Breathtaking Bridal Veils #2

We love beautiful bridal veils here at LWB, but when you combine it with breathtaking photography then you absolutely have us melting at the knees! In our Breathtaking Bridal Veils #1 we focused on the bride modelling her stunning veil. However this time, we decided it was time to show off some amazing shots of couples which featured the wedding veil. The end result…, well, utterly romantic would have to be a understatement!

Kiss Under Veil

Couple Under Wedding Veil

Beautiful Bridal Veil

Kiss Under Veil at Beach

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Images: 1 & 3: Elizabeth Messina / 2: Once Wed / 4: Snippet & Ink


Minted Wedding Stationery

In The Spotlight: Jennifer Gifford Designs

I have a real treat for all of us today. I’m honored to be chatting to one of my favourite Australian wedding dress designers – the amazingly talented Jennifer Gifford. Jennifer has kindly agreed to give us a sneak peak into her world and share with us her creative inspiration behind her stunning Jennifer Gifford Designs collection. So take a deep breath blissettes, because this feature is packed with gorgeous gowns that’ll have you breathless for the rest of the day!

Jennifer Gifford Wedding Dress DesignerJennifer Gifford Designs StudiosJennifer Gifford Inspiration

Q: When & how did Jennifer Gifford Designs evolve?

Jennifer Gifford Designs happened out of necessity, around the time the GFC hit I was forced to rethink my working arrangement and decided to get an ABN and set up a workroom at home. The rest is history really.

Q: Where do you source inspiration for your beautiful designs?

I get inspiration from other Couture designers like Elie Saab and Monique Lhuillier, but mostly I get inspiration from the Brides who walk through my door. It is ultimately the most exciting thing to create a wedding gown from the beautiful pictures and inspiration a bride will bring with her to her first appointment. This has then followed through into my Made to Wear collections.

Jennifer Gifford Designs Wedding Dress

Q: What do you think sets JGD’s apart from other designers?

The thing I think sets me apart is, I didn’t set out to be a Designer as such. I am a Dressmaker or Machinist firstly; designing has just followed on from that. When you order a gown from Jennifer Gifford Designs you are receiving a gown the is not only designed by me but 100% made by me.

Q: Tell us more about Jennifer – what you would be if you couldn’t be a designer?

I think I would be in PR, Advertising or Interior design.

Jennifer Gifford DesignsJennifer Gifford Dress

Q: What is your favourite wedding trend right now?

I don’t know that I have one favourite trend as such, but I am loving the way couples are creating an event to remember for all the right reasons.  Something that is heart felt and original but most importantly put together beautifully. Whether it is a retro, bohemian or vintage celebration it looks and feels like a fabulous celebration of Love.

Q: We’d love to hear more about how you work. Describe a typical day in the Jennifer Gifford Designs Studio?

I have two daughters Neve (14yrs) and Maeve (20 Months) so things are a little crazy in the mornings but I am normally in the studio by about 9:30 in the morning checking emails and FB, making phone calls and starting on orders by about 11 ish.  I work to a system, which allows me to work within school hours.  I do however sacrifice my Saturdays and some Sunday mornings to see brides who can’t come during normal working hours for fitting appointments.

Wedding Gowns by Jennifer GiffordJennifer Gifford Wedding Dress

Q: What do you think makes Australian weddings special?

We’re a pretty relaxed and creative bunch.  There is always a real focus on the day as a whole celebration for everyone it is very inclusive and fun.

Q: What is your best piece of advice for bride’s choosing a wedding dress?

Follow your heart, but be realistic!  If you really want a full lace and silk gown be prepared to pay for it.  I hate it when I have to be the bearer of bad news, but creating a wedding gown from scratch is never going to be cheaper than purchasing something off the rack. 

I LOVE what I do and it makes me so happy to be a part of this journey a bride takes leading up to her big day.  This is what I try to explain to brides when I quote them for their gown. It is not just the gown you are getting, it is everything that goes with it – right from the first consultation, measurements, fittings and the fun that goes with it.  You can bring friends and family to fittings and make some wonderful memories.  It really is a wonderful process having a gown made just for you.

Jennifer Gifford Designs Wedding Gowns

Q: What’s next for Jennifer Gifford Designs?

Jennifer Gifford Designs has recently undergone a little bit a of a revamp with a new Logo and brand new website.  Then I take a break over Christmas before starting my biggest year yet. Bookings for made-to-measure gowns are filling up fast for 2013 with April and May already fully booked.

