Wedding Lingerie To Bring Out Your Inner Seductress

Get ready, because we have a dangerous dose of girly glamour to trigger your inner seductress this week. We are very excited to introduce Dominique Intimates, the latest addition to our bridal wish list (and I’m sure they will be yours too) with their breathtaking line-up of luxury wedding lingerie styles which are bound to send heartbeat’s racing. 

dominique-intimatesThe luxurious undergarments look and feel as if they were tailor-made just for you. Each stunning piece is lovingly created by an expert production team who ensure every hand-sewn stitch has you feeling more comfortable, more beautiful and more like yourself. 
Dominique Bridal LingerieDominique Wedding Lingerie CollectionBridal Lingerie from DominiqueWedding Lingerie by DominiqueDominique Collection

How to Make a Coloured Wedding Dress Work for You

Navy Blue Wedding Dress{Photo source: Love My Dress }

The traditional colour for a wedding dress is white, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t be creative with colour when it comes to the gown that you wear on your special day. Many brides think outside the box and wear a gorgeous wedding dress in a totally different shade.

Where Did the White Dress Tradition Come From Anyway?

The white wedding dress tradition was started by Queen Victoria, when she was married to Prince Albert in 1840. Royal brides at the time didn’t wear white, as they would usually wear heavy gowns with red brocade, silver thread and white accents. Brides in Europe and America at the time wore colours like brown, gray, black, yellow and blue – because they would be married in the nicest gown they owned regardless of colour.

However, Queen Victoria’s stunning white dress made a big impression and brides all over America and Europe followed her lead. At this time, white dresses were much more expensive and difficult to launder and maintain, so owning one was a sign of prestige.

 Black Wedding Dress{Photo credit: BP }

Coloured Dresses Making a Comeback

While the white wedding dress has been a popular choice for almost 175 years, the coloured dress is beginning to make a comeback. Perhaps you don’t like the way you look in white, you want to make a creative statement or you want to be able to wear your gown again at a different occasion? Whatever the reason, there’s nothing wrong with having a little colour in your wedding ensemble. You might get a few questions and strange looks from the more traditionally minded people in your wedding party, but if you wear your coloured gown with elegance and charm you can win them over.

Celebrity Brides Bringing Colour into Their Weddings

There have been a few famous brides who have rocked the coloured wedding dress look and have really made a bold style statement. When Jessica Biel married Justin Timberlake at a luxurious ceremony in southern Italy, she wore a gorgeous custom made petal pink gown designed by Giambattista Vali.

Celebrity Wedding Gown in Purple{Photo course: Wedding Ideas Mag}

Of course, when Marilyn Manson and Dita Von Teese were married, no one expected them to have an ordinary wedding. Dita Von Teese made a stunning entrance in a beautiful purple taffeta gown that was designed by Vivienne Westwood, as she walked down the aisle of Gurteen Castle in Ireland.

Canadian pop star Avril Lavigne also made a stir when she wore a black gown while marrying Nickelback singer Chad Kroeger in Cannes, France.

Tips for Wearing a Coloured Wedding Dress

If you are considering wearing a coloured wedding dress, here are some helpful style tips:

Green Wedding Dress

{Photo source: Chic Vintage Brides}

  • When you are shopping, you don’t have to stick to the bridal boutiques. You can widen your search to the more affordable high street stores or online shops. You can check out the latest wedding dresses here to get your shopping started.
  • Consider your skin tone and the colours that would suit you best. Consult a stylist to figure out if you have warm or cool skin tones, then figure out which shades will compliment you.
  • If you are somewhat uneasy with the thought of wearing a bride shade, but you still want to add some colour, you can consider wearing a gown in a pale pastel shade such as light pink or blue.
  • Rather than an entirely coloured gown, you could choose a white gown with coloured embellishments such as embroidery, lace or gemstones.
  • For a luxurious look, why not go for accents of gold and silver?
  • If you find a design of a white wedding gown that you love, see if you can get the designer to make you a version in fabric of your preferred colour.

These are just a few tips to keep in mind so that you can make a bold impression with your coloured wedding gown.


