How to Make a Coloured Wedding Dress Work for You

Navy Blue Wedding Dress{Photo source: Love My Dress }

The traditional colour for a wedding dress is white, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t be creative with colour when it comes to the gown that you wear on your special day. Many brides think outside the box and wear a gorgeous wedding dress in a totally different shade.

Where Did the White Dress Tradition Come From Anyway?

The white wedding dress tradition was started by Queen Victoria, when she was married to Prince Albert in 1840. Royal brides at the time didn’t wear white, as they would usually wear heavy gowns with red brocade, silver thread and white accents. Brides in Europe and America at the time wore colours like brown, gray, black, yellow and blue – because they would be married in the nicest gown they owned regardless of colour.

However, Queen Victoria’s stunning white dress made a big impression and brides all over America and Europe followed her lead. At this time, white dresses were much more expensive and difficult to launder and maintain, so owning one was a sign of prestige.

 Black Wedding Dress{Photo credit: BP }

Coloured Dresses Making a Comeback

While the white wedding dress has been a popular choice for almost 175 years, the coloured dress is beginning to make a comeback. Perhaps you don’t like the way you look in white, you want to make a creative statement or you want to be able to wear your gown again at a different occasion? Whatever the reason, there’s nothing wrong with having a little colour in your wedding ensemble. You might get a few questions and strange looks from the more traditionally minded people in your wedding party, but if you wear your coloured gown with elegance and charm you can win them over.

Celebrity Brides Bringing Colour into Their Weddings

There have been a few famous brides who have rocked the coloured wedding dress look and have really made a bold style statement. When Jessica Biel married Justin Timberlake at a luxurious ceremony in southern Italy, she wore a gorgeous custom made petal pink gown designed by Giambattista Vali.

Celebrity Wedding Gown in Purple{Photo course: Wedding Ideas Mag}

Of course, when Marilyn Manson and Dita Von Teese were married, no one expected them to have an ordinary wedding. Dita Von Teese made a stunning entrance in a beautiful purple taffeta gown that was designed by Vivienne Westwood, as she walked down the aisle of Gurteen Castle in Ireland.

Canadian pop star Avril Lavigne also made a stir when she wore a black gown while marrying Nickelback singer Chad Kroeger in Cannes, France.

Tips for Wearing a Coloured Wedding Dress

If you are considering wearing a coloured wedding dress, here are some helpful style tips:

Green Wedding Dress

{Photo source: Chic Vintage Brides}

  • When you are shopping, you don’t have to stick to the bridal boutiques. You can widen your search to the more affordable high street stores or online shops. You can check out the latest wedding dresses here to get your shopping started.
  • Consider your skin tone and the colours that would suit you best. Consult a stylist to figure out if you have warm or cool skin tones, then figure out which shades will compliment you.
  • If you are somewhat uneasy with the thought of wearing a bride shade, but you still want to add some colour, you can consider wearing a gown in a pale pastel shade such as light pink or blue.
  • Rather than an entirely coloured gown, you could choose a white gown with coloured embellishments such as embroidery, lace or gemstones.
  • For a luxurious look, why not go for accents of gold and silver?
  • If you find a design of a white wedding gown that you love, see if you can get the designer to make you a version in fabric of your preferred colour.

These are just a few tips to keep in mind so that you can make a bold impression with your coloured wedding gown.


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What Are The Parts of a Wedding Dress?

How much do you really know about wedding dresses? Do you really understand all the various parts of a wedding dress –  the different types of necklines, fabrics and silhouettes… and, let’s not forget the train length! Well, before you go hunting for your dream wedding gown, we wanted to share with you some all-important Wedding Dress 101. The following handy infographic from Simply Bridal gives you all the ‘ins and outs’ you need to know to help design and/or select that perfect dress. That way, you can feel like the expert before hitting the shops. You’ll find these great little pointers are also handy for choosing your bridesmaids dresses too. Happy shopping girls!

What Are The Parts Of A Wedding Dress?


Mermaid Style Wedding Gowns To Swoon Over!

Mermaid Style Wedding Gowns Inspiration | Love Wed BlissMermaid gown inspiration {Photo by Elizabeth Messina}

Mermaid style wedding gowns continue to be featured in couture designer’s collections year after year. Stylish and glamorous, they feature a slim fitting gown which hugs the body to the knees and then flares out with a full skirt to the hem. Mermaid wedding dresses are extremely flattering to most figure types. They show off your curves and look fabulous in a range of fabrics, necklines and intricate or delicate detailing. We’ve rounded up this stunning selection of designer mermaid wedding gowns for your style inspiration:

Mermaid Wedding Gown by Lazaro | Love Wed BlissLazaro Bridal Gown Style LZ3258

Winnie Couture Mermaid Wedding Gown | Love Wed BlissWinnie Couture Fall Collection 2013

