Bridal Jewelry Ideas for 2013

Bridal jewelry is a significant aspect of a wedding. From diamond studded hair bands to glittering bridal sets or even a wedding set, brides always look for the best jewelry for their special day. And brides of 2013 are no different with their desire to be decked-up in their most beautiful look ever.

With so many design options, jewelry categories, choosing the right jewelry can get a little daunting but with the ideas below, the procedure would get a lot simpler! Read on…

A Matching Wedding Set

A matching wedding set is a symbol of togetherness, oneness and the eternal bond you share with your husband. Wedding sets are usually assumed to be costly; however, that’s far from truth.

A gorgeous looking diamond studded wedding set might cost you anywhere from $1000 to thousands of dollars. So, you’ll have an advantage of going as per your budget.

Have a look at the below matching wedding sets; they are designed to make you and your man feel the love and generate a sense of commitment.


White Gold Diamond Stud Earrings

Stud earrings are another type of jewelry that can give the bride a dazzling look. And when it is a white gold stud earrings with round cut or princess cut diamonds embedded in them, nothing better!

White gold is usually available in 14Karat and 18Karat that you can go for. And it is crafted into beautiful designs and elegance with diamonds studded in it. 

Solitaire Rings

Solitaire rings are another popular category of jewelry type that women simply adore. The idea behind solitaire rings is that – with those rings, the couples (brides and grooms) would enjoy their love and affection till eternity. Since these rings represent timelessness and love, they are absolutely perfect for a couple getting into the nuptial bliss.

You can find solitaire rings designed in yellow gold, white gold and platinum with almost every diamond cut used in them. 

Apart from the above, you can consider going for a three stone ring which symbolizes the holy trinity, a cross shaped or a heart diamond pendant and a color stone bracelet depending upon your preference.

With these jewelry ideas, it would be lot easier for you to accomplish your dream look at your wedding. You can get these jewelry prices from at highly discounted price range.




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Let me begin by saying I’m officially a huge new fan of 21Diamonds. I only had to take one glimpse at their website and I was completely sold. Not only is all of their jewellery totally gorgeous, but each piece is fully customisable so you can make them truly your own. Just take a look at these stunning pieces and you’ll completely understand my new found obsession!

21Diamonds - Engagement & Wedding Rings21 Diamonds Solitaire Engagement Rings21 Diamonds - Gold Engagement Rings

With 21Diamonds you can create your own jewellery for any occasion. They make it super easy to design your own dream engagement ring, a beautiful bridal necklace or even some pretty bridesmaid earrings exactly to your personal taste. All you have to do is choose your favourite gemstone from their selection (they’ve got diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and more…), then pair it with your choice of gold, silver or rose gold – it really is super easy and beautifully personalised!

I had so much fun on their interactive website putting together these striking jewellery designs … 

21Diamonds - Lindsey21Diamonds - Scarlett Ring21 Diamonds - Wedding Rings21Diamonds - Gemstone Rings

See what I mean? Totally gorgeous right?

If you’re anything like me, you don’t just want to wear just any old piece of jewellery on your big day! You want something totally unique and a piece which perfectly reflects your personality. Well, that’s exactly what you’ll get from 21Diamonds. What’s more, you’ll also receive fantastic customer service and get this…. 100% Free shipping!  

So, what are you waiting for, lovelies?  Head on over to 21Diamonds TODAY and start designing your totally beautiful and totally personalised wedding piece!  Have fun! xoxo


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