Wedding Lingerie To Bring Out Your Inner Seductress

Get ready, because we have a dangerous dose of girly glamour to trigger your inner seductress this week. We are very excited to introduce Dominique Intimates, the latest addition to our bridal wish list (and I’m sure they will be yours too) with their breathtaking line-up of luxury wedding lingerie styles which are bound to send heartbeat’s racing. 

dominique-intimatesThe luxurious undergarments look and feel as if they were tailor-made just for you. Each stunning piece is lovingly created by an expert production team who ensure every hand-sewn stitch has you feeling more comfortable, more beautiful and more like yourself. 
Dominique Bridal LingerieDominique Wedding Lingerie CollectionBridal Lingerie from DominiqueWedding Lingerie by DominiqueDominique Collection

A Brand New Style of Wedding Gift Registry – Zola

Your wedding day is a beautiful and unique expression of you. So why shouldn’t your wedding gift registry look and feel the same way? Well, it can.

Welcome to Zola, an amazing wedding registry with a fresh perspective!

Zola acts as a beautiful ONE-STOP destination where you can register for gifts, experiences, cash funds, and any product your heart desires from ANY store – now that’s what we call unique!

All purchases are handled via a single checkout on their site, which means monitoring your gift list is totally streamlined, eliminating the risk of receiving duplicate presents – because who really needs four toasters right!?

Setting up your registry in Zola is as simple as 1, 2, 3  . . .

1. Sign up for your FREE account

2. Add any gift from any store or from a curated Starter Collection

3. Share your story with your loved ones

This is where you can get creative and personalize your registry page with photos, collections, and send heart-felt messages to your guests.

Then all you have to do is check in from time-to-time to see what lovely surprises have appeared in your registry.

Extra Cool Features

Perhaps one of the smartest features we love about Zola is the Scheduled Gift Arrival feature – perfect for busy couples on the move, or who have limited space to store their gifts. Just choose when and where you want to receive your gifts as they are purchased via Zola’s Gift Tracker. Plus, take advantage of the option to do virtual exchanges before any of your gifts are sent.

Take your Registry with you everywhere

Zola makes it incredibly easy to keep up-to-date with your registry on-the-go with its handy iPhone app.

Stumble upon a gift you adore? Just use the app’s barcode scanner, and voila, it’s uploaded to your registry. You can also have fun uploading images from your iPhone and selecting gifts from the interactive guide.

So really, what are you waiting for?

Pop on over to Zola right now, immerse yourself in all the fabulousness, and start curating your perfect registry.

You’ll be like a kid in a candy store when you do!

Zola is offering Love Wed Bliss readers a $25 Zola credit when they set up their registry on Zola. Get started here!


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7 Gorgeous Ways to Incorporate DIY Wedding Flowers Into Your Day

One of the important steps and one which takes a considerable amount of time, is planning your diy wedding flowers. Even though you may already have colours and arrangement styles in mind, that can all suddenly change when fall in love with a particular bloom, or are forced to change your choices to match what is in season. 

DIY Wedding Flowers

In an ideal world, this could all be handled by a wedding planner or floral designer who can do all the research for you. But if you want to save considerable amounts of cash, it pays to do the research yourself first and then head down to your local florist or flower supplier to place your order.

Here are 7 tips to help you plan your diy wedding flowers and make sure you have gorgeous arrangements on your big day.

1. Buy Local

Choosing wedding flowers based on the season and location not only saves you money, but is also supports local product. It also ensures you get a higher quality as the blooms are in season and will remain fresh and stunning throughout the day. One of our favourite suppliers is Fresh Flowers who deliver locally all across Australia on the same day. 

DIY Wedding Flowers Day

2. Start With Colours

Instead of setting your heart on “must have” flowers, an ideal place to start planning a design is by choosing your colours first, That way you can can still get the overall effect you want in your design, without blowing your budget on expensive blooms. Gather inspiration by putting together a ‘vision board’ with colour swatches of your favourite colours or desired colour scheme. Use sample palettes from a paint store, pictures from magazines and use websites like Pinterest to help plan your overall style and design preferences.