Mermaid Style Ines De Santo Fall 2013 | Love Wed BlissInes Di Santo Fall Collection 2013

Mermaid Style Wedding Gown by Winnie Couture: Esme | Love Wed BlissWinnie Couture Fall Collection 2013

Mermaid Wedding Dress Romona Keveza | Love Wed BlissRomona Keveza Fall Collection 2013

Mermaid Style Essense Design | Love Wed BlissEssense of Australia Wedding Gown Style D1367

Mermaid Wedding Gown by Rachel Gilbert: Autumn 2013 | Love Wed BlissRachel Gilbert Allegra Gown Autumn Winter 2012

Mermaid Style Claire Pettibone | Love Wed BlissClaire Pettibone Spring 2013

Fishtail Wedding Gown by Ines De Santo Fall 2013 | Love Wed BlissInes Di Santo Fall Collection 2013

Vintage Style Fishtail Skirt Gown by Johanna Johnson | Love Wed BlissThe Vintage Gown by Johanna Johnson

Mermaid Style Wedding Gown by Lavazo | Love Wed BlissLazaro Bridal Gown Style LZ3201


Bridal Gown Horrors and How to Deal with Them

Wedding dress nightmares aren’t rare. They happen. And that’s probably why you already have a kit filled with pre-threaded needles, double-sided tapes, cotton swabs, small towels, baby powder, baby wipes, safety pins, a small bar of soap, and a pair of scissors as you brace yourself for what mishap may dawn upon your bridal gown on the big day. In case you spill red wine over your gown, end up with a stuck zipper, lose a few beads, or tear a small portion of your veil apart, with all these emergency tools, you are definitely ready to make quick fixes without lifting a finger. However, not all wedding gown disasters can be fixed with something found inside your emergency kit, and the best way you can deal with them is to think ahead and prevent them from ever happening.

Can’t Wear the Dress

When you go to the shop, attendants will be there to help you around and make things easier for you. Not to mention, they are experts in knowing how to handle and pull the dress in the right places. But these attendants won’t be around by the time your dress gets delivered and on the wedding day itself. Before you realize that you have to call on to the attendant halfway around town to get you into your dress, assign somebody who will assist you. It could be your maid of honor, your mom, or anyone you like. This person should be with you when you pick your dress and should be aware of the ins and outs of it. Hands and nails must always be kept clean as your dress is handled. Also, whenever you have to go to the restroom during the wedding day, your chosen assistant should be there to accompany you. You wouldn’t want a dress-caught-in-the-pants moment, and believe it or not, it happens! 

Dress is Emphasizing All the Wrong Places

Love at first sight on a dress is not enough reason to choose it. Sure, the dress looks pretty and is the perfect one you have been imagining your entire life, but if it doesn’t complement your assets, maybe it’s the wrong one. Be realistic. Know your body type and embrace it. Familiarize yourself with your greatest assets and allow your gown to accentuate them.

Dress Does Not Fit

Many brides have set unworkable expectations of their wedding dress size. The dress may only end up too small or too large on the big day itself, and for that, the quickest option to fix it may even be too late. Don’t pick a dress too far advanced. Your weight and size can fluctuate, most especially when you are subject to a lot of pressure and stress as you prepare for every wedding detail. Before finally paying for your dress, make sure you get a clear contract on when you should expect it to arrive and give yourself a lose margin to allow time for alterations as necessary. 

If dress is too tight:

Don’t buy a dress one size smaller then plan to lose weight thereafter. Pick the size you are in at that very moment. Be ready to indulge in a body wrap. Aside from the benefits of detoxification, relaxation, and skin tightening, a body wrap can help you get rid of inches in just 45 minutes to 1 hour. It should come in handy in case you need a quick fix for a tight dress a few days before the wedding.

If dress is loose:

In case you find out that you could still fit another person into your dress when you’re just days away, take note of how to reduce your dress size through drastic fixes without having to send the dress over to a seamstress for major alterations. This is something you should discuss with your shop attendant.

Dress is See-Through in Bright Sunlight

You’ve set up a garden wedding where your guests can feel the warmth from the promise of your vows as well as from their sun-kissed skin, but you never tried on your dress under the sunlight. And on the day itself you realize that your dress isn’t built for the bright outdoors as it exposes everything you’re wearing underneath it. Aside from picking the right size and knowing what to do in case your dress doesn’t fit, being responsible for knowing what undergarments are appropriate is equally important. Talk to your shop attendant about it. Try your dress in front of the mirror as well as under the broad daylight, and when you do so, use similar undergarments you would have for the big day. Plan ahead and chose wisely. Every bride dreams of a perfect wedding as much as every wedding dress dreams of the perfect bride to wear it.

