{Guest Post} How to Avoid a Real Life Bride War

You just got engaged and the wedding planning frenzy is in full swing. It’s going to be your year, full of showers, parties and a lot of preparation all leading up to the most important day of your life. There’s just one minor problem. Your closest girlfriend is getting married this year too. At first, the thought of sharing your special year together seems sweet. But, then it starts to get a little competitive.

Bride WarsImage Source: NY Times

Before you know it, you are competing to send out invitations first and there could even be a little blue hair dye involved a la Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway in Bride Wars. So if you find yourself in a race to the altar with your BFF, follow these tips for how to avoid a real life bride war.

DO save the date second

In the movie Bride Wars, best friends Emma and Liv settle for the same wedding date to secure the venue of their dreams. Emma sends out her save the date first, starting a drop down drag out war that plays out through the rest of the flick. So what should you do if you get engaged second, but want to set your date first? Think twice. It may not be an official Emily Post decree, but unwritten girl code states that “she who is first to get the rock, should be the first to take the walk.” Save yourself hard feelings from your bestie, and try to set your wedding date after hers.

DON’T use the same colors

Of course every girl has their own vision of the perfect wedding, right down to the color of a bridesmaid dress. But there are only so many colors in the rainbow and on the rack at the local bridal shop. So if your best friend announces she’s chosen the perfect shade of pink for her wedding palette, dare to be different. Not only will you avoid hurt feelings, you can be sure that no one will be comparing your wedding to hers.

Bride at War

DO coordinate calendars

If you and your gal pal have already planned your weddings for the same year, try not to plan all of your showers, parties and bachelorette parties back to back. Chances are a lot of your friends will be attending both weddings. Don’t clutter their social calendars. Get together and plot your event dates with enough room for your guests to breathe in between.

DON’T create a competition

Your friend is taking dance lessons with her groom to be to prepare for the first dance. Resist the urge to start arranging a choreographed flash mob with your wedding party to rival her performance. Resist the urge to go bigger and better. Instead of creating a competition, play on the same team: Team Bride!

Follow these simple rules and you are sure to avoid any bridal battles with your BFF. Most importantly, enjoy your time planning together and sharing all the moments that you’ll remember for a lifetime.



Author: Cami Hadley is a movie, television and entertainment aficionado for the cable television blog on cable.tv.  She is also in the process of planning her own wedding, a small destination wedding set for this fall.

Bridal Jewelry Ideas for 2013

Bridal jewelry is a significant aspect of a wedding. From diamond studded hair bands to glittering bridal sets or even a wedding set, brides always look for the best jewelry for their special day. And brides of 2013 are no different with their desire to be decked-up in their most beautiful look ever.

With so many design options, jewelry categories, choosing the right jewelry can get a little daunting but with the ideas below, the procedure would get a lot simpler! Read on…

A Matching Wedding Set

A matching wedding set is a symbol of togetherness, oneness and the eternal bond you share with your husband. Wedding sets are usually assumed to be costly; however, that’s far from truth.

A gorgeous looking diamond studded wedding set might cost you anywhere from $1000 to thousands of dollars. So, you’ll have an advantage of going as per your budget.

Have a look at the below matching wedding sets; they are designed to make you and your man feel the love and generate a sense of commitment.


White Gold Diamond Stud Earrings

Stud earrings are another type of jewelry that can give the bride a dazzling look. And when it is a white gold stud earrings with round cut or princess cut diamonds embedded in them, nothing better!

White gold is usually available in 14Karat and 18Karat that you can go for. And it is crafted into beautiful designs and elegance with diamonds studded in it. 

Solitaire Rings

Solitaire rings are another popular category of jewelry type that women simply adore. The idea behind solitaire rings is that – with those rings, the couples (brides and grooms) would enjoy their love and affection till eternity. Since these rings represent timelessness and love, they are absolutely perfect for a couple getting into the nuptial bliss.

You can find solitaire rings designed in yellow gold, white gold and platinum with almost every diamond cut used in them. 

Apart from the above, you can consider going for a three stone ring which symbolizes the holy trinity, a cross shaped or a heart diamond pendant and a color stone bracelet depending upon your preference.