3. Break Away from Tradition

Stepping away from traditional style flower arrangements is a simple way to totally change the look of your wedding flowers and as a bonus will give you a completely unique look. Instead of vases, think outside the norm and use rustic Meditteranean style urns, quaint wooden boxes, pretty tea tins and tea cups or delicate vintage vases to display your centrepieces. 

7 Gorgeous Ways Incorporate DIY Wedding Flowers Day

4. Be Creative

Want something a little whimsical or unique to match your theme? Jazz up standard bouquets by adding feathers, buttons, branches, seashells, or even fruits and veggies for a “wow” result.

Incorporate DIY Wedding Flowers

5. Recycle Arrangements

Get the most out of your floral investment by making your wedding flowers work double time. Display your ceremony flowers again at the reception. Use the additional arrangements to dress up your bridal table, the entry to the reception room or guest waiting areas. Enlist a few friends or family members to transport them for you and set them up before the guests arrive.

 6. Make Foliage Your Friend

Incorporating greenery and foliage into your wedding flowers adds beautiful textures and creates striking silhouettes, turning an ordinary arrangement into a amazing masterpiece or spectacular centrepiece. Plus, foliage is significantly less expensive than most flowers, so it will help stretch your wedding budget.

Gorgeous Ways to Incorporate DIY Wedding Flowers

7. Personalise Your Style

Stay true to the romance of your special day and choose wedding flowers that have meaning for you. Perhaps your fiancé gave you red roses on your first date, or lavender reminds you of your grandmother. Is your mum’s favourite flower a gardenia, or does a sunflower hold a poignant childhood memory for you? Personalising your flower choices and incorporating them for good reason, is perhaps the most unique and gorgeous way you DIY your day.

For more information on choosing flowers for your wedding simply visit FreshFlowers, who help you plan and arrange fresh flower delivery to Brisbane and all states throughout Australia.


Image Credits DIY Wedding Flowers:

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Thank Your Bridesmaids with the Gift of an Australian Opal

They tolerate your pre-wedding tantrums and anxiety attacks for months. They take your hand during those ‘I’m ready to walk out of this nightmare’ moments.

They patiently tag along to every venue on your long list of potential dream wedding locations. They comfort you during meltdowns about fitting into that majestic Pronovias’ gown you had flown from Spain.

They organise your hens’ night and will travel from anywhere to be with you on the biggest day of your life.

Timeless etiquette and tradition have determined the official duties of the members of your wedding party. But the modern truth is that your bridesmaids have been happy and willing fashion advisers, food critics, colour consultants, design gurus – and perhaps therapists – throughout this wonderful ‘ordeal’.

Your memories of this time, the success and the fun of your wedding day itself owe much to your bridesmaids’ unwavering support during the planning stages and on the day you finally say ‘I do’.
And all of that deserves a very special, big and bold ‘thank you’.

A time for heartfelt thanks

Treating your bridesmaids to an all-expenses paid girl’s night out is the perfect way to say ‘I know you’ve gone out of your way to make me feel special and I treasure you for that’. Brides use this special social occasion to reward treasured friends for their efforts and support with tons of fun, love and to give a special gift.

Choosing a gift to demonstrate your gratitude means finding a meaningful and contemporary way to send your message. All brides want to give something their bridesmaids will be sure to use or wear. The best thank you gifts for bridesmaids combine quality with acknowledgement of their individual personalities.

Unique jewellery for rare friends

Jewellery is one of the most popular gifts from brides to bridesmaids, for its perfect mix of quality and sentimental value. For Australian brides, a fitting choice is opal jewellery for its versatility in contemporary settings you can choose to suit your bridesmaids’ personal taste. Every opal is unique, just as your friends are individuals with different styles and fashion preferences.

Opals are classic, precious, earthy gifts from Mother Nature that will be passed on to future generations.

Like each of your bridesmaids, every Australian opal is inimitable. One of the rarest stones in the world, opals command prices similar to the finest emeralds, rubies and diamonds. But don’t worry. You don’t have to dig deep into your wedding budget to say thank you with opal jewellery.  

At Opals Australia, you’ll find beautiful, contemporary earrings, pendants, bracelets and many other pieces of stunning jewellery, starting from around $100.