Images: Love Me Do Photography / Ayres Photography / via Luxe Redux Bridal/ Judy Pak Photography / via Dex KnowsPaper Antler  &  Kate Webber Photography / Jen Huang Photography


About the Author: Ella Simpson has touched the lives of many brides by supplying body wraps for quick wedding dress fixes for over 10 years now. As a nutritional researcher, she has used her own kitchen to formulate body wrap ingredients, which are available through her website Wrap Yourself Slim

Hippie Bohemian Wedding Dresses for a Romantic Summer

These gorgeous hippie bohemian wedding dresses from FreePeople have us oohing and aahing like nobody’s business. Their soft, pretty and delicate lines create the perfect whimsical look for a romantic summer wedding. They’re a superb example of bohemian meets chic with beautiful detailing, breathtaking fabrics and soft flowing skirts.

Hippie Bohemian Wedding Dresses

Each Summer dress is sold exclusively through Free People and tells a story of it’s own. They’re very affordable and make the perfect style statement for any type of Summer celebration. Whether you’re celebrating a beach or outdoor wedding, whimsical or garden soiree, any of these hippie wedding dresses would add a touch of relaxed elegance and bohemian chic to your day. You could even add a little rustic ruggedness to your style and tone them down with a pair of boots, leather jacket, or even converses! Any way you look at these bohemian wedding dresses, we know they’ll be the highlight of a romantic Summer!

Hippie Bohemian Wedding Dresses


Dana’s Limited Edition Parachute Dress

Dana's Limited Edition Wedding DressI have to start with my personal favourite. This white Summer parachute dress with lace corset bodice is stunning. The bodice is boned along the sides and laces up at the back, giving it a romantic feel. It features a long flowing skirt with embroidered flower detailing and scalloped trim, as well as a soft billowing top layer creating a look of freedom and femininity meets modern boho. There are also crisscross elastic straps and hidden zip at the back,  making it a romantic and striking dress for any Summer occasion – divine!

Dana's Limited Edition Parachute DressGet The “Dana’s Limited Edition Parachute Dress” Here!

Valley Dress

Valley DressCapture the true essence of a bohemian bride in this sheer 100% polyester maxi dress with ruffle and texture detailing. The bottom of dress features ruffle hem trimming and the sheer full sleeves have gathered elastic cuffs creating an overall romantic whimsical look. A low deep v neckline and back, gives just the right amount of sexiness and the floaty fabric ensures this hippie beach wedding dress a sexy ‘surf friendly’ design.

Valley Dress

Get The “Valley Dress” Here!

Tiered Lace Maxi Dress

Tiered Lace Maxi DressIf you like to keep your style cool and comfortable then this pretty tiered hippie dress with it’s lace layering is the perfect Summer bohemian wedding dress. It features a wrapped lace bodice with subtle floral appliqué, fully-lined silk body covered in eyelash-style tiers of lace and a hidden back zip with hook and eye closure. Delicate and feminine, you’ll feel like a princess waltzing around all day.

Tiered Lace Maxi Dress

Get The “Tiered Lace Maxi Dress” Here

Monique Lurex Chiffon Gown

Monique Lurex Chiffon GownThis strapless bohemian wedding dress showcases a gorgeous metallic design in silk chiffon. The strapless design includes boning in the bodice and stretchy mesh insert with zipper so not only do you look fabulous, but feel comfortable too. With a flattering bustline, flowing skirt and a dash of shimmer it is hippie meets glam perfection. 

Monique Lurex Chiffon Gown

Get The “Monique Lurex Chiffon Gown” Here

Jess’ Limited Edition Victorian Maxi

Jess' Limited Edition Victorian Maxi DressAnother fave of ours is the breathtaking Victorian bohemian lace wedding dress, “Jess.” With stunning metallic embroidered appliqué accents along the neckline and hips, sweet cap sleeves, and a feminine panelled hem it is the perfect boho lace wedding gown for the vintage bride.

Jess' Limited Edition Victorian Maxi Dress Get The “Jess’ Limited Edition Victorian Maxi Dress” Here


Check out the full range of romantic Hippie Bohemian Wedding Dresses from Free People here!


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{Wedding Dress Spotlight} Collette Dinnigan Princess Diaries Collection

Australian designer Collette Dinnigan has a beautiful new bridal collection for 2012 appropriately titled the ‘Princess Diaries Collection.’  It’s a gorgeous collection combining both sophistication with understated elegance. What I love about these dresses is that although they have portray the ethereal quality of a fairy tale princess from centuries gone by, they could also equally portray a beautiful bohemian or vintage style of bride. If you’re looking for a designer wedding dress which has simple lines, soft pretty details and understated glamour, then a Princess design from Collette is the perfect gown for you.

