How To Make Lace Mason Jars

It’s time to get crafty this weekend and what we have for you is a bunch of projects showing you how to make lace mason jars. Recently, I was contacted by one of our lovely LWB readers, who after being inspired by these Mason Jar Lighting Ideas, wanted to know how to cover a mason jar with a doily. Therefore, I knew it was time to put together a round up of easy DIY tutorials so everyone could benefit. So whether you’d like to include mason jars in your wedding decorations or just want to use them to pretty up your home, these pretty lace and doily covered numbers are bound to brighten up the atmosphere. There’s even a great little video showing how to glam up mason jars with gold paint! So get your craft box ready boys and girls, cos you’re bound to be crafting up these mason jar projects in no time!

Lace Covered Mason Jars

Lace Covered Mason Jars

A pretty DIY tutorial from Something Turquoise showing showing you how to sew (rather than glue) lace or ribbon to your mason jars.

Doily Covered Mason Jars

Doily Covered Mason Jars

Crafts by Amanda combines lace, doilies and burlap to create these pretty DIY mason jar luminaries.

Simple Lace Mason Jars

Simple Lace Mason Jars

A really simple 3 step DIY tutorial by One Wed marries chic mason jars with romantic lace and votive candles.

Paper Doily Mason Jars

Mason Jars with Paper Doilies

Another super easy DIY from Linen, Lace and Love this time covering mason jars with paper doilies.

DIY Lace Mason Jars

DIY Lace Mason Jars:  Vintage Style

ShopRuche show you how to create pretty vintage theme with these DIY lace mason jars

DIY Gold Mason Jars with Lace Pattern


For more mason jar ideas be sure to check out our Mason Jar Lanterns & Candle Holders for Magical Weddings post!

Need supplies? You can grab Mason Jars in bulk here or pop over here for plenty of awesome DIY Wedding Supplies.

Japanese Washi Tape

DIY Ombre Place cards

Do you love ombre details? Are you looking for simple ways you can incorporate it into your wedding decor? Then sit tight, because our savvy little DIY diva Ashley, has some pretty DIY ombre place cards you can easily create yourself!   

DIY ombre wedding place cards

Ombre is definitely one of my favorite trends this year. It’s an easy way to incorporate subtle glimpses of color into your big day without everything being too match-matchy, I’m definitely not a fan of that! These DIY ombre place cards are a super simple ombre project for you to recreate on your own–

  • Your choice of paint color
  • 3 bowls
  • 3 foam brushes
  • Water

 DIY ombre place cards

Squirt a touch of paint into three bowls. Add water to one bowl so that the color is less saturated, then double that amount of water for the third bowl. Now you’ll have three shades of your color choice.

DIY ombre place cards

Use a foam brush to brush on the lightest shade first. Then use separate brushes for the second and third shades, moving further down each time. 

DIY ombre place cards

Set the cards aside to dry. Once dry, you can add an extra touch with a hole punch, calligraphy, twine, or a cute place card stand.

I created these citrus holders just by cutting a line across the top of a lime!

Sugar and Cloth for Love Wed Bliss

Ashley is the author and editor of Sugar & Cloth, a blog compiled of DIY projects, vintage finds, designs, recipes, and all of the pretty things in between.

♥ ♥ ♥

photos & project by Sugar & Cloth for Love Wed Bliss

Thanks Ashley! We think these ombre place cards are the perfect way to infuse some personality into your next event – use them for dinner parties, bridal showers and of course as escort cards for a memorable DIY wedding!

DIY Cake Topper Bunting

Happy DIY Friday lovelies! Ashley from Sugar & Cloth is back again with super cute DIY wedding project for you – Cake Topper Bunting! I’m sure many of you (like myself) have been admiring the mini cake bunting flags you see gracing so many pretty wedding cakes and dessert buffet tables. Well today, you can learn how to create your very own! Ash will show you how to make cake bunting with an simple step-by-step tutorial. So easy peesy in fact, you’ll wonder why you didn’t make these adorable mini flags sooner!

DIY Bunting Cake Topper

The more creative the wedding, the more unique the details. So, why not add a whimsical touch to your wedding cake  you can customize however you’d like!

I, Ashley, have a cake topper DIY for you that will make for pretty pictures for years to come, and all you have to use is a little tape and string …

  • Assorted colors of washi tape
  • Baker’s twine
  • Scissors
  • Two wooden skewers

DIY Bunting

DIY cake topper bunting with washi tape

1 | Cut one long piece of twine and double knot one it to the top of a skewer. 

2 | Lay the second skewer the distance away you’ll need it for the size of your cake, and make another double knot.

3 | Continue knotting the twine around the skewers to make a zig-zag pattern, and then tape the skewers down.

4 | Lift the twine and wrap a piece of washi tape around it.

5 | Continue to add tape, alternating the colors if you wish. The lengths don’t have to match to perfectly.

6 | Using scissors, cut the tips of the tape into V shapes.

DIY cake topper bunting with washi tapeMake this project your own by adding your name and date to the flags!