Rare stones with true meaning 

Opals Australia uses stones from three isolated areas in the Australian outback that are easily distinguished by their brilliance and play of colour. Not only that, it is said that each type of opal has a particular quality that matches a person’s characteristics and it enhances some of the aspects of their lives. 

For example, Boulder Opal is said to boost mental clarity, emotional security, and spiritual progression. Common Opal, on the other hand, appears to stimulate a person’s feelings of self-worth and improve working and business relationships.

Whether based on personality traits, by preferred colour or by their setting in silver vs gold or earrings vs pendant, it’s easy to select a quality item of jewellery to reflect some preference of each of your bridesmaids. You can accompany this heirloom piece with a personal letter telling how much each friend means to you and the reasons you wanted her by your side on your wedding day.

A jewellery setting for every taste 

Opal Earrings

light opal earringsFor a bridesmaid who favours earrings, what better addition to her collection than a pair in stud or drop style. At $128, these chic earrings feature a slice of precious light crystal opal enhanced by bonding ironstone to the back to give the stone a black or boulder opal look. Ideal for everyday or formal wear, this design suits a dynamic, vibrant personality who likes a touch of style without going too refined. 


Opal Pendants 

solid opal pendantHow about this cheeky solid inlay opal pendant for only $108? Using light crystal opals, the skilled jewellers at Opals Australia cut the opal to fit the jewellery setting and bond it into the jewellery carefully, following the contours of the piece. Your bridesmaids will enjoy the contemporary fish bone design and can wear this or a similar piece from the range formally or informally, as well as to work.


light opal ringOpal Rings

A gift of this exquisite Light Opal Doublet Ring is in harmony with the marriage theme of a bond made by exchanging rings. As a gift, this piece demonstrates how you and your bridesmaid are eternally bound by a beautiful friendship. This design is one of many in the range that is fresh, fun and versatile. An opal ring is an ideal representation of your commitment to each other as friends. 


light opal braceletOpal Bracelets 

Last but not least: your maid-of-honour. She’s someone who has been with you not just during every step of your wedding plans, but also through those significant moments in your life. Budget permitting, a treat for your maid-of-honour should be a token of appreciation she will prize forever. This sterling silver light opal doublet bracelet ($498) – or another from the Opals Australia range – is a stunning way to give well-deserved thanks with affection, in style.

It’s easy to say ‘thanks’ with an Australian opal 

For classic and unique mementoes of your wedding that reflect your feelings of gratitude towards your bridesmaids, it’s definitely worth browsing the online selection of jewellery from Opals Australia. The busy bride can even save time and money by ordering gifts online, with free shipping for orders over $200. 

Planning the Perfect Smile in Time for Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life. And the part of your wedding that lasts forever is the beautiful portraits taken to capture this special event.

Smiling Bride & Groom

Regardless of your preference for photography style, there’s one thing that’s certain: each picture revolves around the happiness of the bride and groom and their smiles to show for it. Your wedding day smiles will be seen for generations and you deserve to be proud of them. With a goal in mind for what you would like your smile to look like on that day, you can create beautiful pearly whites in time for this special occasion, with some simple planning.

Cosmetic Dentistry for brides-to-be

There are various cosmetic approaches to improve both the appearance and the health of your teeth. Depending on how much planning time you have ahead of your wedding day, you can choose from a variety of methods to make your smile over, ranging from anything from a one-hour procedure to a six to 12 month treatment for achieving perfectly straight teeth with no gaps.

Below we explain a few different treatments and what you can expect from each of them:

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers take approximately two visits to your dentist to complete, ideally over the span of about two weeks. Each veneer is custom designed to create the appearance of an entirely new smile as they are bonded to the front of your existing teeth. Your smile can be whiter, straighter, and look even better than ever before in what seems like an instant. Porcelain veneers last for several years and you care for them as if they were natural teeth.

In-chair Teeth Whitening

In this one-hour appointment, your dentist performs a treatment to whiten teeth by several shades in just one visit. It’s great for lifting deep, heavy-set stains from coffee, tea, wine, or tobacco products, to give you a stand-out smile when your time is limited. In-office whitening is a great choice for the bride-to-be who is looking for a dramatic difference in her smile but doesn’t have a lot of time to spare. It’s a simple, painless procedure that suits grooms-to-be and members of the bridal party, too. 