I am planning a new collection of One Of A Kind Gowns that will be available for purchase from my studio and several Wedding events JGD will be a part of this year. These include A Very Vintage Wedding Fair and The Wedding Harvest in February and later in the year The Byron Bay Bridal Showcase.

I also have some exciting creative projects on the back burner that I am keen to get started on so there will be plenty to keep me busy that’s for sure.  What can I say, I Love my Job!

Jennifer Gifford Wedding Dresses



What Are The Parts of a Wedding Dress?

How much do you really know about wedding dresses? Do you really understand all the various parts of a wedding dress –  the different types of necklines, fabrics and silhouettes… and, let’s not forget the train length! Well, before you go hunting for your dream wedding gown, we wanted to share with you some all-important Wedding Dress 101. The following handy infographic from Simply Bridal gives you all the ‘ins and outs’ you need to know to help design and/or select that perfect dress. That way, you can feel like the expert before hitting the shops. You’ll find these great little pointers are also handy for choosing your bridesmaids dresses too. Happy shopping girls!

What Are The Parts Of A Wedding Dress?


Mermaid Style Wedding Gowns To Swoon Over!

Mermaid Style Wedding Gowns Inspiration | Love Wed BlissMermaid gown inspiration {Photo by Elizabeth Messina}

Mermaid style wedding gowns continue to be featured in couture designer’s collections year after year. Stylish and glamorous, they feature a slim fitting gown which hugs the body to the knees and then flares out with a full skirt to the hem. Mermaid wedding dresses are extremely flattering to most figure types. They show off your curves and look fabulous in a range of fabrics, necklines and intricate or delicate detailing. We’ve rounded up this stunning selection of designer mermaid wedding gowns for your style inspiration:

Mermaid Wedding Gown by Lazaro | Love Wed BlissLazaro Bridal Gown Style LZ3258

Winnie Couture Mermaid Wedding Gown | Love Wed BlissWinnie Couture Fall Collection 2013

Mermaid Style Ines De Santo Fall 2013 | Love Wed BlissInes Di Santo Fall Collection 2013

Mermaid Style Wedding Gown by Winnie Couture: Esme | Love Wed BlissWinnie Couture Fall Collection 2013

Mermaid Wedding Dress Romona Keveza | Love Wed BlissRomona Keveza Fall Collection 2013

Mermaid Style Essense Design | Love Wed BlissEssense of Australia Wedding Gown Style D1367

Mermaid Wedding Gown by Rachel Gilbert: Autumn 2013 | Love Wed BlissRachel Gilbert Allegra Gown Autumn Winter 2012

Mermaid Style Claire Pettibone | Love Wed BlissClaire Pettibone Spring 2013

Fishtail Wedding Gown by Ines De Santo Fall 2013 | Love Wed BlissInes Di Santo Fall Collection 2013

Vintage Style Fishtail Skirt Gown by Johanna Johnson | Love Wed BlissThe Vintage Gown by Johanna Johnson

Mermaid Style Wedding Gown by Lavazo | Love Wed BlissLazaro Bridal Gown Style LZ3201


Bridal Gown Horrors and How to Deal with Them

Wedding dress nightmares aren’t rare. They happen. And that’s probably why you already have a kit filled with pre-threaded needles, double-sided tapes, cotton swabs, small towels, baby powder, baby wipes, safety pins, a small bar of soap, and a pair of scissors as you brace yourself for what mishap may dawn upon your bridal gown on the big day. In case you spill red wine over your gown, end up with a stuck zipper, lose a few beads, or tear a small portion of your veil apart, with all these emergency tools, you are definitely ready to make quick fixes without lifting a finger. However, not all wedding gown disasters can be fixed with something found inside your emergency kit, and the best way you can deal with them is to think ahead and prevent them from ever happening.

Can’t Wear the Dress

When you go to the shop, attendants will be there to help you around and make things easier for you. Not to mention, they are experts in knowing how to handle and pull the dress in the right places. But these attendants won’t be around by the time your dress gets delivered and on the wedding day itself. Before you realize that you have to call on to the attendant halfway around town to get you into your dress, assign somebody who will assist you. It could be your maid of honor, your mom, or anyone you like. This person should be with you when you pick your dress and should be aware of the ins and outs of it. Hands and nails must always be kept clean as your dress is handled. Also, whenever you have to go to the restroom during the wedding day, your chosen assistant should be there to accompany you. You wouldn’t want a dress-caught-in-the-pants moment, and believe it or not, it happens! 