With these jewelry ideas, it would be lot easier for you to accomplish your dream look at your wedding. You can get these jewelry prices from PrimeStyle.com at highly discounted price range.




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{Guest Post} 10 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Venue

Wouldn’t life be a lot easier if someone could just hand you a wedding checklist? Whilst we may not cover every aspect today, we do have the venue covered for you! We’ve narrowed down ten of the most important questions to ask your wedding venue to ensure that there are no unwelcome surprises on the day. After all, preparation is key when it comes to planning your wedding and with this tick list, you’re well on your way to creating a wedding everyone will remember. 

10 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Venue


The wine provided by wedding venues often comes with a heavy price tag. You can save yourself a lot of money – and choose bevvies that you love – by heading out to your local winery and ordering bottles by the crate.

That said, some venues will charge you extortionate corkage fees for the privilege of bringing your own bubbly. Apparently, opening a bottle of wine and filling up a glass is a service that can cost you a small fortune – go figure!

Dietary Requirements

With 5% of the population vegetarian (3 million!) and 1% vegan, it’s likely that you, your hubby, or a guest at your ceremony has dietary requirements (and that’s not even including the people who have allergies!). Talk to your venue about catering for all sorts of eating habits and try to include at least one vegetarian option for each course – even meat eaters can be picky.

For Your Eyes Only

Many venues like to juggle their weddings. If it’s important to you to have the venue to yourself, check that it’s exclusive.

Getting Ready

Some wedding venues will have a bridal suite for the bride and her entourage to get ready, which is a huge plus. If there isn’t a dedicated room, it’s worth asking the venue if they would be willing to turn another room into your bridal boudoir for the morning. After all, getting ready is half the fun!


The managers will want to kick you out at some point. Check when everyone has to leave to avoid incurring heavy fines and the wrath of the venue owners. If you like to party until the small hours of the morning, make sure that the venue will allow for that.

What Does the Fee Include?

Your wedding venue may be expensive, but do you get plenty of freebies? Package deals can often work out as fantastic money-savers. Check what the venue includes in the price to get the best deal – it can save you a lot of organisation if the venue covers every little thing.

Can You Use Your Own Suppliers?

You’ll notice many venues will try to foist their suppliers on you. Usually this’ll be because they’re getting a cut from the deal. If you want your flowers and catering to represent you, ask if you can use your own suppliers.

Is There a Co-ordinator?

Some venues offer management on the day, to make sure that everything goes off without a hitch. A wedding coordinator is a blessing sent from heaven – you don’t have to worry about the ceremony or breakfast going smoothly – it’s all in his or her capable hands. Even if something goes wrong, you can arrange for the coordinator to sort it out toot sweet!

Fire Hazards

Candles + drunk people = not really a safe equation. Venues may not allow you to have a candlelit celebration, so if you’re looking for a romantic glow, check that you’re allowed. Some venues have priceless works of art inside them; obviously, owners can be a little protective.

Parking Spaces

Something that’s often overlooked – parking spaces. People need somewhere to put their car. Find out if the venue offers ample room and if they charge.  


Thank you to Zoe for contributing this wonderful post. Zoe is a British lifestyle blogger, who writes on behalf of Knowsley Hall. Looking for a country house wedding venue? This gorgeous stately home makes the perfect backdrop for tying the knot in style.

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{Guest Post} 10 Ideas for a more Alternative Hen Party in 2013

Hen parties often bring with them the image of women wrapped up in sashes with teeny-boppers bouncing atop their heads whilst singing their way up and down most high streets in the UK – and for some brides-to-be out there, this is enough to put them off the occasion altogether.

If you fit in to this camp, you can sleep easier tonight because through 2012 and definitely now in 2013, there are more than enough ideas out there to make up a hen celebration that is a million miles away from anything you might expect to see on an episode of ‘Booze Britain’. Here are just 10:

Alternative Hen Parties

1. A Spot of Afternoon Tea

See? Not a ‘Jagerbomb’ in sight, but instead just you and your closest friends having a good chat over tea and a traditionally delicious lunch. Most parties travel out of their home town for the celebration so all it’s going to take is a trip to TripAdvisor to find a good café or if you’re heading to the capital… then there’s only one thing for it: Afternoon Tea at The Ritz – an experience in itself!