Take-home Teeth Whitening

Another whitening alternative for busy people is take-home kits, available from your dentist. These are custom trays taken home and worn for an hour each day for up to two weeks. The professional grade peroxide gel causes stain particles to break apart and lift themselves from tooth enamel, leaving your teeth whiter and looking younger.

Smiling Bride & Groom 2

Composite Bonding

Bonding is the ideal treatment for areas of your smile with small discrepancies, such as chips or gaps in the teeth. The tooth coloured material is shaped and bonded to the tooth, completed in just a short visit to your dentist. Bonding is ideal for treating one or two specific teeth and the material is closely matched with surrounding teeth so the treatment blends in with the natural enamel colour around the restoration.

Invisalign ‘Braces’

If you have crooked teeth causing gaps in your smile and you have six to 12 months before your wedding day arrives, there’s good news. Invisible braces, known as Invisalign, can help reposition your teeth into straight alignment with one another, without the need for metal brackets or wires. These ‘braces’ can also be removed.  They’re easy to care for and there’s no problem enjoying eating as you normally would. Wearing a clear retainer will help ensure that your results last a lifetime.

Which treatment is best for your wedding day smile?

Improving your smile not only helps you look your best in your wedding photos, having straight, white teeth will also boost your general confidence and give you a reason to smile more often. Your wedding day is one of the happiest days of you and your family’s entire life … don’t you want to show it?

Our smiles show how we feel and are one of the first things people notice about us. Be sure that the smile you wear to your wedding is one that you’re thrilled to show.

For information about all the available dental treatments to give you a perfect wedding day smile, take a look at the services offered by leading Sydney cosmetic dentist, Smile By Design


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Seven Sublime Wedding Stories in Pictures by the Cordare Studio Team

Outstanding wedding photography begins with an instant, a split second, a moment nearly lost in time.  

Driven by the heart, by an innate sense of beauty, the photographer tries not to think about anything else, focusing on the present on the other side of the lens. 

As if in a meditation session, no thoughts are allowed to stray. There is no time to question techniques, lighting or distances. No opportunity to allow that speck of doubt to filter through that might cause a memorable shot to be lost forever. 

At Cordare Studios, we are aware of the microsecond available to create images words cannot describe. We know our clients want honest images about honest moments – images that can only be taken from the heart, not with the head. 

 Because that’s the only way to tell your wedding story. 

 A story of everlasting love

Groom Carrying Bride

Love speaks for itself but like in this stunning shot, it needs the guiding hand of an unobtrusive photographer who won’t derail an intimate moment.  With full trust in their photographer, this couple lost themselves in a tender moment that conjured a heroic rescue in a rugged natural environment just before a treacherous thunderstorm was to arrive. 

The result? More than a picture; almost a Hollywood movie.

A story of friendship

Bridesmaids Cheering

A good wedding photographer has an inbuilt instinct for the finer details of a wedding and will use this skill to highlight relationships and emotions. In this image, the team at Cordare has superbly played with the vibrant colours of the gowns, accessories and textures to make a strikingly beautiful composition about friendship and good times, in the shot’s foreground. 

A story of the crowd

Bride & Groom leaving

 In this shot, the photographer used a wide angle lens to capture a sense of candid belonging. The result is a story of joyous community responding as one as the bride and the groom walk stroll a central red carpet. From taking snap shots with mobile phones to blowing bubbles, playing with balloons and congratulating each other, so much life is beautifully captured in one single vibrant photograph. 

A story of overwhelming emotions

Emotional Bride

A skilled wedding photographer anticipates what is about to happen. They react fast to capture a single poignant detail in an elusive instant. That is precisely what Cordare has done to produce a memory of this emotional moment as the bride fights to contain overwhelm and her tears of joy.  

A story of real people on the best day of their lives

Wedding Humour

A smile is worth a thousand words, but laughter is one of the most precious commodities exchanged during any event. Capturing the casual humour of a passing moment, the photographer here has given the bride and the groom a memory guaranteed to bring a smile of reminiscence each time they look at this image.

A story about your future

Storm Wedding

Unthreatened by the imminent storm menacing their precious day, Cordare’s photographer embraced a uniquely dramatic situation to record this moment. The result is a symbolic image of commitment by the newlyweds to remain happy in times of difficulties and challenges.

