7 Gorgeous Ways to Incorporate DIY Wedding Flowers Into Your Day

One of the important steps and one which takes a considerable amount of time, is planning your diy wedding flowers. Even though you may already have colours and arrangement styles in mind, that can all suddenly change when fall in love with a particular bloom, or are forced to change your choices to match what is in season. 

DIY Wedding Flowers

In an ideal world, this could all be handled by a wedding planner or floral designer who can do all the research for you. But if you want to save considerable amounts of cash, it pays to do the research yourself first and then head down to your local florist or flower supplier to place your order.

Here are 7 tips to help you plan your diy wedding flowers and make sure you have gorgeous arrangements on your big day.

1. Buy Local

Choosing wedding flowers based on the season and location not only saves you money, but is also supports local product. It also ensures you get a higher quality as the blooms are in season and will remain fresh and stunning throughout the day. One of our favourite suppliers is Fresh Flowers who deliver locally all across Australia on the same day. 

DIY Wedding Flowers Day

2. Start With Colours

Instead of setting your heart on “must have” flowers, an ideal place to start planning a design is by choosing your colours first, That way you can can still get the overall effect you want in your design, without blowing your budget on expensive blooms. Gather inspiration by putting together a ‘vision board’ with colour swatches of your favourite colours or desired colour scheme. Use sample palettes from a paint store, pictures from magazines and use websites like Pinterest to help plan your overall style and design preferences.

3. Break Away from Tradition

Stepping away from traditional style flower arrangements is a simple way to totally change the look of your wedding flowers and as a bonus will give you a completely unique look. Instead of vases, think outside the norm and use rustic Meditteranean style urns, quaint wooden boxes, pretty tea tins and tea cups or delicate vintage vases to display your centrepieces. 

7 Gorgeous Ways Incorporate DIY Wedding Flowers Day

4. Be Creative

Want something a little whimsical or unique to match your theme? Jazz up standard bouquets by adding feathers, buttons, branches, seashells, or even fruits and veggies for a “wow” result.

Incorporate DIY Wedding Flowers

5. Recycle Arrangements

Get the most out of your floral investment by making your wedding flowers work double time. Display your ceremony flowers again at the reception. Use the additional arrangements to dress up your bridal table, the entry to the reception room or guest waiting areas. Enlist a few friends or family members to transport them for you and set them up before the guests arrive.

 6. Make Foliage Your Friend

Incorporating greenery and foliage into your wedding flowers adds beautiful textures and creates striking silhouettes, turning an ordinary arrangement into a amazing masterpiece or spectacular centrepiece. Plus, foliage is significantly less expensive than most flowers, so it will help stretch your wedding budget.

Gorgeous Ways to Incorporate DIY Wedding Flowers

7. Personalise Your Style

Stay true to the romance of your special day and choose wedding flowers that have meaning for you. Perhaps your fiancé gave you red roses on your first date, or lavender reminds you of your grandmother. Is your mum’s favourite flower a gardenia, or does a sunflower hold a poignant childhood memory for you? Personalising your flower choices and incorporating them for good reason, is perhaps the most unique and gorgeous way you DIY your day.

For more information on choosing flowers for your wedding simply visit FreshFlowers, who help you plan and arrange fresh flower delivery to Brisbane and all states throughout Australia.


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