What are the Different Types of Wedding Bouquets?

We are often asked by our readers ‘what are the different types of wedding bouquets?’ or ‘which bouquet would be best type to suit my wedding style or theme?‘ To help with their choice, and to assist many more brides, we decided this infographic guide listing the various bouquet styles would be a great place start your research.

When choosing a bouquet type, keep in mind the flowers you will use (ideally those in season), as well as your wedding style. For instance, if you’re a boho bride, a basket bouquet may be perfect for your style. A rustic bride would look lovely holding a cascade or shower style of bouquet. Finding it hard to decide? Then you can always go with the classic type of flower bouquet which never goes out of style. 

What Are The Different Types of Wedding Bouquets


Infographic by Simply Bridal


manzanita wedding centerpieces

A Year in Wedding Flowers: Seasonal Flowers for Your Big Day

Whether you want to keep your wedding seasonal to reduce your carbon footprint, or are simply looking to create the perfect autumnal wedding, matching your wedding flowers to your season will ensure you end up with the perfect bouquet and a blooming beautiful big day.

Here The Real Flower Company give you their guide to the best seasonal blooms, whatever time of year your big date is. From sweet springtime posies to beautiful winter blossoms, we have the inspiration you need to create gorgeous locally sourced arrangements all year round.

Seasonal Wedding Flowers: Spring | Love Wed Bliss


If you’ve organized your wedding for the Spring, you’ll have no end of flowers and foliage to choose from. To make the absolute most of the Spring blooms on offer, a colourful array is essential. The Spring palette is extensive and full of bright, busy colours, shapes and textures as the floral world gears up to attract the insects which will help to pollenate it for next year. Every flower is out to impress.

From bright, golden daffodils, to many-coloured snapdragons and tulips in bright pinks, yellows, oranges and reds – in fact virtually every colour you can imagine – there is a stunning, eye-popping selection of stand-out blooms to turn your spring wedding into a cacophony of incredible, celebratory colour – helping your guests to really get into the party mood. Freesias are also big, bold and beautiful Springtime flowers to add to your stunning, rich bouquet.

If you’d prefer something a little less ostentatious, there are dozens of beautiful, restrained Springtime options for you to consider. From pretty, light purple lilacs, to beautiful, white droplet-shaped lily of the valley, you’ll find plenty of pretty Spring flowers which will  set your wedding off perfectly, without overpowering your surroundings. Soft pink cherry blossom, pastel coloured peonies or a simple bunch of spring irises are all gorgeous seasonal spring wedding flowers. Combine a traditional white rose with a purple, pink, or peach tulip.  For a monochromatic effect, why not pair ivory tulips with ivory roses for a stunning bridal effect.

Seasonal Wedding Flowers: Summer | Love Wed Bliss


Summer is, of course, a rich and verdant season – making a Summer wedding full of stunning foliage and flowers a truly lovely experience. Surround yourself with colour and light with summer peonies, daises, irises, sweet peas and coreopsis in the first half of the season. Towards August interweave sunflowers, asters, dahlias, zinnias and hydrangeas for a truly spectacular arrangement.

For a pared back look, the beautiful pastel blue of hydrangeas looks truly spectacular with a traditional white wedding colour scheme, especially next to a white gown.

Seasonal Wedding Flowers: Autumn | Love Wed Bliss


Roses are an option throughout both spring and summer, but autumn roses have a delicate beauty all of their own. Autumn, in the words of Keats is a ‘season of mists and mellow fruitfulness’ and the deep hues of an autumnal palette work beautifully in wedding arrangements. Faded, nostalgic Autumn roses, deep and fiery dahlias, pale mysterious lilies – all create an abundant, warm and intriguing arrangement. In early autumn, we’d recommend considering chocolate cosmos – these are our absolute favourite Autumn flowering treats – exotic, dark red, rich and utterly scrumptious.

