Planning the Perfect Smile in Time for Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life. And the part of your wedding that lasts forever is the beautiful portraits taken to capture this special event.

Smiling Bride & Groom

Regardless of your preference for photography style, there’s one thing that’s certain: each picture revolves around the happiness of the bride and groom and their smiles to show for it. Your wedding day smiles will be seen for generations and you deserve to be proud of them. With a goal in mind for what you would like your smile to look like on that day, you can create beautiful pearly whites in time for this special occasion, with some simple planning.

Cosmetic Dentistry for brides-to-be

There are various cosmetic approaches to improve both the appearance and the health of your teeth. Depending on how much planning time you have ahead of your wedding day, you can choose from a variety of methods to make your smile over, ranging from anything from a one-hour procedure to a six to 12 month treatment for achieving perfectly straight teeth with no gaps.

Below we explain a few different treatments and what you can expect from each of them:

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers take approximately two visits to your dentist to complete, ideally over the span of about two weeks. Each veneer is custom designed to create the appearance of an entirely new smile as they are bonded to the front of your existing teeth. Your smile can be whiter, straighter, and look even better than ever before in what seems like an instant. Porcelain veneers last for several years and you care for them as if they were natural teeth.

In-chair Teeth Whitening

In this one-hour appointment, your dentist performs a treatment to whiten teeth by several shades in just one visit. It’s great for lifting deep, heavy-set stains from coffee, tea, wine, or tobacco products, to give you a stand-out smile when your time is limited. In-office whitening is a great choice for the bride-to-be who is looking for a dramatic difference in her smile but doesn’t have a lot of time to spare. It’s a simple, painless procedure that suits grooms-to-be and members of the bridal party, too. 

Take-home Teeth Whitening

Another whitening alternative for busy people is take-home kits, available from your dentist. These are custom trays taken home and worn for an hour each day for up to two weeks. The professional grade peroxide gel causes stain particles to break apart and lift themselves from tooth enamel, leaving your teeth whiter and looking younger.

Smiling Bride & Groom 2

Composite Bonding

Bonding is the ideal treatment for areas of your smile with small discrepancies, such as chips or gaps in the teeth. The tooth coloured material is shaped and bonded to the tooth, completed in just a short visit to your dentist. Bonding is ideal for treating one or two specific teeth and the material is closely matched with surrounding teeth so the treatment blends in with the natural enamel colour around the restoration.

Invisalign ‘Braces’

If you have crooked teeth causing gaps in your smile and you have six to 12 months before your wedding day arrives, there’s good news. Invisible braces, known as Invisalign, can help reposition your teeth into straight alignment with one another, without the need for metal brackets or wires. These ‘braces’ can also be removed.  They’re easy to care for and there’s no problem enjoying eating as you normally would. Wearing a clear retainer will help ensure that your results last a lifetime.

Which treatment is best for your wedding day smile?

Improving your smile not only helps you look your best in your wedding photos, having straight, white teeth will also boost your general confidence and give you a reason to smile more often. Your wedding day is one of the happiest days of you and your family’s entire life … don’t you want to show it?

Our smiles show how we feel and are one of the first things people notice about us. Be sure that the smile you wear to your wedding is one that you’re thrilled to show.

For information about all the available dental treatments to give you a perfect wedding day smile, take a look at the services offered by leading Sydney cosmetic dentist, Smile By Design


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We Unpack The Bridal Party Box by Lust Have It

Scratching your head for great ideas that will be the perfect gift for your bridesmaids?  Well, I’m sure I just solved your problem. The lovely people at at Lust Have It asked me to check out their Bridal Party Box and tell them what I think – let’s just say, when I opened the adorable pin-striped blue and white box, I felt like a kid let loose in a candy store!

Gift Ideas for Bridal Shower

Filled to the brim with a bevvy of beauty products, it has everything a girl needs for a month of pampering – and then some!  To be honest, I couldn’t wait to dive in and put them all to the test. For starters you receive more than $200.00 worth of products for just a fraction of the price. Check out exactly what I unpacked – plus my faves – then be sure to pop on over to Lust Have It to see their full range of beauty boxes!