Dress is Emphasizing All the Wrong Places

Love at first sight on a dress is not enough reason to choose it. Sure, the dress looks pretty and is the perfect one you have been imagining your entire life, but if it doesn’t complement your assets, maybe it’s the wrong one. Be realistic. Know your body type and embrace it. Familiarize yourself with your greatest assets and allow your gown to accentuate them.

Dress Does Not Fit

Many brides have set unworkable expectations of their wedding dress size. The dress may only end up too small or too large on the big day itself, and for that, the quickest option to fix it may even be too late. Don’t pick a dress too far advanced. Your weight and size can fluctuate, most especially when you are subject to a lot of pressure and stress as you prepare for every wedding detail. Before finally paying for your dress, make sure you get a clear contract on when you should expect it to arrive and give yourself a lose margin to allow time for alterations as necessary. 

If dress is too tight:

Don’t buy a dress one size smaller then plan to lose weight thereafter. Pick the size you are in at that very moment. Be ready to indulge in a body wrap. Aside from the benefits of detoxification, relaxation, and skin tightening, a body wrap can help you get rid of inches in just 45 minutes to 1 hour. It should come in handy in case you need a quick fix for a tight dress a few days before the wedding.

If dress is loose:

In case you find out that you could still fit another person into your dress when you’re just days away, take note of how to reduce your dress size through drastic fixes without having to send the dress over to a seamstress for major alterations. This is something you should discuss with your shop attendant.

Dress is See-Through in Bright Sunlight

You’ve set up a garden wedding where your guests can feel the warmth from the promise of your vows as well as from their sun-kissed skin, but you never tried on your dress under the sunlight. And on the day itself you realize that your dress isn’t built for the bright outdoors as it exposes everything you’re wearing underneath it. Aside from picking the right size and knowing what to do in case your dress doesn’t fit, being responsible for knowing what undergarments are appropriate is equally important. Talk to your shop attendant about it. Try your dress in front of the mirror as well as under the broad daylight, and when you do so, use similar undergarments you would have for the big day. Plan ahead and chose wisely. Every bride dreams of a perfect wedding as much as every wedding dress dreams of the perfect bride to wear it.

Images: Love Me Do Photography / Ayres Photography / via Luxe Redux Bridal/ Judy Pak Photography / via Dex KnowsPaper Antler  &  Kate Webber Photography / Jen Huang Photography


About the Author: Ella Simpson has touched the lives of many brides by supplying body wraps for quick wedding dress fixes for over 10 years now. As a nutritional researcher, she has used her own kitchen to formulate body wrap ingredients, which are available through her website Wrap Yourself Slim

6 Styles of Statement Necklaces for Modern Brides

We love the idea of going big with jewellery for your special day. Big and bold necklaces are definitely making a statement in weddings of late, and your choice of styles is practically limitless. Chunky chokers, long layered necklaces, cascading chains and large medallions are all decorating the decolletage with stunning looks. Whether you go vintage, modern or elegant, there is a statement wedding necklace that can complement your bridal style. Here is a round up of  statement necklaces in six styles we are currently loving for brides:

 Vintage Inspired

Statement Necklaces for Brides - Vintage | Love Wed BlissBHLDN Pearl Collar /Vintage Diamente Collar

Chunky Pearl Necklaces

Statement Necklaces for Brides - Pearls | Love Wed BlissModern Pearl Necklace  /Chunky Pearl Necklace

Big on Bling Necklace

Large Sparkly Statement Necklace | Love Wed BlissCrystal Statement Necklace  

Elegant Statements

Statement Necklaces for Brides | Love Wed BlissAudrey Hepburn / Hollywood Necklace

 Unique Statements

Statement Necklaces for Brides | Love Wed BlissChanel Necklace / J Crew Black Lace Necklace


Beach Bold & Colourful Necklines

Yellow Statement Necklace | Love Wed BlissStatement Necklaces for Brides | Love Wed BlissYellow Handmade Jesi Haack Necklace / Red Beads / Forever 21 Turquoise Necklace


Get The Look

Looking for that perfect statement bridal piece? Then check out these gorgeous necklaces we found at Shopbop!