2. Dance like it’s the 80’s

Dance lessons could be a great idea for a group looking to get a little active but how about throwing on some leg warmers and popping a Cutting Crew cassette in to the Boombox and making things a little more fun? Many places offer this twist on the conventional dance lesson, so if you were an 80’s child, it could be time to relive the synth-centric decade.

Cocktail Making Hen's Party

3. Make some Cocktails

Simple and with the best possible outcome, you and your friends can try your hand at making cocktails at home or head to one of the many bars that offer professional lessons. This is definitely a life skill that will come in handy after a hard week at work!

4. Flip a Pizza

Yes, much like the cocktail making, this is another one with a mouth-watering outcome and if you were already thinking of having an Italian on one of the nights of your hen weekend, why not flip some dough around as well? If you ask, you’ll be surprised to find that many Italian restaurants offer pizza making courses that are both fun and stomach filling at the same time!

5. Get Artistic!

Okay, so the alcohol-soaked hen parties I was talking about earlier will probably at some point involve a male stripper. This probably isn’t your sort of thing, but the sophisticated version of this might be… yes, life drawing allows you to all get artistic with maybe a few giggles in between.

Photo Shoot for Hen's Party

6. Capture the Memories with a Photoshoot

Most hen party snapshots will be the kind that end up in a Facebook folder and over time are somewhat forgotten about, however if you book a photoshoot for you and your girls, you can have something to really take home from the whole thing and remember as time goes on.

Perfume Hen's Party

7. Create your own Fragrance

Speaking of taking things home with you – how about bottling up your own personal perfume? The stars do it and now, when better to do it yourself? With each lady in the party taking home their own named fragrance you could even conjure up something so good you might end up wearing it to the wedding!

8. A Summer Picnic

If the sun happens to be out for your hen party (maybe you’ve even made the trip abroad to make sure of this) there isn’t much easier and more enjoyable than pulling out the picnic basket and heading out to top up your tans and make the most of being outside.

Horseriding Hen's Party

9. Horse Riding

Whilst, I could have gone completely out of left-field and went for water-sking or even zorbing, I thought it might be best to pick a more heart-racing activity that you might want to do. Whether you’ve ridden one before or not, horse riding can be the perfect little experience to add in to the mix.

Spa Hen's Party

10. Simply Relax at the Spa

Finally, an idea that doesn’t really need any introduction – just say ‘ahhhhhhhh’ and relax. No hangovers, no regrets… this is what a hen party should all be about, right! What do you think?


Richard Paul is a guest writer for www.henheaven.co.uk – suppliers of custom made hen parties that don’t always have to end face down in bed at 4am!


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{Guest Post} How To Choose Glasses For Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is planned to be the best day of your life and a celebration of the union between you and your partner. It is on this day that every bride hopes to look her best as she is admired and photographed by all her friends and family. For this reason, many brides spend an average of £3000 on wedding attire, including the dress, shoes, accessories and hair and make-up. But what are the options for bespectacled brides?

How To Choose Glasses For Your Wedding Day

For those of us who suffer from poor vision and are reluctant to resort to contact lenses, glasses may be the only option. However, certain problems can arise when wearing glasses for an all-day wedding celebration. Let’s take a look at the issues, how these could be resolved and the perfect eye wear to suit your special day.

The veil

A traditional wedding dress is not complete without a matching veil covering the face. However, for a bespectacled bride, the veil will not gently drape over the face as it is hindered by a pair of spectacles. If a veil is an important part of your planned outfit, there are various options available to you. For example, some veils simply drape from the top of the head, down the back for a stylish, contemporary take on the traditional style. Alternatively, why not invest in a pair of delicate rimless frames. Without a heavy acetate frame, rimless styles are a great subtle way to support your vision, without affecting your outfit. There are a variety of rimless styles available, including metal, acetate or titanium arms, round, oval or rectangular lens shapes. For a feminine bridal look, why not try gold or silver metal arms with oval lenses. These are often softer than sterner rectangular shapes.