Bridal Party Box

The Beauty Product Review
Lust Have It Product Review

Appelles Bath Cavier

These indulgent bath pearls infuse your beauty bath with the wonderful aromas of amber and patchouli.  I loved the silky feeling they gave my skin and how decadent it felt soaking in the exotic fragrance. Perfect mini-size container for my travelling beauty case too.

Crystal Moisturising Hand Mask

I must admit, I never find the time to give myself a manicure or hand mask for that matter, but this pretty pack was the perfect excuse. Although you need to set aside adequate time (you leave it on for 30 mins) it was well worth the effort. The thick moisturising creme left my hands nourished and silky smooth. Best to apply on a lazy Sunday, when you can kick back hands-free and listen to some cool tunes.

Gift Ideas for BrideWot Not Facial Wipes

Love the fact that these contain only natural and organic ingredients – big tick in my book! I love facial wipes, not only are they handy for a quick cleanse and late night makeup removal, but the aloe vera in them makes them a great pick-me-up on hot Summer’s day.

Pig in Mud Mineral Masks + Application Brush

Whilst only a one-application trial pack size, they provide a great quick fix for tired skin or special night out. The masks left my skin feeling cleaner and smoother. Would definitely consider purchasing the full-size when I’m ready to buy my next mask.

Beauty Product ReviewsInika Mineral Illuminisor

A shimmery soft-pink illuminator you can use on your cheekbones, brow bones or all over your face for extra glow. I wouldn’t use this product for my daytime makeup routine, but loved it for an extra dash of glam on a party night!

Bridal Party Box Review

MacroLash Mascara

This awesome product was my absolute fave from the pack. It requires a two-step process, but definitely worth the extra time. Once I worked out the process, my lashes suddenly resembled a pair of perfect falsies! You use one applicator to coat your lashes with a clear gel, then follow with the second applicator which coats them with lash-like fibres. Voila! Longer, thicker eyelashes without glue!  I suggest reading the instructions properly before diving in (unlike myself) so you apply in the correct order.

ModelCo Gel Eyeliner

This was my other top fave! Love, love, love the definition it gave my eyes. So much easier to apply than a liquid version, this gel-based liner creates a smooth streamlined line that lasts all day. Also a big fan of the compact applicator which keeps the brush moist and fits in my mini makeup purse.

Gift Ideas for BridesmaidsRevlon Photoready Skinlights

Really nice and light face illuminator with a touch of colour. Gives a beautiful glow to a natural look.

Skindinavia Makeup Finishing Spray

This makeup spray is a great idea, but does take a little getting used to. You only need a light spray (I was a little heavy handed at first) to freshen up your makeup and set it for the rest of the day. I suggest waiting a good 10 minutes after you’ve applied your mascara, so there is no chance of blinking and ending up with panda eyes!

Review Beauty ProductsPaula’s Choice Oil-Blotting Papers

I’m carrying these in my handbag at this moment. As one who is partial to a shiny nose in the afternoon, these are really handy for those quick touch ups before that business meeting, lunch appointment or drinks after work.

Gift Ideas for Bridal Party

My Review:

So there you have it!  All unpacked and ready to enjoy!  My verdict?  Well, I believe the Bridal Beauty Box is good value for a pampering gift package. It really delivers on the ‘wow’ factor and would definitely impress if used as a bridesmaid gift. It also offers versatility as I can also see it as the perfect pressie for guests at a bridal shower, bachelorette party or even as a pre-wedding or travel companion for the bride-to-be herself!


How To Get That Bridal Glow

Perfect skin – you are either born with it or not. Or, you can always cross your fingers it will be photo-shopped in for you. Many of us fall into the latter, but it still doesn’t hurt to take a few precautionary steps to make your natural completion the best it can be for your wedding day. That well-known bridal glow does not come easy that’s for sure! It takes planning and daily commitment. So we thought this infographic by SimplyBridal would come in very handy. Here are 10 things to do before the wedding day to improve your complexion and learn how to get that bridal glow!

 How To Get That Bridal Glow