This is how we tell Your Story

Bridal Table

Cordare Studio captures what no one else can see to put into images what cannot be put into words. We capture the unseen unique moments so you can slowly discover and rejoice over them during the years to come after your special wedding day. 


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7 Secrets of DIY Wedding Music Bliss

Wedding DJ Tips

Not unlike most brides, Julie was too overwhelmed finding a veil to match her stunning Pronovias gown; demanding her florist found Amaryllis Lilies in May; and arguing over image copyrights with her photographer, to even think about planning the “music.

Just a week before the Big Day, little did she know that overlooking such an important element in her wedding was to cost her dearly. . . but to 150 guests it was a cost they had to suffer all night long.

Frantically, Julie contacted some of the music and DJ providers advertised in the local bridal directories, but it was too late. Most had been booked months in advance.

So it all came down to a young music student Josh, to entertain guests at the ceremony, reception and dance party.

The result?

An utter disaster that resulted in most people sitting down staring at each other’s uninspired faces for hours. Not only was Josh’ s choice of music totally inappropriate for the event, the quality of the sound did not motivate any of the guests to enjoy the mediocre and very forgettable event Julie had spent months organising.

Don’t make that same mistake.

If your big day is approaching quicker than you care to realise, and your budget is decreasing faster than you can say “I do,” a little planning and some DIY spirit will save you much needed cash and make your wedding a memorable event for you and your guests.

If saving money, and being on top of the music played at your wedding are both high priorities for you, how about organising and playing your own program?

Here are 7 handy tips to help make your wedding music a complete success.

1. Danceability is King

Everyone wants to dance at a wedding. Dancing is synonymous with fun and a fun wedding is a memorable one. So before you start composing that wedding playlist, consider the danceability factor of each and every one of the songs you select.

If you want a red hot dance floor you need to strike from your list any song that does not translate well into dance moves.  A danceable playlist will get everyone’s feet tapping – the young and energetic and the young at heart.

 2. Variety is Queen

It is your very big day so of course you should select the music you and your groom enjoy the most.

However, don’t forget that a wedding guest list is generally composed of people of all demographics – grandparents, baby boomers, Gen Ys  and, of course, moody teenagers unhappy to be at a gathering with an older crowd. You’ll need to cover many musical bases to make sure you get everyone on the dance floor.

Hearing some of the choices played by professional DJ companies might give you an indication of the type of selection that works across the board. Impressions DJs is a fantastic example and a good supplier to learn from. They know the songs to play to make people get off their chairs, like the minute they hear Beyoncé asking “to put a ring on it”. And that’s precisely what you want – your grandmother dancing away with your cousin to the likes of Beyoncé, Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake.

3. Spontaneity Counts

One thing to remember is, even if you invested a lot of hard work and planning into creating the perfect playlist for your wedding, you might need to mix things up a little during the night. There’s bound to be song requests you can’t refuse or perhaps you might need a quick change of music plan if the party mood dips.

Have a well-orchestrated playlist but also have the ability to be spontaneous and flexible. Respond to your guests’ needs within reason and to any unexpected twists the night might throw your way.

 Wedding DJ Music

4. Work with Multiple Playlists

An average wedding spans over eight hours, others many more. During that lengthy and dynamic period of time the mood and pace of the event can and will change dramatically – starting with light and low-key cocktail music on arrival; romantic slow-dance tunes for the bridal ‘waltz’; then pumping dance music after the formal proceedings and of course, the final dance craze after the newlyweds have left.

To cover the many layers that make up the overall event and to account for each of these settings, you need to work with different wedding music playlists. Make sure you have enough songs and styles prepared in each of your lists to fill the required hours and various moods from day into night.

5. Keep the Music Flowing

A “home-made” playlist does not have to be an excuse for unprofessional entertainment and jarred interruptions or overly long pauses. It’s important that your music is uninterrupted, from one track to the next, and during ‘mood’ changes.

As well as keeping smooth control of song changes, try to build and dip the mood through different music styles by ordering them for a gently altering pace. Don’t switch musical styles suddenly. Instead, create an easy transition between songs and beats by cross-fading tracks. Most music players, such as iTunes, have a setting for professionally-sounding song transitions.