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Matching Accessories to Match Your Wedding Dress {Guest Post by BHLDN}

I’ve been a hug fan of BHLDN and and their gorgeous range as long as I’ve been blogging, so when they approached me offering to guest blog on Love Wed Bliss, I was naturally delighted. I know each one of you are in for a treat, and when it’s expert tips on choosing accessories for your wedding gown – from BHLDN‘s fashion guru and stylist, Angela, no less – then you can guarantee it will be superb!


You’ve found the wedding dress of your dreams, now onto the fun part – the accessories! Accessorizing your wedding gown is often a matter of well-placed sparkle and choosing items that make your heart flutter and let your personality shine. 

Wedding Sparkle Bridal Accessories

Not sure which baubles to choose? A good place to start is by identifying your daily accessorizing tendencies. If you always don earrings, simply choose a more dramatic pair of wedding day earrings. If you love headbands and barrettes, add a little twinkle to your tresses with a sweet bridal headpiece.

Matching Accessories for Wedding Dress

Your wedding gown is another great guide when shopping for bridal accessories. If your wedding dress is heavily textured or embellished, fewer accessories can have a greater impact; choose one or two bridal accessories versus layering on a headpiece, necklace, bracelet and earrings. Alternately, if your wedding gown has a simple silhouette, it can act as a blank canvas for fun add-ons like a statement necklace or beaded belt.

Statement NecklaceBeaded Belt Bridal Accessories

You can also take cues from the style of your wedding gown. Vintage-inspired wedding gowns look great with accessories inspired by a similar era.  For example, a Deco bracelet paired with a beaded 1920’s style gown creates a glamorous Gatsby-inspired wedding day ensemble.  Soft, Bohemian style wedding gowns with lace or tiers of ruffles look great with a whimsical floral crown or jeweled bridal halo.

Deco Bracelet + 1920s GownAccessories for Your Wedding Dress

Brides have more options for bridal head wear, but many feel that their wedding day look isn’t complete without a veil. If your wedding gown has an interesting neckline or intricate back, consider a birdcage veil or blusher to show off pretty details. For a more traditional and romantic bridal look add a veil that hits at your fingertip or longer; today’s brides opting for light, airy veils, sometimes with just a hint of sparkle sprinkled throughout or lace detailing at the edge.

Brida Accessories to Match Your Wedding Gown

When it comes to shoes, the finishing piece of the outfit, it’s important to keep comfort in mind so that you feel your most at ease and can withstand hours of celebrating! Get playful with your wedding shoes by injecting a pop of color, flash of glitter or ladylike bow embellishments. Or, why not select shoes that coordinate with your wedding scheme? Choose sandals for a seaside ceremony or a pair of cowboy boots for a Southern-inspired celebration.

Glitter + Shine ShoesCowboy Boots

Overall, you want a look that’s true to you, so identify the bridal accessories that make you feel beautiful, comfortable and extra special for your big day.


For more wedding accessory inspirations, tips and advice, contact ask the BHLDN stylists.

Something Blue Ideas for the Modern Bride

Our last dose of inspiration for our “Something oldsomething newsomething borrowed and something blue ideas”  is all about adding Something Blue to your day.  Selecting a “blue” item for your wedding style is probably the easiest of the four, as there are endless options. You could choose practically anything, as long as it has blue in it. For instance, if your looking to add some colour to your wardrobe, add a blue sash, or have your bridesmaids wear blue dresses. You could also have the groomsmen wear blue boutonnieres. There are a million more ways you can incorporate blue into your big day; and this fun infographic includes plenty of unique ideas plus a little glitz and glam for the modern bride.

Something New Ideas for Brid 


Infographic by Simply Bridal


Something Borrowed Ideas for the Modern Bride

Over the past two weeks we’ve been sharing with you popular and unique ideas for the traditional wedding saying, “Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.” Something Old, helped the bride incorporate things from her past or from her family’s past. Something New, focused on new technology and how you can add some cutting edge to your wedding. This week it’s time to look at Something Borrowed – which typically includes objects lent from family or friends. Consider these lovely options to help inspire some ideas:

Something Borrowed Ideas for the Bride


Infographic by Simply Bridal

Be sure to check out Part 1 and Part 2 for more ideas:


Something New Ideas for the Modern Bride

In Part Two of our ‘Something Old Something New‘ inspiration, we go technologically savvy with a whole bunch of cool ideas for Something New!  If you’re a modern bride who embraces social media and all things digital, then you’re bound to love these online-friendly ideas. 

