burlap and lace – just like this in this pretty tree chandelier below – so easy and so effective!

Burlap Wedding Decorations

Burlap Wedding Decor

Elegant Burlap

To maintain a chic wedding style, use just touches of burlap mixed with elegant decor. As you’ll see below, the stark white of a stylish Chiavari chair is beautifully contrasted with the rustic texture of a burlap tie. Likewise, a menu framed with burlap detailing brings a touch of organic loveliness to an elegant table setting. Another new wedding trend is to incorporate burlap accents into a glamorous style wedding theme. Mix it with sparkling crystals, chic candelabra and glimmering jewels, and the overall effect is elegant, warm and gloriously pretty!

Burlap Wedding Ideas

Elegant Burlap

Burlap Details

Another way to elegantly incorporate burlap into your decor is to combine it with bright pops of colour. The natural coarse look of burlap against the canary yellow on this ring bearers pillow is a great combination. Similarly, the wonderful pop of yellow from the billy button and the teal twine on the napkin holders, add a modern and stylish accent against the earthy material.

Wedding Burlap Details

Burlap Boutonnieres

For a wonderful stylish vintage wedding idea, you can’t go past burlap boutonnieres. Wrap the burlap around the base of the blooms, or use it as a background feature, either way they will look fabulous.

Burlap Boutonnieres

Burlap Wedding Invitations & Stationery

If you’re after something a little unique for your wedding, then burlap wedding invitations may be your style. Their natural handmade appearance make them perfect for a beach, shabby chic or vintage wedding and what’s more you can easily DIY. These invitations, found on Etsy use burlap as a background for lovely rustic touch. Also, handmade invitations or wedding stationery with a burlap ribbon or wrapped in twine take on a pretty organic feel.

Burlap Wedding Invitations

Wedding Hessian

Image  Credits: Girl Holding Burlap Heart/ Burlap Bouquet Modern Table Runner /Vintage Table RunnerBurlap & Aqua Wedding Table / Beach Aisle RunnerPink Tulip Bouquet /Lavender Bouquet /Yellow Heart Banner /Red Heart Banner /Burlap & Lace  Chandelier /Staircase DecorationShabby Chic Decor /Chiavari Chair / Elegant Menu /Glamorous White & Burlap Tablescape /Ring Bearers PillowBilly Button Napkin Detail /Boutonniere with Burlap Wrap / Boutonniere with Leaves /Pink Wedding InvitationYellow Wedding Invitation


DIY Burlap

Want to create burlap decorations for your wedding? Then check out these great buys we found to help you co-ordinate the decorations featured (click on text for full details).




 1. To create runners and larger decorations – Burlap by the yard –  natural 60 inch x 10 yd





2. For making favors, menus, bouquets and smaller decorations – May Arts 1-1/2-Inch Wide Ribbon, Ivory Lace 

Lace Ribbon





3. To add a pretty vintage touch to your burlap – Beige Lace Ribbon – 12 inches long x 5/8 inch wide


4. Add a gorgeous detail or pop of colour – Eco Friendly Colored Twine


Paper Lanterns from Luna Bazaar