How To Choose Eye Wear For Your Wedding Day


One reason why many people with vision problems turn to contact lenses is that wearing glasses all day can be uncomfortable and irritating. The only way to resolve this would be to choose your frames carefully, ensuring you obtain a perfect fit without slipping. Many frames are designed with adjustable nose pads to ensure they sit comfortably on your nose. Alternatively, try opting for a silicone nose bridge which extends over the entire bridge of the nose for a secure fit. As with nose pads, a silicone bridge is transparent for a subtle design.

If you find the arms of your glasses are uncomfortable, look out for frames with flexible hinges as these have been designed specifically to suit wider faces. Unlike ordinary hinges, the flexible hinges will adapt to suit your face shape, rather than gradually becoming wider and slipping off your head.


For those of us with stronger prescriptions, the lenses in glasses can look thick like magnifying glasses, resulting in an unwanted bulging eye appearance in photos. When you order your new glasses, you can request that they are thinned during production. This helps the lenses to sit more neatly in the frame and to create a sleeker, smarter appearance. Don’t want a reflective glare under the camera flash? Try requesting an anti-reflective tint be applied to the lenses.

 Bride Wearing Glasses


If you want to embrace your bespectacled style, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t choose a pair of striking acetate frames. There are many smart designer styles available in natural, neutral colours to complement your wedding attire. For example, the Alexander McQueen AMQ4142 frames feature a rectangular acetate frame with curved, narrow arms for a contemporary, feminine finish. Each pair features a delicate rose detailing on the arm, ideal for a traditional white wedding. Alternatively, try opting for a frame in a pretty pearl shade for a natural look.

So as you make your wedding preparations, do not neglect to consider your eyewear. Whilst many brides will choose contact lenses, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t simply choose a pair of frames to complement and flatter your wedding outfit.


Victoria is a fashion blogger for leading glasses retailer, Direct Sight. 

Images: 1 via Clary Photo / 2 via Off Beat Bride / 3 via My Wedding

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Guest Post: The Marriage of Iconic Views of New Zealand with Wedding Destinations

Here at LWB, it’s no secret we’re huge fans of wedding destinations that come with an amazing view. So when Jack Hopkin decided to share with his favourite locations in New Zealand that provide not only something out-of-the-ordinary, but also come with breathtaking scenery, we couldn’t wait to see what he would reveal!

I came from a traditional family where people got married in a church or registry office, went outside to take some photos, and then finished off at the local hall for some nibbles and drinks. While this is still a perfectly good way to get married, most of the world has moved on since then. Couples have started to think outside the box and are now choosing more unusual locations, as well as unusual wedding themes.

Having travelled extensively through New Zealand, I have seen most of the iconic views of this marvelous country. Which got me thinking – these would be perfect places for an unusual wedding destination. So that’s why I’m here today, writing this article. I’ve listed my personal favorite iconic NZ views, all of which I think would be ideal places for couples to get married in.

Lake Matheson

Lake Matheson{image source}

Located near the west coast of the south island, Lake Matheson is certainly an iconic view, with it’s beautiful reflective lake surrounded by pine trees, and the majestic Mount Cook and Mount Tasman in the background. For me it offers one of the best views of these two famous mountains. It is also an important historical place for the Maori people – it was a ‘Mahinga Kai’ – a place where they gathered their food. I think this would be an ideal place to get married. It’s very popular so you shouldn’t have a problem finding a venue close by. Just imagine these views as part of your wedding photos or even the ceremony itself.

For people wanting a close up view of Mount Cook, I did find one company offering wedding photos on the actual mountain, available for a just a small amount of people.

Mount Doom

Mt Ngauruhoe{image source}

I’m a Lord of the Rings fan – and that is putting it lightly! Mount Doom (it’s actual name is Mount Ngauruhoe), is in the Tongariro National Park. I highly recommend this spot for anyone visiting New Zealand and I also think it makes a great backdrop for photos for fellow LOTR fans. Whilst, you would have to be quite inventive to hold your ceremony here, it is doable in my opinion. The good news is, the Kiwi people are very relaxed and open regarding this type of thing.


Hobbiton{image source}

If you are a fan of the film and prefer to get married somewhere not quite as drastic as Mount Doom, then you may want to try Hobbiton. Yes, I’m talking about where the Hobbits live! I think this is such a cool and iconic place in New Zealand that I’m even thinking about getting my marriage vows renewed here (although I haven’t told my wife yet!). I did find this blog post on a wedding photography site featuring a wedding held at Hobbiton, so they do allow it.