Something New Bride Ideas

Be sure to check out part one Something Old Something New Ideas for the Modern Bride  


Infographic by Simply Bridal

Something Old Something New Ideas for the Modern Bride

You know how the saying goes…

“Something Old,  Something New,

Something Borrowed, and Something Blue” 

It is an old tradition that tells us that when a bride includes all four of these elements into her wedding day it will bring her luck and fortune and blessings for a happy marriage.  Over the next four weeks will be celebrating this sweet tradition by featuring fun and inspiring ideas to help the modern bride include a little of each for her big wedding day.

Our first dose of inspiration…  some lovely ways you can add a little “something old” to your special day.

Something Old Something New Ideas for Bride


Infographic by Simply Bridal


Bridal Jewelry Ideas for 2013

Bridal jewelry is a significant aspect of a wedding. From diamond studded hair bands to glittering bridal sets or even a wedding set, brides always look for the best jewelry for their special day. And brides of 2013 are no different with their desire to be decked-up in their most beautiful look ever.

With so many design options, jewelry categories, choosing the right jewelry can get a little daunting but with the ideas below, the procedure would get a lot simpler! Read on…

A Matching Wedding Set

A matching wedding set is a symbol of togetherness, oneness and the eternal bond you share with your husband. Wedding sets are usually assumed to be costly; however, that’s far from truth.

A gorgeous looking diamond studded wedding set might cost you anywhere from $1000 to thousands of dollars. So, you’ll have an advantage of going as per your budget.

Have a look at the below matching wedding sets; they are designed to make you and your man feel the love and generate a sense of commitment.


White Gold Diamond Stud Earrings

Stud earrings are another type of jewelry that can give the bride a dazzling look. And when it is a white gold stud earrings with round cut or princess cut diamonds embedded in them, nothing better!

White gold is usually available in 14Karat and 18Karat that you can go for. And it is crafted into beautiful designs and elegance with diamonds studded in it. 

Solitaire Rings

Solitaire rings are another popular category of jewelry type that women simply adore. The idea behind solitaire rings is that – with those rings, the couples (brides and grooms) would enjoy their love and affection till eternity. Since these rings represent timelessness and love, they are absolutely perfect for a couple getting into the nuptial bliss.

You can find solitaire rings designed in yellow gold, white gold and platinum with almost every diamond cut used in them. 

Apart from the above, you can consider going for a three stone ring which symbolizes the holy trinity, a cross shaped or a heart diamond pendant and a color stone bracelet depending upon your preference.

With these jewelry ideas, it would be lot easier for you to accomplish your dream look at your wedding. You can get these jewelry prices from at highly discounted price range.




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In the Spotlight: Cathleen Jia Bridal Collection Launch

Make sure you take a seat ladies, because we have a new bridal collection to share with you which is bound to make you weak at the knees! Melbourne designer Cathleen Jia recently made an impressive entrance into the bridal world with a spectacular new collection –  Toujours. And Love Wed Bliss has exclusive backstage peek into the official launch party.

Cathleen Jia Wedding Dress Designer

The evening which took place at the stunning Angelique Boutique, in Armadale Melbourne was nothing short of fabulous. With a wonderfully glamorous atmosphere and a line up of breathtaking gowns embracing a vintage glam style, it was an event which would appeal to the romantic in all of us.

Tojours Collection by Cathleen JiaCathleen Jia Bridal Collection Launch PartyCathleen Jia Bridal Launch Night
Cathleen Jia Wedding Dress

The talented Australian designer’s collection is inspired by the romantic 1920′s, classic 1930s, and the elegant screen goddesses of the 1950′s.  A seamless adaptation of a glamorous era with a modern twist, it is a classic contemporary look which is nothing short of timeless. All the gowns are  exquisitely handcrafted with luxurious fabrics, and intricately adorned with delicate laces and hand-beaded embellishments, which makes them perfect for the quality discerning, style conscious bride. 