Cake Bunting DIY

Sugar and Cloth for Love Wed Bliss

Ashley is the author and editor of Sugar & Cloth, a blog compiled of DIY projects, vintage finds, designs, recipes, and all of the pretty things in between. 

♥ ♥ ♥

photos & project by Sugar & Cloth for Love Wed Bliss

I love these mini flags. The bunting is so straight forward to make and it completely transforms a simple cake into a perfectly pretty picture.  I can’t wait to try it out on my next party cake!  Thanks Ashley!

DIY ‘Love Is Sweet’ Guest Favors

It’s DIY Friday and once again we’re delighted to pass the reigns over to the lovely Ashley from Sugar & Cloth who has the prettiest (and sweetest) wedding favors you can easily create yourself!

Sweet DIY Wedding Guest Favors

Today I, Ashley, have an exceptionally simple and practical DIY wedding favor for you. For some brides wedding favors are on high priority, whereas others consider them last. At the end of the day though, they are  simply meant to say ‘thank you for celebrating our love with us’, and what better way to say so than with these Love Is Sweet guest favors–

  • Small gift boxes
  • Sugar cubes
  • Tissue paper
  • Glitter
  • Glue pen
  • Paper tags
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Washi tape (optional)

DIY Guest Favors Sweet Project


 1 + 2 | Cut the tissue paper down to size for each box, and then fill the lined boxes with sugar cubes.

3 + 4 | Using a glue pen (I use the Martha Stewart ball point glue pen), write “love is sweet” and then promptly dust with glitter.

5 | Shake off the excess glitter and let dry.

6 + 7 | Fold the sides of the tissue paper down and secure with matching washi tape, and then place the card on top.

8 | Seal the box with a bow and give!

Sugar and Cloth for Love Wed Bliss

Ashley is the author and editor of Sugar & Cloth, a blog compiled of DIY projects, vintage finds, designs, recipes, and all of the pretty things in between. 

♥ ♥ ♥

photos & project by Sugar & Cloth for Love Wed Bliss

Thanks Ashley for another gorgeous DIY idea! We love how these favors are so simple and cost effective, yet so pretty they’ll beautifully enhance wedding tables and place settings.

Here are more lovely DIY ideas from Ashley:

How To Make Handmade Fabric Flowers with Tulle

How To Make Handmade Fabric FlowersHow pretty are these tulle flowers? Well, today you’re in luck because we’re going to show you how to make these gorgeous handmade fabric flowers in a few simple steps. There are so many ways you could utilize these feminine florals. As well as a stunning hair accessory, they also make for some drop-dead gorgeous wedding details. Imagine them attached to table runners or jazzing up a bridemaid’s plain clutch?  Used to decorate wedding favours, or strung together as a whimsical ceremony banner. Absolutely lovely! 

Handmade Fabric Flowers

What You Need:

  • tulle & chiffon material*
  • piece of paper
  • pen
  • scissors
  • needle and cotton
  • glass seed beads
  • plain hair clip or comb

*These fabric flowers are made using chiffon and tulle. How many metres of material you need will depend on how many flowers you make and their size, as well as the the thickness of the material used. 

Step-by-Step Tutorial:

Fabric Flowers Tutuorial

Step 1. Make the stencil first by hand drawing a rose petal shape on card then cutting out. Retrace the shape several times onto a larger sheet of paper to help create a full flower shape and even pattern. Cut out the pattern.

DIY Fabric Flowers

Step 2. Take some material and fold it into a square slightly bigger than your flower pattern. Pin the pattern to the folded material, then carefully cut around. Repeat the process until you end up with enough tulle and chiffon layers to make a full flower. In this example, 26 layers of material are used, however the number of layers you use will vary on the weight of your fabric and the size of your flower.

Handmade Fabric Flowers Tulle

Step 3. Place the cut out flower shapes on top of each other. Stagger the alignment of the petals and alternate the different materials. Use your needle and thread to secure the flower together in the centre.

How To Make Fabric Flowers

Step 4. To create volume, pinch the centre of the flower together (from underneath) and secure it with a few stitches. This will give the flower volume and a realistic shape.

Step 5. For a more glamorous look, you can sew decorative beads into the centre of the flower.

Handmade Fabric Tulle Flower

Step 6. Lastly, sew the flower securely to a hair comb or clip. Alternatively, you can tie the  flower to a corsage or sash, by sewing one or more flowers to a length of silk ribbon.

♥ ♥ ♥

Images via Project Wedding

DIY Vintage Button Boutonniere

Today, I’m excited to introduce our new Guest Blogger – Ashley Rose from Sugar and Cloth {which I recommend you pop on over to later for a gorgeous dose of yummy treats & pretty ideas}. Ashley, is what we at LWB classify as a bona fide “DIY Diva” – wonderfully creative, super crafty, and a gorgeous girl to go with it! Which is why we’re thrilled she will be dropping in to Love Wed Bliss regularly with fantastic DIY projects for all our readers! So without further adieu, I’ll hand you over to the lovely Ash for her first LWB project (which I know all you DIY brides are gonna love!).