6. Select a Music Master You Can Trust

One of the bonuses of hiring a professional entertainment supplier like Impression DJs is that they will provide a seasoned MC to stop and start the music at key points during the event as well as to take care of your overall musical program.

However, since you have chosen to gone down the DIY route for your wedding’s music, you will need to appoint a reliable person to help you overlook these very important duties. It’s not a complex task but one best taken care of by someone you can trust to mind the music from start to finish.  

This friend of family member will need to ensure your playlist doesn’t mysteriously jump into shuffle-mode and interrupt play strategically to make way for the occasional announcement. Your music master needs to ensure your music flows effortlessly throughout the night’s different highlights while protecting it from outside interferences.

7. Trust Your Equipment  

These days, we are blessed with advanced, user-friendly technology to help us organise and conduct any event much more easily than ever before. However, you still must ensure you have the appropriate high quality hardware ready to play your music for several hours without the slightest malfunction.

To blast out great sound evenly through your venue, your best option is to hire top-quality PA speakers on stands, at a cost of about $300 for the night.

You also need to ensure the equipment playing your personal sound track – iPod, iPad, laptop – is ready to play and free of bugs. Your wedding night is not the time for a surprise software glitch, iPod malfunction, or laptop crash.

DIY Wedding Music

When it comes to equipment, it’s a good idea to invest a few hours before the event rehearsing and testing your set-up, to make sure any potential problems are detected and fixed.

 Just like Julie, you only get one single shot at holding a perfect wedding.  Going down the DIY music route will help you avoid one of the many costs of holding a memorable reception night.  

However, if you want top-notch entertainment and a carefree event, a professional wedding DJ like Impression DJs will make all the difference. The choice is yours.


Impression DJ’s are Sydney’s most professional DJ hire company offering a premium disc jockey service for your weddings, parties and more. Check out their  website for more information on planning your wedding music and be sure to like their Facebook page to stay up-to-date.



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How to Make a Coloured Wedding Dress Work for You

Navy Blue Wedding Dress{Photo source: Love My Dress }

The traditional colour for a wedding dress is white, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t be creative with colour when it comes to the gown that you wear on your special day. Many brides think outside the box and wear a gorgeous wedding dress in a totally different shade.

Where Did the White Dress Tradition Come From Anyway?

The white wedding dress tradition was started by Queen Victoria, when she was married to Prince Albert in 1840. Royal brides at the time didn’t wear white, as they would usually wear heavy gowns with red brocade, silver thread and white accents. Brides in Europe and America at the time wore colours like brown, gray, black, yellow and blue – because they would be married in the nicest gown they owned regardless of colour.

However, Queen Victoria’s stunning white dress made a big impression and brides all over America and Europe followed her lead. At this time, white dresses were much more expensive and difficult to launder and maintain, so owning one was a sign of prestige.

 Black Wedding Dress{Photo credit: BP }

Coloured Dresses Making a Comeback

While the white wedding dress has been a popular choice for almost 175 years, the coloured dress is beginning to make a comeback. Perhaps you don’t like the way you look in white, you want to make a creative statement or you want to be able to wear your gown again at a different occasion? Whatever the reason, there’s nothing wrong with having a little colour in your wedding ensemble. You might get a few questions and strange looks from the more traditionally minded people in your wedding party, but if you wear your coloured gown with elegance and charm you can win them over.

Celebrity Brides Bringing Colour into Their Weddings

There have been a few famous brides who have rocked the coloured wedding dress look and have really made a bold style statement. When Jessica Biel married Justin Timberlake at a luxurious ceremony in southern Italy, she wore a gorgeous custom made petal pink gown designed by Giambattista Vali.

Celebrity Wedding Gown in Purple{Photo course: Wedding Ideas Mag}

Of course, when Marilyn Manson and Dita Von Teese were married, no one expected them to have an ordinary wedding. Dita Von Teese made a stunning entrance in a beautiful purple taffeta gown that was designed by Vivienne Westwood, as she walked down the aisle of Gurteen Castle in Ireland.

Canadian pop star Avril Lavigne also made a stir when she wore a black gown while marrying Nickelback singer Chad Kroeger in Cannes, France.

