{Guest Post} How To Choose Glasses For Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is planned to be the best day of your life and a celebration of the union between you and your partner. It is on this day that every bride hopes to look her best as she is admired and photographed by all her friends and family. For this reason, many brides spend an average of £3000 on wedding attire, including the dress, shoes, accessories and hair and make-up. But what are the options for bespectacled brides?

How To Choose Glasses For Your Wedding Day

For those of us who suffer from poor vision and are reluctant to resort to contact lenses, glasses may be the only option. However, certain problems can arise when wearing glasses for an all-day wedding celebration. Let’s take a look at the issues, how these could be resolved and the perfect eye wear to suit your special day.

The veil

A traditional wedding dress is not complete without a matching veil covering the face. However, for a bespectacled bride, the veil will not gently drape over the face as it is hindered by a pair of spectacles. If a veil is an important part of your planned outfit, there are various options available to you. For example, some veils simply drape from the top of the head, down the back for a stylish, contemporary take on the traditional style. Alternatively, why not invest in a pair of delicate rimless frames. Without a heavy acetate frame, rimless styles are a great subtle way to support your vision, without affecting your outfit. There are a variety of rimless styles available, including metal, acetate or titanium arms, round, oval or rectangular lens shapes. For a feminine bridal look, why not try gold or silver metal arms with oval lenses. These are often softer than sterner rectangular shapes.

How To Choose Eye Wear For Your Wedding Day


One reason why many people with vision problems turn to contact lenses is that wearing glasses all day can be uncomfortable and irritating. The only way to resolve this would be to choose your frames carefully, ensuring you obtain a perfect fit without slipping. Many frames are designed with adjustable nose pads to ensure they sit comfortably on your nose. Alternatively, try opting for a silicone nose bridge which extends over the entire bridge of the nose for a secure fit. As with nose pads, a silicone bridge is transparent for a subtle design.

If you find the arms of your glasses are uncomfortable, look out for frames with flexible hinges as these have been designed specifically to suit wider faces. Unlike ordinary hinges, the flexible hinges will adapt to suit your face shape, rather than gradually becoming wider and slipping off your head.


For those of us with stronger prescriptions, the lenses in glasses can look thick like magnifying glasses, resulting in an unwanted bulging eye appearance in photos. When you order your new glasses, you can request that they are thinned during production. This helps the lenses to sit more neatly in the frame and to create a sleeker, smarter appearance. Don’t want a reflective glare under the camera flash? Try requesting an anti-reflective tint be applied to the lenses.

 Bride Wearing Glasses


If you want to embrace your bespectacled style, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t choose a pair of striking acetate frames. There are many smart designer styles available in natural, neutral colours to complement your wedding attire. For example, the Alexander McQueen AMQ4142 frames feature a rectangular acetate frame with curved, narrow arms for a contemporary, feminine finish. Each pair features a delicate rose detailing on the arm, ideal for a traditional white wedding. Alternatively, try opting for a frame in a pretty pearl shade for a natural look.

So as you make your wedding preparations, do not neglect to consider your eyewear. Whilst many brides will choose contact lenses, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t simply choose a pair of frames to complement and flatter your wedding outfit.


Victoria is a fashion blogger for leading glasses retailer, Direct Sight. 

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