Cathleen Jia Wedding DressesTojours Collection Launch PartyCathleen Jia Wedding GownsCathleen Jia Launch in Salon Style

At the launch, guests enjoyed a salon-style show featuring luxury gowns in subtle vintage colours, handcrafted headpieces and soft veils all beautifully complemented by gorgeous floral arrangements from Bud flowers. After experiencing an exclusive insight into the Cathleen Jia bridal range, and being treated to chic cocktail fare, guests said farewell with their own special gift bag in arm.

Tojours Bridal Collection by Cathleen Jia

If you would love to see this stunning collection in real time, just take a peek at the beautiful fashion film which debuted for guests before the Toujours collection was revealed. The black beaded gown is to-die-for as is, the immaculate makeup and hair by Miss Aimmey, and stunning event photography by Finessence photography!

You can see the new swoon-worthy bridal collection on the Cathleen Jia website, or if you prefer to get up close and try one on for size contact her Hawthorn studio for a private appointment.


{Guest Post} How To Choose Glasses For Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is planned to be the best day of your life and a celebration of the union between you and your partner. It is on this day that every bride hopes to look her best as she is admired and photographed by all her friends and family. For this reason, many brides spend an average of £3000 on wedding attire, including the dress, shoes, accessories and hair and make-up. But what are the options for bespectacled brides?

How To Choose Glasses For Your Wedding Day

For those of us who suffer from poor vision and are reluctant to resort to contact lenses, glasses may be the only option. However, certain problems can arise when wearing glasses for an all-day wedding celebration. Let’s take a look at the issues, how these could be resolved and the perfect eye wear to suit your special day.

The veil

A traditional wedding dress is not complete without a matching veil covering the face. However, for a bespectacled bride, the veil will not gently drape over the face as it is hindered by a pair of spectacles. If a veil is an important part of your planned outfit, there are various options available to you. For example, some veils simply drape from the top of the head, down the back for a stylish, contemporary take on the traditional style. Alternatively, why not invest in a pair of delicate rimless frames. Without a heavy acetate frame, rimless styles are a great subtle way to support your vision, without affecting your outfit. There are a variety of rimless styles available, including metal, acetate or titanium arms, round, oval or rectangular lens shapes. For a feminine bridal look, why not try gold or silver metal arms with oval lenses. These are often softer than sterner rectangular shapes.

How To Choose Eye Wear For Your Wedding Day


One reason why many people with vision problems turn to contact lenses is that wearing glasses all day can be uncomfortable and irritating. The only way to resolve this would be to choose your frames carefully, ensuring you obtain a perfect fit without slipping. Many frames are designed with adjustable nose pads to ensure they sit comfortably on your nose. Alternatively, try opting for a silicone nose bridge which extends over the entire bridge of the nose for a secure fit. As with nose pads, a silicone bridge is transparent for a subtle design.

If you find the arms of your glasses are uncomfortable, look out for frames with flexible hinges as these have been designed specifically to suit wider faces. Unlike ordinary hinges, the flexible hinges will adapt to suit your face shape, rather than gradually becoming wider and slipping off your head.


For those of us with stronger prescriptions, the lenses in glasses can look thick like magnifying glasses, resulting in an unwanted bulging eye appearance in photos. When you order your new glasses, you can request that they are thinned during production. This helps the lenses to sit more neatly in the frame and to create a sleeker, smarter appearance. Don’t want a reflective glare under the camera flash? Try requesting an anti-reflective tint be applied to the lenses.

 Bride Wearing Glasses


If you want to embrace your bespectacled style, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t choose a pair of striking acetate frames. There are many smart designer styles available in natural, neutral colours to complement your wedding attire. For example, the Alexander McQueen AMQ4142 frames feature a rectangular acetate frame with curved, narrow arms for a contemporary, feminine finish. Each pair features a delicate rose detailing on the arm, ideal for a traditional white wedding. Alternatively, try opting for a frame in a pretty pearl shade for a natural look.

So as you make your wedding preparations, do not neglect to consider your eyewear. Whilst many brides will choose contact lenses, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t simply choose a pair of frames to complement and flatter your wedding outfit.


Victoria is a fashion blogger for leading glasses retailer, Direct Sight. 

Images: 1 via Clary Photo / 2 via Off Beat Bride / 3 via My Wedding

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