Tips for Wearing a Coloured Wedding Dress

If you are considering wearing a coloured wedding dress, here are some helpful style tips:

Green Wedding Dress

{Photo source: Chic Vintage Brides}

  • When you are shopping, you don’t have to stick to the bridal boutiques. You can widen your search to the more affordable high street stores or online shops. You can check out the latest wedding dresses here to get your shopping started.
  • Consider your skin tone and the colours that would suit you best. Consult a stylist to figure out if you have warm or cool skin tones, then figure out which shades will compliment you.
  • If you are somewhat uneasy with the thought of wearing a bride shade, but you still want to add some colour, you can consider wearing a gown in a pale pastel shade such as light pink or blue.
  • Rather than an entirely coloured gown, you could choose a white gown with coloured embellishments such as embroidery, lace or gemstones.
  • For a luxurious look, why not go for accents of gold and silver?
  • If you find a design of a white wedding gown that you love, see if you can get the designer to make you a version in fabric of your preferred colour.

These are just a few tips to keep in mind so that you can make a bold impression with your coloured wedding gown.


  ♥   S P O N S O R E D    P O S T   

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15 Top Tips for Planning a Dream Wedding On a Budget

Your wedding day should be the day of your dreams; whether bride or groom, you should make the most of this opportunity to be the centre of attention amongst your friends and family as your celebrate your love for one another. In today’s economic climate though, creating such a day is becoming increasingly more difficult as purse strings tighten and budgets are limited due to a lack of available funds. This scenario is not uncommon so if you find yourself in this position, don’t panic as help is at hand.

Detailed below are 15 tips for planning your dream wedding whilst always sticking to the pre-arranged budget you have set yourself:

Soft Pink Bridesmaid Dresses

{image source}

1. One Location, One Price

Attempt to hold your wedding ceremony and reception in the same venue or on the same estate as this will reduce the need for multiple bills as well as transport fees to get from one location to the other.

2. Compare, Compare, Compare

You will undoubtedly be viewing a number of different venues as options for your wedding day, so create a comparison chart that helps you keep track of the prices in addition to what each venue can offer. Once you have viewed all potential venues, you can then compare prices and see what you are getting for your money from each location.

3. Invest in Insurance Early

The importance of investing in wedding insurance early can’t be stressed enough as this will ensure that the investments you make, in many of the services associated with your wedding, are protected and should a problem arise, you won’t be hit financially.

4. Book a Weekday Wedding

Weddings at the weekend are renowned for being considerably more expensive than a wedding on a weekday, so if you want to save some money, why not book your big day for a Friday instead and see how much you could save?

5. Drinks Don’t Need to Be Free

There isn’t really a need to provide your guests with a free bar, which, if you do, can significantly eat into your budget. By all means provide wine and toasting champagne for the wedding breakfast, however for your evening reception, you will more than likely find that guests are more than happy to pay for their own drinks.

6. Book a DJ Not Band

Whilst the idea of a live band or singer sounds great for your evening reception, this is really an unnecessary expense as a DJ can play some great music throughout the night and can be anything up to half the price you’d pay for a live singer.

7. Downsize on the Cake

Traditional wedding cakes are usually tiered and very intricately designed, and as such come with a bigger price tag. Consider downsizing your wedding cake to something slightly smaller or alternatively go for individual cupcakes, which are becoming increasingly popular choices for frugally focused bride and grooms.

8. Cut Down Buffet Options

Buffets are a great idea for feeding large groups, however you do need to make sure you don’t go over the top on the food options your guests have. Cutting down on buffet options will cut costs per head and leave more money to be spent elsewhere. If you didn’t want to go for a buffet to feed your evening guests, consider a barbeque or hog roast which can also easily cater for large numbers.

9. Book Wedding Cars Early

You will of course want to arrive in style so to get the best deals on your wedding car, be sure to book well in advance. If you need more than one car or require your chosen car to make more than a couple of trips to and from your venue, see if you can get an even better deal by booking multiple vehicles or additional trips with the same provider.

10. Create Invitations By Hand

If you are particularly artistic or you know of a friend or family member who is, create the invitations you plan to send out to guests by hand to avoid the high prices associated with buying large numbers of shop bought items. A handmade invitation will also make your wedding more unique and be something that all guests will enjoy holding onto to remind them of the day.