Autumn is also a season of berries, which can make a truly gorgeous addition to any floral designs. Snowberries are available and offer a pearl-like berry which sets off arrangements beautifully. Meanwhile, hypericum berries are another addition particularly suited to Autumnal wedding flowers. With berries in a range of colours including brown, red, orange, green and cream, they are a beautiful extra textural element for autumn wedding arrangements.

Seasonal Wedding Flowers: Winter | Love Wed Bliss


Holly, poinsettia, ivy, mistletoe  – if you’re planning a winter wedding, these traditional festive plants can add real heart and soul to your wedding, providing a striking red, green and white theme, especially if you’re using a white wedding palette. Lots of evergreen foliage can make an absolutely stunning addition to wedding decoration, making ivy a particularly effective and beautiful choice. If you like the organic, pretty hedgerow look – incorporating snowdrops in small winter posies for table arrangements looks divine.

If you’d rather steer away from a conventional, Christmassy feel, there are other floral options which are just as seasonal throughout the British Winter.  Ranunculus offer a brighter winter flower, with densely packed petals in colours including pink, yellow and white. Meanwhile, anemones, with their pretty pastel purple-blue petals, can add floral colour to a winter wedding. Meanwhile, to stick to a winter colour scheme without using conventional winter plants – tall, white amaryillis look completely spectacular – particularly in arrangements with ivy. Jaw dropping winter wedding flowers! 

So there you have it, inspiring seasonal flowers for weddings throughout the year – whatever your tastes. Not only does using seasonal flowers help you to cut down on your carbon footprint, it can also be a more affordable option, all whilst perfectly complementing your wedding season.


If you’d like to learn more about seasonal flower bouquets for weddings, The Real Flower Company are passionate about seasonal produce. From hedgerows to specialist growing facilities, The Real Flower Company pride themselves on inspiring with the very best each season can offer.

How To Simplify Choosing Your Wedding Flowers

Are you finding yourself stuck on what to do what your wedding flowers? If so, you’re probably considering just handing out the decision to your florist, and calling it a day. However, before you hand over the reins, consider trying to come up with something on your own. It’s not too difficult when you know where to go for inspiration, and in the end you’ll feel quite special that you’ve created such beautiful floral arrangements.

Where to Look for Inspiration

Wedding floral arrangements are everywhere and that means you have a ton to choose from to find the ones best for your wedding theme.

Here are just a few of the places to find sample floral arrangements and bouquets:

  • Bridal Magazines – It’s likely you’ve already invested in a few of these, but it’s unlikely that you’ve taken a really good look at all of the floral arrangements and bouquets included. Buy some magazines, if you haven’t already, or start flipping through the ones you already have again. Pay particular attention to all of the flowers in  the magazines, and start to either color copy, or cut out the ones you like. Create a small scrapbook of the ones that you like the most to show your florist. While you may not know the type of flowers they are, your florist will.
  • Pinterest – This social networking site is most popular among women, and many of these women are either getting married, in a bridal party, or just love wedding themes images. Create an account on the site, look through the thousands of wedding floral arrangements and bouquets on the site, and start pinning them to your board. When you’ve found a few you like, invite your florist to see them. She can help you identify the specific flowers and either copy ones you see, or create a unique one bringing different flowers together.
How to Match Flowers to Your Wedding

Many brides find flowers they like the look of, but they don’t naturally grow in the color they would like them to be. Well, that’s no problem at all because many flowers can be dyed to your desired color, especially if the flowers come naturally in white.

Leave the Arranging to the Expert

Now, that you have the flowers you want in your arrangements, and you’ve solved the problem of them not coordinating with your wedding, the next task is putting them together, so they look neat and sweet. This is the part that should be left to the expert – the florist. While many brides do make their own arrangements, it’s usually done with much frustration and redo’s that many brides, such as yourself, do not have the time for right before wedding day. Not to mention the patience it takes when arranging – you just aren’t at your optimal patience level when you are trying to make sure everything else is going well with the wedding.

