How to Plan a Wedding You Will Remember Forever

Your wedding should be a one of the best days of your life, something you will remember forever and cherish with that special person. These top tips will help you to make some of the most key decisions for that all important day.

Classic Romantic Wedding Farewell

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Most people plan their wedding date around the availability of their preferred venue. It is best to have a few choices in mind in case the waiting list is ridiculously long, or their available dates don’t work for you. Your venue should be a place that you instantly love, remember this will be the backdrop for all your memories and the photos. You also need to think about whether it will seat all of your guests and if it has suitable parking.


If you want to remember your wedding day for years to come, what better way to capture it than through photos? Hiring a professional photographer is important. Remember these prints are going to be what you look back on when thinking about your special day, so you want to make sure they provide a quality service. Always ask for recommendations and ask to see previous work they have done. Everyone has a different style and taste so make sure you supply them with exactly what you want before the day.

Although you will be having professional photos taken, they don’t always capture the fun and laughter throughout the whole day. One way you can do this is by hiring a photo booth for you and your guests to take some natural, fun filled snaps for you to keep alongside your more traditional wedding photos.


It’s every girls dream to find the perfect dress for their wedding day. Start preparing early. Look through magazines and websites to get an idea of what you want. Keep all the pictures and once you have decided on a rough style it will be easier to find what you are looking for. However check that the style of dress you are going for flatters your figure. There is no point choosing a dress that looks perfect on someone else but is extremely unflattering on you, keep in mind it will be on display in all of your photos. Take someone that is honest to go dress shopping with you, it is very easy to get caught up in the glamour and some people may be scared of hurting your feelings if they don’t think that dress is the right one for you.


Your wedding ring is something that you will proudly wear on your hand forever, so making sure it’s something you love is essential. It is best to go shopping with your partner so you can get matching rings (if that’s what you want), or you can make the financial decision together. You also need to ensure that it compliments your engagement ring.

Wedding Favours

Wedding favours are a way to say thank you to your guests, and give them something to remember your special day by. Try to think out of the box and give something different as well as something that looks pretty and compliments your table setting and colour scheme. This will make sure everything fits in nicely together.

Now that you know what things you need to consider to ensure your wedding day is one to remember, it’s time to start shopping!


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