Vintage Style Statement Necklaces

Vintage Style Statement Necklaces | Love Wed Bliss

Classique Triple Gold Pearl Necklace / Floral Statement Necklace / Marc Jacobs Mixed Up Gems Necklace


Diamente Statement Necklaces

Statement Necklaces | Love Wed Bliss

Statement Collar Necklace / White Wedding Necklace / Crystal Lace Bib Necklace


Gold Statement Necklaces

Gold Statement Necklaces | Love Wed Bliss

Twisted Rope Necklace / Hammered Flat Disc Necklace / Multi Strand Necklace

{Guest Post} 3 Pearl Jewellery Suggestions for an Autumn Wedding

Autumn is still an incredibly busy season for weddings and most brides will be planning their big day long before the trees begin to shed their leaves. Whilst a wedding is a magical occasion for all concerned, it’s particularly so for the bride who wants to get her style ‘just right’ on the day.

Autumn Wedding Jewellery Ideas

Pearls are traditionally a first choice of jewellery to be worn on a wedding day. Now, with the increased popularity of vintage and classically styled weddings –  where elegance and sophistication are a must – more and more brides are falling under the spell of pearls. The unique qualities of cultured pearls meet all these expectations and you’ll discover that you are able to incorporate the classic look of pearl jewellery into whatever style of wedding ceremony you choose.

Besides the single strand pearl necklace, let’s take a look at three of our other jewellery suggestions if you are getting married this autumn:

1. The White Freshwater Pearl Bracelet

White pearls are a perfect wedding jewellery choice given their elegance and understated sophistication, and the beautiful piece pictured will definitely complement any bride’s choice of wedding dress this Autumn. Stunning and breath taking – freshwater pearls are an autumn wedding favourite.






2. A South Sea Pearl & Diamond Pendant

A stunning example of just how timelessly exquisite and luxurious pearls can be. This exceptional South Sea pearl and diamond pendant has no shortage of sophistication – something which makes it a perfect choice as a piece of bridal jewellery. Flawlessly crafted and finished, with a curve of pave diamonds set in 18 carat white gold, the pendant is a piece of jewellery that will truly stand the test of time.





3. Triple Strand Freshwater Pearl Necklace

No wedding outfit would be complete without a classic pearl necklace. We love the vintage styling of this beautiful triple strand freshwater cultured pearl necklace. Large enough to be eye-catching, the graduated strands of these white pearls will gracefully enhance the neckline and the look of the bride as she makes her way down the aisle.






Pearls are such a perfect choice of wedding jewellery that it is easy to fall in love with these unique gemstones. Their strong sense of history and tradition can easily add a touch of elegance to a bride’s outfit for her big day. If you are getting married this autumn, hopefully some of the suggestions above may give you some ideas for choosing the right wedding jewellery for you.


All jewellery images are copyright and used with permission of Winterson Pearl Jewellery

Hippie Bohemian Wedding Dresses for a Romantic Summer

These gorgeous hippie bohemian wedding dresses from FreePeople have us oohing and aahing like nobody’s business. Their soft, pretty and delicate lines create the perfect whimsical look for a romantic summer wedding. They’re a superb example of bohemian meets chic with beautiful detailing, breathtaking fabrics and soft flowing skirts.

Hippie Bohemian Wedding Dresses

Each Summer dress is sold exclusively through Free People and tells a story of it’s own. They’re very affordable and make the perfect style statement for any type of Summer celebration. Whether you’re celebrating a beach or outdoor wedding, whimsical or garden soiree, any of these hippie wedding dresses would add a touch of relaxed elegance and bohemian chic to your day. You could even add a little rustic ruggedness to your style and tone them down with a pair of boots, leather jacket, or even converses! Any way you look at these bohemian wedding dresses, we know they’ll be the highlight of a romantic Summer!

Hippie Bohemian Wedding Dresses


Dana’s Limited Edition Parachute Dress

Dana's Limited Edition Wedding DressI have to start with my personal favourite. This white Summer parachute dress with lace corset bodice is stunning. The bodice is boned along the sides and laces up at the back, giving it a romantic feel. It features a long flowing skirt with embroidered flower detailing and scalloped trim, as well as a soft billowing top layer creating a look of freedom and femininity meets modern boho. There are also crisscross elastic straps and hidden zip at the back,  making it a romantic and striking dress for any Summer occasion – divine!