Check Off Flower Arrangements

Once you have given the florist your floral desires for your wedding, you can go ahead and take that off the list. Ah. What a great feeling, isn’t it?



About the Author: Marcelina Hardy worked with her wedding planner Meridian MS to choose her floral arrangements and used a wedding floral designer Lauderdale County to arrange them.


{Bouquet Inspiration} Gorgeous Sorbet Bouquet

I’m lusting over this gorgeous sorbet toned bouquet. Jam packed with pretty dahlias it features a medley of beautiful sorbet and gelato colours including pink, coral, lemon, orange and spearmint. Yum, yum!



Floral Designer: Kate Baker Florals / Image: Abi Q Photography via RuffledBlog


Take a peek here for more beautiful bouquet inspiration:

{Bouquet Inspiration} Black Pink & White Wedding Bouquet

This gorgeous black, pink and white wedding bouquet with it’s soft pastel hues and a subtle hint of ebony, is as pretty as they come. Filled with ranunculus, garden roses, black and white anemones, plus a smattering of  hypericum berries and dusty miller in the mix, it’s country glam all the way!

Black Pink & White Wedding Bouquet

♥ ♥ ♥

Designer: unknown / Image via Pinterest

{Bouquet Inspiration} Small Lily of the Valley Wedding Bouquet

Simple, pretty, demure and whimsical, are all words that come to mind each time I admire this small Lily of the Valley wedding bouquet. Beautiful in it’s simplicity, this small white flower creates the perfect style of bridal bouquet for a quaint vintage wedding or springtime soiree. I can easily envisage a Jane Austen, French provencale or a whimsical wedding theme for this classically sweet bloom.

Small Lily of the Valley Bouquet

♥ ♥ ♥

Floral Designer: LK Lily / Image via Ruffled Blog


{Bouquet Inspiration} Protea Wedding Bouquet

This protea wedding bouquet makes a gorgeous statement. With a large pastel pink protea and soft pastel pink roses it’s the perfect mix of modern meets traditional, with a contemporary wildflower and pretty vintage style roses. This is the type of bouquet which says ‘wow’ with it’s modern design, but still speaks of beauty and tradition with it’s soft subtle palette. We love this beautiful modern arrangement which won’t threaten to upstage your gown on the day.

Protea Wedding Bouquet

♥ ♥ ♥

 Floral Designer: Heather Caron / Picture: Meredith Purdue


{Bouquet Inspiration} Romantic Rose and Feather Bouquet

I have some more amazing bouquet inspiration for you today, especially for the romantic style of bride. With plump blooms in muted warm tones, wide silk ribbons and an antique brooch, this romantic rose and feather bouquet recreates the look and ambiance of an bygone era. Think of a European Summer evening with gentle warm breezes and a beautiful rustic villa bathed in soft light. Superb antique furnishings and fine silver tableware; vintage furs and shimmering jewels; elegant attire and classical music….and you can guarantee this gorgeous bouquet fits right in!

Rose and Feather Bouquet

 ♥ ♥ ♥

Floral Design NLC Productions / Photography: Mark Brooke Photography via Style Me Pretty

{Bouquet Inspiration} Country Garden Bridal Bouquet

In my opinion, there is no way you can’t adore this sweet country garden bouquet. With pops of cherry red blooms, soft pink roses and pretty daisies scattered throughout, it’s as pretty and fresh as the countryside itself. Not to mention, the gorgeous gingham ribbon to finish off the sweetheart appeal – adorable with a capital ‘A!’

Country Garden Bridal Bouquet

Floral Designer: Sweet Pea Floral Company / Image by Melissa Biador via The Wedding Chicks

{Bouquet Inspiration} Dreamy Mixed Purple Bouquet

With beautiful purple tones ranging from soft mauves through to deep violet, this mixed purple bouquet is as dreamy as can be. 

Mixed Purple Bouquet

Designer: unknown / Image via Pinterest

Looking for purple inspiration? Then you’ll adore these . . .