Purakaunui Falls

Purakaunui Falls{image source}

One of the most visited and photographed places on the southeast part of the south island is Purakaunui Falls. It’s in the Otago region, and I believe it would be a lovely place to get married. In addition, the falls would make an ideal wedding photo backdrop for nature lovers. You will find a number of Otago wedding venues; however, here is one I found that is ideally near the falls.


Milford Sounds{image source}

The views of the Fiordlands are something out of a fantasy film. Especially when you catch them when the misty low clouds are hanging around the surrounding mountains. The most famous of the Fiordlands is known as Milford Sounds. Whilst the second most popular (and equally stunning), is the Doubtful Sounds. With these beautiful views, who wouldn’t want to get married here? 

For something unique you could charter a boat (I’ve seen various boats which are available for weddings), and hold the ceremony out on the water. This isn’t the cheapest way to get married but I think it would be very spectacular.

Pohutu Geyser

Pohutu Geyser{image source}

New Zealand has quite a number of active geysers, of which one of the most popular is Pohutu in Rotorua (which is great to visit for their wonderful volcanic hot springs). Pohutu usually erupts one or two times per hour, but it’s well worth the wait, as the super-hot water bursts to a height of around 30 metres (approximately 90 feet). 

If you’re into the primal volcanic power of nature then a wedding in one of the venues in Rotorua would be ideal, and you could have your wedding photos with Pohutu Geyser in the background.


So those were my personal favorites. I hope these give you some ideas for a more unusual place to get married. 

Have you ever visited New Zealand? Perhaps you were married there? If so, be sure to leave your comment below and let me know if I’ve missed any of your favorites.



Jack Hopkin is a writer and hopeful published author one day. He works and lives in New Zealand and is working (slowly) on his first book.

{Guest Post} 3 Pearl Jewellery Suggestions for an Autumn Wedding

Autumn is still an incredibly busy season for weddings and most brides will be planning their big day long before the trees begin to shed their leaves. Whilst a wedding is a magical occasion for all concerned, it’s particularly so for the bride who wants to get her style ‘just right’ on the day.

Autumn Wedding Jewellery Ideas

Pearls are traditionally a first choice of jewellery to be worn on a wedding day. Now, with the increased popularity of vintage and classically styled weddings –  where elegance and sophistication are a must – more and more brides are falling under the spell of pearls. The unique qualities of cultured pearls meet all these expectations and you’ll discover that you are able to incorporate the classic look of pearl jewellery into whatever style of wedding ceremony you choose.

Besides the single strand pearl necklace, let’s take a look at three of our other jewellery suggestions if you are getting married this autumn:

1. The White Freshwater Pearl Bracelet

White pearls are a perfect wedding jewellery choice given their elegance and understated sophistication, and the beautiful piece pictured will definitely complement any bride’s choice of wedding dress this Autumn. Stunning and breath taking – freshwater pearls are an autumn wedding favourite.






2. A South Sea Pearl & Diamond Pendant

A stunning example of just how timelessly exquisite and luxurious pearls can be. This exceptional South Sea pearl and diamond pendant has no shortage of sophistication – something which makes it a perfect choice as a piece of bridal jewellery. Flawlessly crafted and finished, with a curve of pave diamonds set in 18 carat white gold, the pendant is a piece of jewellery that will truly stand the test of time.





3. Triple Strand Freshwater Pearl Necklace

No wedding outfit would be complete without a classic pearl necklace. We love the vintage styling of this beautiful triple strand freshwater cultured pearl necklace. Large enough to be eye-catching, the graduated strands of these white pearls will gracefully enhance the neckline and the look of the bride as she makes her way down the aisle.






Pearls are such a perfect choice of wedding jewellery that it is easy to fall in love with these unique gemstones. Their strong sense of history and tradition can easily add a touch of elegance to a bride’s outfit for her big day. If you are getting married this autumn, hopefully some of the suggestions above may give you some ideas for choosing the right wedding jewellery for you.


All jewellery images are copyright and used with permission of Winterson Pearl Jewellery