DIY Button Boutonniere Wedding

Hello, Love Wed Bliss readers! I, Ashley, am so excited to be collaborating with LWB to inspire you to add a few DIY touches to your special day. I have lots of neat projects in store for you, but first up are these sweet little vintage button boutonnieres. Maybe I’m bias because of my small(ish) obsession with all things buttons and polka dots, but these boutonnieres are sure to get a thumbs up as modern alternatives to flowers.

Pro’s: Budget friendly, keepsakes, modern, customizable . . . AND you can make them in advance.

Con’s: Not exactly a good choice for button haters.

1 | Buttons in various sizes and styles

2 | Floral wire

3 | Wire cutters / Scissors

4 | Twine / Ribbon

5 | Safety pin

How To Make A Button Boutonniere

1 | Stack buttons on a flat surface to get a general idea of the layout you like.

2 + 3 | String floral wire through one button hole, and back down through the opposite hole.

4 | Twist the wire tightly to the back of the buttons to secure the hold.

5 | Cut the wires leaving excess wire. The excess is how you will attach each “stem” to the safety pin.

6 + 7 | Repeat stringing wire through the remaining button stems.

8 | Next, you’ll wrap the excess wires from each of your stems around the safety pin, using one hand to maintain the desired placement and height of the buttons. Make sure the safety pin enclosure is facing the top (as shown) when you begin wrapping so that when you’re finished the enclosure will be hidden behind the buttons.

9 + 10 | String ribbon or twine through the bottom loop of the safety pin and wrap all the way around the wires. 

11 | Tie the two ends of your twine together (You can also use hot glue).

What’s the icing on the cake? That you can coordinate your buttons and ribbon to any color combination, light or dark! 

DIY Button Boutonniere

Stay tuned for more wedding DIY’s for Love Wed Bliss!

Until next time, you can find everyday DIY projects from Sugar & Cloth here


Sugar and Cloth for Love Wed Bliss

Ashley is the author and editor of Sugar & Cloth, a blog compiled of DIY projects, vintage finds, designs, recipes, and all of the pretty things in between. 

♥ ♥ ♥

Thanks Ashley for the great tutorial. We love these vintage button boutonnieres and think they would be fabulous for whimsical or vintage inspired wedding. Plus, we love how you chose gold buttons giving the boutonnieres a little bit of a glamorous look too!

DIY Bookmarks for Wedding Favors

This is a cute DIY idea I spotted for vintage bride’s – DIY Bookmarks for Wedding Favors!  These pretty gifts would make a unique and stylish favor for a vintage wedding. If you are somewhat crafty or can make your own jewelry you should find this a cinch. 

Vintage Bookmarks

All you would need to do is start collecting vintage charms from garage sales, op shops or craft supply stores, match them with pretty velvet ribbon in your wedding colors and you’re good to go!

DIY Vintage Bookmarks

How To Make Your Own Vintage Bookmarks

You could also choose a theme for the bookmarks by using charms with similar designs such as vintage keys, mirrors or clocks – you get the idea. Pop on over to Melina Souza’s site for the full DIY tutorial. 


Looking for more Wedding DIY? You may like these:

DIY Sparkle Wedding Garland

How cool is this gorgeous DIY sparkle wedding garland? I think it look great as a backdrop behind a wedding cake or dessert table. You could even use it as a feature decoration for the bride and groom’s table.  You only need a strand of white string lights and metres of mirror garland draped on a curtain rod and you have twinkling lights and sparkle galore. So, all you creative DIY diva’s out there, pop on over and get the full details here.

DIY Sparkle Mirror Garland

DIY Wedding Decorations ~ Spring Wedding Garland

These pretty DIY Spring garlands I found on Decor8, created by stylist Sania Pell are perfect for a Spring wedding or party. You can either use ribbon and fabric left overs you already have at home or alternatively, buy the fabric and ribbon to match your wedding decor colors. They’re such a simple way to decorate a space and instantly add a lovely touch of whimsy and pretty to your event.

DIY Wedding DecorationsDIY Spring GarlandDIY Garland

You can get the full DIY garland tutorial here.

DIY Wedding Paper Flowers

These DIY wedding paper flowers are a simple yet effective way to decorate a whimsical wedding. Made out of paper napkins you won’t be breaking the wedding budget either. Use them for a variety of decorations including guest favors, floral centerpieces and groomsmen boutonnieres. You can even cut the paper napkins into colorful confetti for the flower girls to sprinkle down the aisle. Here are a variety of pretty ways you can use these lovely paper wedding flowers:

DIY Wedding Paper Flowers

Use them as a favor for your wedding guests. A personalized flower arrangement that will last.

Paper Wedding Flowers

Decorate wedding tables with pretty paper flower centerpieces.

DIY Paper Boutonnieres

Add a touch of whimsy to your groomsmen with diy paper boutonnieres.

Paper Wedding Decorations

Colorful paper confetti sprinkled down the aisle is a timeless tradition which will always stay in style.

You can get the full How To DIY paper flower tutorial here

Image credits: Dana Made It