Collette Dinnigan Princess Diaries Wedding DressFrench Corded Lace Long Sleeve Wedding Dress
Collette Dinnigan Bridal GownFrench Corded Lace Short Sleeve Wedding Dress With Train
Collette Dinnigan Princess Strapless Beaded GownDiamond Sparkles Lace Strapless Wedding Gown
Collette Dinnigan Wedding Dress 2012Pearls & Palms Strapless Wedding Gown

For more information about this bridal collection visit Collette Dinnigan


Notte by Marchesa Strapless Wedding Gowns

English Designers Marchesa are recognized worldwide for adorning Hollywood celebrities with their gorgeous signature label gowns. But lucky for us girls a little closer to earth, they have a stunning more casual affordable range – Notte by Marchesa. Today I’m going to walk you through some handpicked Notte by Marchessa strapless designs. All are feminine, soft and romantically whimsical – making them the perfect wedding dress for an outdoor, casual or beach styled event.

Notte Marchesa
Strapless Chiffon Gown with Pleated Bodice
{ Style #: NOTTE 40035  ~ $925.00 }

Described as ‘deco-esque’ (reminiscent of the Art Deco style of the 1930s and 1940s) this romantic strapless gown features a  pleated bodice extending to a floaty chiffon skirt. A beautiful satin band emphasized the empire waist. The dress is fully lined silk chiffon with a boned bodice and hidden zip. 

Notte by Marchesa GownsStrapless Column Dress With Ruffles
{ Style #: NOTTE 40013 ~ $1,155.00 }

With a sweetheart neckline and multiple layers of delicate chiffon ruffles this white column Marchesa gown is whimsical at it’s best. Once again, your silhouette is enhanced by a lined bodice and the dress is fully lined. This dress is right at home waltzing around a moonlit Secret Garden or donning a barefoot bohemian beach babe.

Strapless Crepe Dress with Organza Ruffle
{ Style #: NOTTE 40003 $486.50 } 

This short feminine style dress in silk crepe has a cascading front ruffle made of pretty organza. The bodice is boned to provide a great silhouette and it is fully lined with the back hidden. This shorter style would look great at a casual outdoor wedding or as a striking getaway dress. Plus, it’s also available in a electric cobalt blue and hot fuschia pink ideal for stylish bridesmaids dresses.

How To Buy Marchesa Online

You can buy all of these gorgeous Marchesa dresses securely online through Shopbop.

Shipping is FREE to most countries worldwide (including Australia) for purchases over $10.00.

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Wedding Style Inspiration: Raw Silk Ruffle Dress

Wedding Dress Inspiration Ruffle Dress

Here is some wedding inspiration for the chic urban bride who wants her gown to make a statement. This full-length one-shoulder gown from Rachel Gilbert is not only stunning but also dramatic. The ‘Tash’ dress is made in raw-silk and features a a large single ruffle across an asymmetric neckline resulting in a bold and dramatic look.  A wedding dress definitely not for the shy or understated, rather the fashion forward bride with glamorous attitude!


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Kate Moss Wedding Pictures and Her Vintage Inspired Galliano Gown

We’re excited to see the first release of supermodel’s Kate Moss wedding pictures and her gorgeous vintage inspired Galliano gown. Kate, and her groom Jamie Hince, tied the knot at a village church and happily posed for photos outside. Kate looked lovely in her cream, slim-fitting John Galliano gown complete with shimmering sequins, delicate sheer panelling and metallic leaf detailing. An equally stunning vintage-inspired floor length veil completed the look, reminiscent of 1940s glamour. Kate’s 15 bridesmaids (one of which was her eight-year-old daughter Lila Grace), looked sweet and summery in whimsical white dresses, ballerina pumps and pretty floral head garlands. We love the 1940s vintage glam style Kate chose –  a look which is elegantly cool, relaxed and delightfully pretty.

Kate Moss Wedding Pictures Vintage Inspired Galliano Gown

Kate Moss Wedding Dress

Kate Moss Wedding Vintage Inspired Dress

Kate Moss Wedding Pictures


Kate Moss Galliano Wedding Gown

Images via Daily

Magical Romantic Fairy Tale Wedding Gowns

If you believe in magic then you’ll be spell bound by these romantic fairy tale wedding gowns. I couldn’t believe it when Brides did a feature on ethereal fantasy gowns this week. It was perfect timing for our ‘Let’s Play Pretend‘ theme and whimsical inspiration. Each breathtaking design is totally captivating with divine draping, muted hues and fluttery textures. Go ahead and be mesmerized by this gorgeous imagery . . .

Fairy Tale Wedding Dresses

Magical Fairy Tale Wedding Gowns

Fairy Tale Wedding Gown

Fairy Tale Princess Wedding Dresses

For full details on each gown visit