Thank Your Bridesmaids with the Gift of an Australian Opal

They tolerate your pre-wedding tantrums and anxiety attacks for months. They take your hand during those ‘I’m ready to walk out of this nightmare’ moments.

They patiently tag along to every venue on your long list of potential dream wedding locations. They comfort you during meltdowns about fitting into that majestic Pronovias’ gown you had flown from Spain.

They organise your hens’ night and will travel from anywhere to be with you on the biggest day of your life.

Timeless etiquette and tradition have determined the official duties of the members of your wedding party. But the modern truth is that your bridesmaids have been happy and willing fashion advisers, food critics, colour consultants, design gurus – and perhaps therapists – throughout this wonderful ‘ordeal’.

Your memories of this time, the success and the fun of your wedding day itself owe much to your bridesmaids’ unwavering support during the planning stages and on the day you finally say ‘I do’.
And all of that deserves a very special, big and bold ‘thank you’.

A time for heartfelt thanks

Treating your bridesmaids to an all-expenses paid girl’s night out is the perfect way to say ‘I know you’ve gone out of your way to make me feel special and I treasure you for that’. Brides use this special social occasion to reward treasured friends for their efforts and support with tons of fun, love and to give a special gift.

Choosing a gift to demonstrate your gratitude means finding a meaningful and contemporary way to send your message. All brides want to give something their bridesmaids will be sure to use or wear. The best thank you gifts for bridesmaids combine quality with acknowledgement of their individual personalities.

Unique jewellery for rare friends

Jewellery is one of the most popular gifts from brides to bridesmaids, for its perfect mix of quality and sentimental value. For Australian brides, a fitting choice is opal jewellery for its versatility in contemporary settings you can choose to suit your bridesmaids’ personal taste. Every opal is unique, just as your friends are individuals with different styles and fashion preferences.

Opals are classic, precious, earthy gifts from Mother Nature that will be passed on to future generations.

Like each of your bridesmaids, every Australian opal is inimitable. One of the rarest stones in the world, opals command prices similar to the finest emeralds, rubies and diamonds. But don’t worry. You don’t have to dig deep into your wedding budget to say thank you with opal jewellery.  

At Opals Australia, you’ll find beautiful, contemporary earrings, pendants, bracelets and many other pieces of stunning jewellery, starting from around $100.

Rare stones with true meaning 

Opals Australia uses stones from three isolated areas in the Australian outback that are easily distinguished by their brilliance and play of colour. Not only that, it is said that each type of opal has a particular quality that matches a person’s characteristics and it enhances some of the aspects of their lives. 

For example, Boulder Opal is said to boost mental clarity, emotional security, and spiritual progression. Common Opal, on the other hand, appears to stimulate a person’s feelings of self-worth and improve working and business relationships.

Whether based on personality traits, by preferred colour or by their setting in silver vs gold or earrings vs pendant, it’s easy to select a quality item of jewellery to reflect some preference of each of your bridesmaids. You can accompany this heirloom piece with a personal letter telling how much each friend means to you and the reasons you wanted her by your side on your wedding day.

A jewellery setting for every taste 

Opal Earrings

light opal earringsFor a bridesmaid who favours earrings, what better addition to her collection than a pair in stud or drop style. At $128, these chic earrings feature a slice of precious light crystal opal enhanced by bonding ironstone to the back to give the stone a black or boulder opal look. Ideal for everyday or formal wear, this design suits a dynamic, vibrant personality who likes a touch of style without going too refined. 


Opal Pendants 

solid opal pendantHow about this cheeky solid inlay opal pendant for only $108? Using light crystal opals, the skilled jewellers at Opals Australia cut the opal to fit the jewellery setting and bond it into the jewellery carefully, following the contours of the piece. Your bridesmaids will enjoy the contemporary fish bone design and can wear this or a similar piece from the range formally or informally, as well as to work.


light opal ringOpal Rings

A gift of this exquisite Light Opal Doublet Ring is in harmony with the marriage theme of a bond made by exchanging rings. As a gift, this piece demonstrates how you and your bridesmaid are eternally bound by a beautiful friendship. This design is one of many in the range that is fresh, fun and versatile. An opal ring is an ideal representation of your commitment to each other as friends. 


light opal braceletOpal Bracelets 

Last but not least: your maid-of-honour. She’s someone who has been with you not just during every step of your wedding plans, but also through those significant moments in your life. Budget permitting, a treat for your maid-of-honour should be a token of appreciation she will prize forever. This sterling silver light opal doublet bracelet ($498) – or another from the Opals Australia range – is a stunning way to give well-deserved thanks with affection, in style.

It’s easy to say ‘thanks’ with an Australian opal 

For classic and unique mementoes of your wedding that reflect your feelings of gratitude towards your bridesmaids, it’s definitely worth browsing the online selection of jewellery from Opals Australia. The busy bride can even save time and money by ordering gifts online, with free shipping for orders over $200. 


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