11. Flowers on a Wholesale Scale

In a similar way to above, you can save huge amounts of money on flowers if you know of someone who is a particularly good DIY florist as you can buy the flowers you want for your wedding day on the local market to avoid paying expensive floristry and delivery costs.

12. Avoid Bridal Boutiques

Shopping for and trying on a variety of wedding dresses can be great fun, however a stunning wedding dress doesn’t have to cost the earth so if you are working to a tight budget, avoid the bridal boutiques and head for the independently owned bridal shops or factory outlets where you will find the best bargains on equally gorgeous dresses.

13. Hire Suits Not Buy

Whilst the bride will most certainly buy her dress, for the groom and his party, hiring suits is the best way to get a great suit at a great price. In some cases, hiring a certain number of suits can result in the groom getting his free, so shop around to find the best deal for you and your party.

14. Picture Perfect Recommendations

Photographers can be another expensive area of your wedding, so the best way of getting a good deal is to ask for recommendations from friends and family. Going to a photographer and saying you have been recommended to them may result in them being more inclined to offer you a reduced deal or a few extra treats for the money you are paying.

15. Book Honeymoon Well in Advance

After all the effort put in to planning your wedding, the honeymoon offers the perfect opportunity to get away from it all and relax, so book this well in advance to get the best possible deals. Letting your travel operator, chosen hotel and travel agent know that this holiday will be your honeymoon could also see you get a few little extras, like a room upgrade or free drinks on arrival.

Whilst weddings can be incredibly expensive, if you are working to a tight budget, making a few adjustments here and there can effectively save you pounds, so follow these 15 tips if you are readying yourself to plan the wedding of your dreams any time soon.


This post was written by blogger Oliver Kyle who, alongside his now wife, effectively planned a low budget wedding that was everything they could have wished for and more. Taking on all of the tips detailed above, they made sure to invest in Debenhams Wedding Insurance earlier to ensure all possible eventualities were covered and their finances protected.

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How to Plan a Wedding You Will Remember Forever

Your wedding should be a one of the best days of your life, something you will remember forever and cherish with that special person. These top tips will help you to make some of the most key decisions for that all important day.

Classic Romantic Wedding Farewell

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Most people plan their wedding date around the availability of their preferred venue. It is best to have a few choices in mind in case the waiting list is ridiculously long, or their available dates don’t work for you. Your venue should be a place that you instantly love, remember this will be the backdrop for all your memories and the photos. You also need to think about whether it will seat all of your guests and if it has suitable parking.


If you want to remember your wedding day for years to come, what better way to capture it than through photos? Hiring a professional photographer is important. Remember these prints are going to be what you look back on when thinking about your special day, so you want to make sure they provide a quality service. Always ask for recommendations and ask to see previous work they have done. Everyone has a different style and taste so make sure you supply them with exactly what you want before the day.

Although you will be having professional photos taken, they don’t always capture the fun and laughter throughout the whole day. One way you can do this is by hiring a photo booth for you and your guests to take some natural, fun filled snaps for you to keep alongside your more traditional wedding photos.


It’s every girls dream to find the perfect dress for their wedding day. Start preparing early. Look through magazines and websites to get an idea of what you want. Keep all the pictures and once you have decided on a rough style it will be easier to find what you are looking for. However check that the style of dress you are going for flatters your figure. There is no point choosing a dress that looks perfect on someone else but is extremely unflattering on you, keep in mind it will be on display in all of your photos. Take someone that is honest to go dress shopping with you, it is very easy to get caught up in the glamour and some people may be scared of hurting your feelings if they don’t think that dress is the right one for you.


Your wedding ring is something that you will proudly wear on your hand forever, so making sure it’s something you love is essential. It is best to go shopping with your partner so you can get matching rings (if that’s what you want), or you can make the financial decision together. You also need to ensure that it compliments your engagement ring.

Wedding Favours

Wedding favours are a way to say thank you to your guests, and give them something to remember your special day by. Try to think out of the box and give something different as well as something that looks pretty and compliments your table setting and colour scheme. This will make sure everything fits in nicely together.

Now that you know what things you need to consider to ensure your wedding day is one to remember, it’s time to start shopping!


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