Dana's Limited Edition Parachute DressGet The “Dana’s Limited Edition Parachute Dress” Here!

Valley Dress

Valley DressCapture the true essence of a bohemian bride in this sheer 100% polyester maxi dress with ruffle and texture detailing. The bottom of dress features ruffle hem trimming and the sheer full sleeves have gathered elastic cuffs creating an overall romantic whimsical look. A low deep v neckline and back, gives just the right amount of sexiness and the floaty fabric ensures this hippie beach wedding dress a sexy ‘surf friendly’ design.

Valley Dress

Get The “Valley Dress” Here!

Tiered Lace Maxi Dress

Tiered Lace Maxi DressIf you like to keep your style cool and comfortable then this pretty tiered hippie dress with it’s lace layering is the perfect Summer bohemian wedding dress. It features a wrapped lace bodice with subtle floral appliqué, fully-lined silk body covered in eyelash-style tiers of lace and a hidden back zip with hook and eye closure. Delicate and feminine, you’ll feel like a princess waltzing around all day.

Tiered Lace Maxi Dress

Get The “Tiered Lace Maxi Dress” Here

Monique Lurex Chiffon Gown

Monique Lurex Chiffon GownThis strapless bohemian wedding dress showcases a gorgeous metallic design in silk chiffon. The strapless design includes boning in the bodice and stretchy mesh insert with zipper so not only do you look fabulous, but feel comfortable too. With a flattering bustline, flowing skirt and a dash of shimmer it is hippie meets glam perfection. 

Monique Lurex Chiffon Gown

Get The “Monique Lurex Chiffon Gown” Here

Jess’ Limited Edition Victorian Maxi

Jess' Limited Edition Victorian Maxi DressAnother fave of ours is the breathtaking Victorian bohemian lace wedding dress, “Jess.” With stunning metallic embroidered appliqué accents along the neckline and hips, sweet cap sleeves, and a feminine panelled hem it is the perfect boho lace wedding gown for the vintage bride.

Jess' Limited Edition Victorian Maxi Dress Get The “Jess’ Limited Edition Victorian Maxi Dress” Here


Check out the full range of romantic Hippie Bohemian Wedding Dresses from Free People here!


*Free People is one of our wonderful sponsors

{LWB Loves} Colourful Bridesmaid Clutches

We adore these colourful bridesmaid clutches we recently stumbled upon from FA2U on Etsy. Not only do they come in a great variety of bright colours but the choice of purses in fabulous retro and vintage patterns have us jumping with handbag joy. Here is the pick of our favourite designs, but you can pop on over to their Etsy page to see the entire cute-as-pie clutch bag range.

Yellow Bridesmaid Clutch SetPink & White Patterned ClutchApple Green, Yellow & White Clutch SetNavy Damask ClutchesPolka Dots ClutchBlue Bridesmaid Clutch SetRetro Heart Pattern Clutch



Bold Graphic Striped Bridesmaid Dresses

Last week I was smitten with this gorgeous seaside wedding featuring a line up of style savvy bridesmaids in bold stripes. Which got me thinking . . . how many weddings have made a style statement with striped bridesmaid dresses? I’m not talking about the vintage pinstripe variety, but rather the graphic bold style of stripe. So I did a scout around and came up with this line up of lovelies. However, I’m sure there are many more out there (so please do share if you know of any). I think graphic striped bridesmaid dresses give a wedding a fresh and modern style and if they’re anything like these stylish numbers they get the big thumbs up from me!

Bold Graphic Striped Bridesmaid DressesDresses by Thread Social / Image by Jonathan Canlas Photography via Brooklyn Bride

Bold Stripes Bridesmaid DressDresses by BCB Generation / Image via Pretty Little Wedding Things

Green and White Striped Bridesmaid Dressesvia Southern Weddings Magazine

Gray & White Striped Bridesmaids

Image via The Bride’s Cafe

Bold Striped Bridesmaid DressesDresses by  Banana Republic /Greg Thompson Photography via Style Me Pretty

Pink & White Striped Bridesmaid

Pink & White Striped Bridesmaids DressesImages by T Barton Photography


Black & White Striped BridesmaidsImage via Low Country Wedding


Here’s a gorgeous graphic striped maxi dress we’re currently lusting after . . . 

Ella Moss Ringo Maxi Dress

Ella Moss Ringo Maxi Dress


What do you think?  Are these bold striped dresses a thumbs up or down for you?